15 Fun Family Friendly Things to Do in London with Kids

With its stunning infrastructure and protected art collections, London is a refuge for lovers of architecture and art.

Your vacation will be enjoyable with a guided tour or a walk through the quiet streets since there are fascinating sights and breathtaking settings at every turn.

With so many family-friendly activities in London, including park visits, museum hopping, and learning about the city’s firmly engrained royal culture, you’re sure to have a wonderful time with the whole family.

But with so many things to do, a day can only be filled with so much.

To assist you in choosing where to go and what to see in the city, we have compiled the top family-friendly activities in London.

Look at these amazing locations for a London itinerary prepared for unique experiences and extraordinary recollections of the ideal trip.

  1. London Duck Tours

On a special and enjoyable ride with the London Duck Tours, discover the top kid-friendly locations in London.

Why We Recommend This Activity

London Duck Tours is perhaps one of the funniest but most exciting ways to go about the city in a vibrantly colored WWII amphibious vehicle that will take you to all the greatest sights and stops.

This ingenious ride will make your travel convenient and entertaining, whether you choose to zip through the River Thames or scavenge in other areas of London.

Recommended Ages

As they go through the water and up against the ground, families with children three and older will like London Duck Tours.

  1. Madame Tussauds London

Visiting Madame Tussauds London should be on your schedule if you’ve ever wanted to experience walking down the red carpet with Hollywood celebrities.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The lifelike life-size wax replicas of your and your children’s favorite movie and cartoon characters, celebrities, and members of royalty are displayed throughout this specialty museum, causing the distinction between figure and person to become blurry as you explore it.

Other activities inside are sure to captivate the kids for a while.

For unlimited entertainment, watch 4D movies, participate in a Star Wars experience, and operate a starship with Chewbacca, among other activities.

Recommended Ages

Families with children ages three and up should consider stopping by Madame Tussauds London.

  1. The Royal Mews

We wholeheartedly suggest stopping by The Royal Mews for an incredible and educational experience about the city’s royalty that can be found nowhere else if you’re wondering what to do in London with kids.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Royal Mews manages every single road travel route and plan for The Queen and the other members of the Royal Family. You can see the most beautiful and impressive collection of carriages and coaches that London has to offer here.

Some of the oldest vehicles, such as the Gold State Coach, present at each coronation since George IV’s in 1821, may be seen here.

Another well-known carriage you’ll be able to view while there is the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, an enclosed, six-horse-drawn carriage created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth.

Recommended Ages

We wholeheartedly endorse The Royal Mews as a unique opportunity for families with kids five and older.

  1. ZSL London Zoo

When it opened its doors in 1828, the London Zoo, the oldest scientific zoo in the world, was constructed with a science concentration.

It is now a popular destination for tourists and residents alike.

Why We Recommend This Activity

With over 650 types of animals to see and dozens of fascinating information & facts just waiting to be learned, ZSL London Zoo is brimming with surprise and excitement around every corner.

As you explore the Madagascan shrub forest, count how many ring-tailed lemurs you can identify in their expertly concealed home. Even a close encounter with an Asiatic lion or one of our friendly giraffes while eating lunch is possible.

This is undoubtedly a family-friendly location you should not skip since the zoo offers various additional children’s activities.

Recommended Ages

ZSL London Zoo is a must-visit attraction for families with children ages five and older since it offers countless enjoyable options.

  1. Hyde Park

A significant park in the heart of London, Hyde Park is included in the Grade I listed.

Being the largest of the Royal Parks, it extends in a chain pattern from the entrances of Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace.

Why We Recommend This Activity

As you meander around its lovely landscapes and breathtaking open spaces, Hyde Park should be on your schedule if you and your family are seeking some free kid-friendly things to do in London.

With its well-maintained areas, well-kept plants, and magnificent installations, you’re sure to take the perfect shots in this family-friendly site. Take a tranquil tour, or promenade, or walk around the huge length of this park.

Recommended Ages

Families with children three and older should visit Hyde Park.

