15 Fire Prevention Week Activities To Keep Kids & Adults Safe

Fire Prevention Week is a great opportunity for both kids and adults to learn about fire safety and how to stay safe in the event of a fire. It’s important to practice safety habits all year round, and Fire Prevention Week is the perfect time to review them. Here are 15 Fire Prevention Week activities that can help keep everyone safe.

1. Make a home fire escape plan. Sit down with your family and plan out two escape routes in case of a fire. Make sure everyone knows where the exits are, and practice your plan regularly.

2. Check smoke detectors, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers. Make sure all these devices are in working order and that you know how to use them in an emergency.

3. Talk to your kids about the risks of playing with fire. Explain to them why it’s dangerous and why they should never play with matches or lighters.

4. Set up a fire drill. Designate a meeting spot outside your home in case of a fire, and practice getting everyone there quickly and safely.

5. Learn about fire safety around the kitchen. Teach your kids about the dangers of leaving the stove unattended and how to handle hot oil safely.

6. Check electrical cords. Look for frayed or exposed wires, and make sure all power strips and extension cords are being used correctly.

7. Educate your children about the dangers of smoking. Explain why smoking is a hazardous activity and why it’s important to never smoke indoors.

8. Keep flammable items away from heat sources. Make sure combustible items like paper, cloth, and gasoline are stored in a safe, cool place.

9. Make sure your home is free of fire hazards. Look for overloaded outlets and extension cords, flammable items stored near heat sources, and combustible items left close to the stove.

10. Teach your kids how to use a fire extinguisher. Show them the proper way to operate a fire extinguisher and make sure they understand the importance of immediately leaving the area if the fire cannot be extinguished.

11. Check your chimney. Have an experienced chimney sweep inspect your chimney annually to make sure it is free of creosote and other debris that could cause a chimney fire.

12. Teach your kids about fire safety when camping. Show them the proper way to build a campfire and how to extinguish it thoroughly when finished.

13. Create a list of emergency contacts. Make sure everyone in the family has a list of important contact information in case of an emergency.

14. Keep a fire extinguisher within reach in your kitchen. Make sure everyone knows how to use it and where it is located.

15. Discuss the importance of fire safety with your kids. Talk to them about the importance of fire safety and the importance of following all safety rules.

By following these 15 Fire Prevention Week activities, you can help ensure the safety of your family and keep them safe in the event of a fire.

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