15 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Cleveland with Kids

Cleveland, Ohio’s largest city, has many family-friendly activities and attractions waiting to be discovered.

Gen. Moses Cleveland established Cleveland in 1796 and quickly developed from a port city to a significant manufacturing hub.

Cleveland was the famous city to have emerged from the ashes and been hailed as the best location in America following the world wars.

As a result, it developed thriving sports and music scene, and as its economy recovered in the 1980s, Cleveland established some worthwhile cultural organizations.

Here are some enjoyable family activities in Cleveland if this sounds like your next family holiday.

  1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — Downtown Cleveland

Cleveland is credited with coining the phrase “rock and roll,” The city actively pushed the genre through music festivals and radio shows.

As a result, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation decided to locate its museum in the city.

Why We Recommend This Activity

A must-see if you’re a die-hard fan of rock music or specific rock bands Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Memorabilia and statues of the most illustrious figures in rock music are displayed inside to welcome you.

The museum offers a wealth of information you may read, see, hear, and engage with, making a trio there worthwhile.

The Rock and Hall of Fame are still adding members to its list of honorees, which advances the study of rock history.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome to view the exhibits at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, although children should go when they are at least seven years old.

  1. Cleveland Museum of Art — East Side

The Cleveland Museum of Art, known for possessing a substantial collection of Asian and Egyptian art, is home to more than 61,000 works of art from all around the world.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Due to the museum’s accessibility, a visit here can provide you with countless suggestions for cost-free family-friendly activities in Cleveland.

For cheap family entertainment, there are enjoyable games and activities for all ages.

There are dining options inside if exploring the beautiful, sizable indoor and outdoor spaces makes you hungry.

Recommended Ages

All ages are welcome at the museum. However, children ages two and up will have the most fun when they visit.

  1. West Side Market — West Side

Visit this historic marketplace, which was finished in 1912, for a distinctive shopping experience.

Why We Recommend This Activity

You can shop and get groceries at the West Side Market or stop by for a tour.

Even their vendors are dated, in addition to the antique nature of the building.

The present roster of tenants is as ethnically diverse as it gets, so expect to buy food and fruit from sellers who are, among others, of Irish, German, Slovene, Italian, Hungarian, Greek, Polish, Russian, and Middle Eastern descent.

Recommended Ages

The West Side Market offers food to eat as well as activities and sights for people of all ages.

  1. Great Lakes Science Center — Downtown Cleveland

The Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio, which opened in 1996 and featured both permanent and changing science exhibits, a cafe, and an IMAX Dome theater, is one of the most incredible places to take kids in Cleveland.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Visit the Great Lakes Scientific Center to make science study entertaining and instructive.

Children won’t have time to explore the interactive scientific exhibits accessible here.

It resembles a vast indoor playground where science is pervasive.

If you’re fortunate enough to travel there between October and February, you’ll arrive in time for several of their events and programs, including Chemistry Month and the Learning Lab.

Recommended Ages

At the Great Lakes Science Center, there will be activities or toys for families with infants, toddlers, or older kids.

  1. Cleveland Museum of Natural History — East Side

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History was established in 1920 as a location for research and training.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Apart from interactive games and play areas, dinosaurs are a known attraction for kids.

Another place ideal for youngsters is the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, which features millions of specimens on exhibit in addition to its Smead Discovery Center’s interactive activities.

In addition to seeing dinosaur remains, you can get close to real animals outside.

Another outstanding feature you shouldn’t miss is their Shafran Planetarium, which presents presentations on current astronomical occurrences and has astronomy specialists on hand to address any queries you may have.

Recommended Ages

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History offers engaging experiences for visitors of all ages.

  1. Cleveland Zoo — West Side

The Cleveland Zoo was founded in 1882 and at first exclusively featured animals from the area.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Get up and personal with animals worldwide by visiting the Cleveland Zoo’s exhibits, such as Australian Adventure, African Savanna, Northern Wilderness Trek, the Primate, Cat & Aquatics Building, Waterfowl Lake, the Rainforest, and the Asian Highland.

The zoo also offers festivals, programs, and events that your family may participate in, such as the Keeper for a Day program, the Dinosaurs Around the World event, and several other entertaining activities.

Recommended Ages

The Cleveland Zoo provides a variety of family-friendly activities as well as an unforgettable and educational experience for kids of all ages.

  1. A Christmas Story House — West Side

The 1983 movie A Christmas Story, one of the greatest Christmas movies ever made, was filmed in the 1800s Victorian home known as A Christmas Story House.

Why We Recommend This Activity

To make this visit more memorable for the kids, watch “A Christmas Story” with them before going over.

All of the props and furniture from the film are housed there, along with a gift shop selling movie memorabilia.

You can even spend the night at the house if you want to make the trip memorable or if the kids demand it.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages can visit A Christmas Story House to see the same house and movie-related items.

