15 Fun Best Family-Friendly Things to Do in Green Bay with Kids

Believe the Packers are the sole reason to visit Green Bay?

So, here’s a wild guess:

The city’s famed football team is just one aspect that makes it unique.

It’s a great place to take the kids because of the fun vibe, the welcoming environment, and the excellent dining options.

In Green Bay, families may enjoy various activities, from exploring the city’s museums to playing in its many parks.

Visit the locations we recommend to make the most of your time in Green Bay.

  1. Bay Beach Amusement Park

We love Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay.

This amusement facility on Fox River Bay offers exciting and economical rides for a traditional family outing.

Start your park trip on this mind-blowing coaster, thrill-seekers.

You shouldn’t miss out on Bay Beach Amusement Park’s other swinging and spinning rides.

The park also has a carousel and colorful train attractions for kids.

This site is fun for all ages.

  1. National Railroad Museum

Green Bay’s National Railroad Museum is unique.

It connects America’s economic, cultural, and political factors that established our country.

The museum showcases the railroad industry’s history.

These exhibits show how the railroads brought technology and wealth to millions of Americans.

From May to October, the museum offers 25-minute train rides.

The museum is for kids of 9 years and above.

  1. NEW Zoo & Adventure Park

Green Bay’s New Zoo & Adventure Park is a fun and educational destination for families.

See prairie dogs, penguins, and lions with your kids.

Feed giraffes, play on playgrounds, and visit the petting zoo.

The park’s hiking, biking, and wildlife trails offer countless activities.

New Zoo & Adventure Park is fun for all ages.

  1. Tours of Lambeau Field Stadium and the Pro Football Hall of Fame

A family tour of Lambeau Field Stadium lets you enjoy Packers history.

It also offers sporty-kid tours.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame celebrates 80 years of football.

See an actual Super Bowl trophy and experience the team’s greatest moments.

Kick field goals and pass to sports-minded family members.

The venue is best suited for children who love spirits and are above 15 years.

  1. Green Bay Children’s Museum

Green Bay Children’s Museum is a non-profit that inspires kids to learn through interactive exhibitions.

Introduce kids to art and music at the museum’s Outdoor Discovery Center.

Painting, gluing, and clay play can improve fine motor abilities.

Explore the museum’s educational exhibits to enhance your visit.

Green Bay, Wisconsin’s museum welcomes all ages.

  1. Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

The 600-acre Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the state’s largest urban refuges.

This wildlife preserve offers free tours with live animal exhibitions.

Don’t forget to see the educational displays with your kids.

With miles of paths, you can work out and explore nature.

The place has activities for all ages.

  1. Green Bay Botanical Garden.

Green Bay Botanical Garden is beautiful.

It’s one of the best sites for family activities and sightseeing in Green Bay, with over 20 acres of trees and a garden.

This 47-acre paradise features modest gardens, including the WI Woodland Garden.

Children’s Gardens let them count koi fish and name colors in the Rainbow Garden.

All ages will enjoy this Green Day, Wisconsin attraction.

  1. Pamperin Park.

Pamperin Park has a historic stone pavilion, a beautiful playground, and breathtaking picnic spaces.

You can walk along the picturesque creek and suspension bridge.

The park has a playground for kids and volleyball courts for teens.

Year-round events at the park add to the fun.

The park is best for kids from 3 years and above.

  1. Heritage Hill State Historical Park

The Park covers 1672-1940 in northern Wisconsin history.

A family tour of the park shows you Fort Howard military drills and fur trading days.

Each portion of the park has period-dressed characters.

The park is for kids above nine years old.

  1. Krolls West Restaurant

This family-owned restaurant has served Green Bay for over 70 years.

Try their famous Kroll’s Butter Burger.

The eatery serves fish, hearty soups, and juicy burgers.

The restaurant’s “Signature Wall” has famous sponsorships.

This Green Bay eatery has cuisine for kids of all ages.

  1. Kidz Town

This kids’ zone is our favorite Green Bay play center since it’s so involved.

This play center has toys and books for children.

Kids can play with vehicles and do crafts in over 2,000 square feet.

Each activity fosters cognitive, social, and physical development.

Interactive games help kids of all ages learn.

  1. Titletown Park

Titletown Park has free activities for everyone, from parents to children.

In summer, the park attracts families with a playground, football fields, and a plaza.

Visitors will enjoy the ice rink and tubing hill when it’s cold.

All ages will enjoy the park’s events.

  1. Neville Public Museum

More than a million objects from the fields of science, history, and art are housed permanently at the Neville Public Museum.

The Hometown Advantage is, without a doubt, one of the fascinating displays in the museum.

The installation emphasizes the importance of the Green Bay Packers in local culture.

The Native Americans and local history featured in “On the Edge of the Inland Sea” will fascinate the curious kids in your family.

Children older than 12 will find something to enjoy at the museum.

  1. Cheese Cake Heaven

Cheese Cake Heaven is our go-to dessert spot in Green Bay, and it’s sure to satisfy your child’s sweet tooth.

Choose your favorite sweet from the many available.

A few of our favorite desserts include the poppy seed almond cake, peach praline, and strawberry shortcake.

Their soups are delicious, and their sandwiches are enormous.

Any child, no matter their age, would enjoy this dessert bar.

  1. Meyer Theatre

The Meyer Theatre has become a landmark in Green Bay.

This historic structure, dating back to 1929, combines Art Deco and Spanish Colonial Revival styles.

Take your young adults to a concert and let them experience the splendor of the same venue in which Johnny Cash, the Beach Boys, and Nat King Cole all played.

Pay close attention to the charming antique lampposts and sconces, as well.

A visit to the Meyer Theatre is one of the best activities available for those of legal drinking age in Green Bay.

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