  1. Cleveland Botanical Garden — East Side

The Cleveland Botanical Garden, established in 1930 and spans over 10 acres of gardens, is situated in Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Children can explore various garden themes at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, but there are also a ton of other indoor and outdoor activities available.

Plan your visit by consulting their schedule or calendar before going.

Children can take part in a narrative session that culminates in themed arts and crafts or attend a tea party in a mystery costume.

There are also treasure hunts, a glasshouse, and a treehouse playground.

Recommended Ages

The Cleveland Botanical Garden’s flowers, glasshouse, butterflies, and entertaining activities will appeal to kids of all ages.

  1. Cleveland Public Library — Downtown Cleveland

Residents of Cleveland intended to create a local library as early as 1811, so they could read literature on the lives of English poets, Roman history, Goldsmith’s “Greece,” and “Don Quixote.”

The first public library opened in 1869.

Why We Recommend This Activity

For you to fully experience and know where to look, the Cleveland Public Library offers free tours explaining the building’s history, architecture, and other features.

There are chess sets, little books, photo and map collections, kid-friendly activities, and many more things to see.

Recommended Ages

Children two and older will enjoy taking a library tour and participating in the entertaining activities.

  1. Progressive Field — Downtown Cleveland

This baseball stadium, which houses the Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball, debuted in 1994 to take the place of Cleveland Stadium.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Visits to Progressive Field should be among your top family activities in Cleveland if your household includes athletes or sports fans.

The Progressive Field also has a Sportstime Ohio Family Deck in addition to backstage tours.

Discovering Sliders Field, Baseball Bat Slide, the interactive locker room, Step2 Zone, Hot Corner, and many other attractions are just a few of the top things to do in Cleveland with kids.

The Terrace Club at Progressive Field features a daily buffet in addition to the newest food trends found at a ballpark fair.

Recommended Ages

Children ages six and older can jumpstart their sporting aspirations at Progressive Field.

Baseball games are entertaining for teenagers and small children to watch on a day off.

  1. Children’s Museum of Cleveland — East Side

Why We Recommend This Activity

What to do with kids in Cleveland?

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland already has enough activities to occupy kids all day.

Kids will undoubtedly have a blast with activities including Adventure City, Wonder Lab, Arts & Parts, Making Miniatures, Meadow, Playlist, and Theater.

Check their calendar to see if any events are planned for today, this weekend, or next month. Seasonal events and workshops are also available.

Recommended Ages

At the Children’s Museum of Cleveland, young children of all ages may learn about art, life, and the world by simply playing.

  1. Greater Cleveland Aquarium — Downtown Cleveland

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland was established in 1981 and was formerly situated in Cleveland’s University Circle neighborhood.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium, situated in the FirstEnergy Powerhouse on the Cuyahoga River’s banks, was built in 1892 to power the city’s street cars and railways.

Utilizing the same historic building, the aquarium didn’t open until 2012.

At the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, dive into the world of marine life and encounter unusual marine life.

Observe scuba divers swimming alongside sharks, or if you possess an open water certification card from a nationally renowned SCUBA certification organization, swim among sharks yourself.

Recommended Ages

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s underwater world will enthrall kids of all ages.

  1. Historic Little Italy in Cleveland — East Side

Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood is a universe unto itself.

Italian immigrants from 1885 once lived in this small neighborhood.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Cleveland’s Murray Hill and Mayfield roads are two places where you can stumble into a different culture.

Cleveland’s Historic Little Italy offers stunning sights, events, and activities thanks to its preserved architecture, authentic Italian cuisine, Italian music, Italian natives, and Americans with Italian ancestry.

Even old Italian costume parades, dances, and Italian arts and film festivals are held in the neighborhood.

Recommended Ages

You can take a baby and older kids to Little Italy.

Little Italy in Cleveland is proud of its history and would love to share it with everyone, regardless of age.

  1. Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which covers more than 30,000 acres of fertile farmland filled with rivers and waterfalls, was a longtime resident of Native Americans.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the ideal getaway from Cleveland’s bustle for the family who enjoys the great outdoors and trains.

With its dense forests, sweeping hills, and wide-open farmlands, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park already appears like a separate planet despite its close vicinity.

Take a trip on an antique train, hike through the park’s 125 miles of nature paths, or see the wildlife that lives there.

Recommended Ages

A visit to Cuyahoga Valley National Park can help teach kids of all ages to respect nature.

  1. Swings-N-Things — West Side

Children in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have access to outdoor play areas thanks to Swings-n-Things for 25 years.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Swings-n-Things has a lot of the best family-friendly activities in Cleveland.

Imagine having access to everything you enjoy at one location, including bumper boats, batting cages, paintball, bowling lanes, and Go Karts.

Swings-n-Things also provides overnight events, youth groups, weekday and weekend promotions, summer camps, and other fun activities.

Recommended Ages

Swings-n-Things offers engaging playthings for kids ages two and up.

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