  1. The LEGO® Store Leicester Square

One of the most family-friendly attractions in the city is the LEGO® Store at Leicester Square, which immerses visitors in a unique Legoland trip.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Since this Lego store is the biggest in the entire world, it also has the largest collection of Lego parts and collectibles, drawing residents and visitors from around the globe to rummage for their prized souvenirs.

The various exhibitions and life-sized Lego displays sprinkled throughout the store will keep the little ones entertained and make them feel like a Lego character!

Recommended Ages

Families with children three and older who adore legos should make the trip to The LEGO® Store Leicester Square.

  1. St. Ermin’s Hotel

Look no further than the St. Ermin’s Hotel for all your travel requirements if you’re searching for the greatest location to stay in London this weekend.

Why We Recommend This Activity

This lovely hotel is tucked away in the city’s center, close to the city’s most popular business, entertainment, and government destinations. As a result, getting around the city with the whole family is convenient.

This hotel will put you in a pleasant air-conditioned setting equipped with minibars, video game consoles, and LCD televisions, along with a tonne of other exciting add-ons to make your stay complete. It also offers a variety of top-of-the-line services and lodging.

Recommended Ages

Families with children of all ages will find their time spent at St. Ermin’s Hotel comfortable.

  1. The Original Tour

If you’re traveling with a newborn or a large group of family and friends, The Original Tour’s hop-on hop-off bus tour is the finest option.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Enjoy London at a leisurely and kid-friendly pace. At the same time, on a hop-on hop-off Original London sightseeing tour that forgoes the rigid and conventional framework of guided tours and lets you set your schedule while visiting all the city’s most iconic sites.

While selecting a bus route for you and your family, you can hear live or recorded commentary about the many locations you’ll visit.

Your ticket lets you take a free group walking tour of London and a Thames cruise.

Recommended Ages

We heartily suggest The Original Tour to families with children of all ages.

  1. SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium

Visits to the SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium are unquestionably among the top family activities in London since they immerse the entire family in an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Explore the expansive space home to more than 5,000 animals at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium.

The 2 million liters of water filled with schools of fish and other enormous, gorgeous aquatic creatures will undoubtedly capture you.

Experience the various exhibits and interesting activities inside this aquarium to learn more about the biodiversity in London’s waterways and how they work to preserve it. Stroll through an underwater tunnel. Explore Shark Walk.

Recommended Ages

Passing by the SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium is an occasion not to be missed, and it is a place we highly suggest for families with children aged five and above.

  1. The London Eye

The 135-meter-tall London Eye, referred to as the Millennium Wheel, is a cantilevered observation wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Are you looking for an exciting way to experience London?

Your best option is the London Eye, which will captivate you with a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city as you board your capsule and soar above the River Thames.

Meet the famed Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament of London up close before riding the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world.

On a day to remember with the entire family, take in the entire 360-degree panorama.

Recommended Ages

For almost ten years, the London Eye has been a must-see destination for all families, and we heartily suggest it for anyone with children five and older.

  1. British Museum

The British Museum is a well-known public institution that is completely committed to the human history, art, and culture of the British Kingdom. It is located in the Bloomsbury neighborhood of London.

Why We Recommend This Activity

One of the best things to do in London with kids is to take them to the British Museum, where you can introduce them to the city’s history while enthralling them with its exquisite interior design.

Discover more as you become absorbed in its permanent collection, which has an estimated eight million works and is unquestionably the most extensive. Its sources are diverse, and it dates all the way British Empire.

Recommended Ages

The British Museum offers a fantastic chance for families with children ages five and up to learn about the detailed history of London and its residents.

  1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London will take you and the kids on a tour of the set of one of the most well-known movies of the modern era: The Harry Potter Movie Series, if you’re seeking entertainment for adolescents or slightly older children.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Millions of visitors have visited the public attraction The Making of Harry Potter in London to see behind-the-scenes exhibitions and learn about the film’s creation.

Explore the ancient Hogwarts Great Hall’s original stone floor, interact with robotic animals, and wander around Diagon Alley to learn about the magic behind the world-altering special effects.

Suppose you are a major fan of the series and happen to be in London. In that case, you should not miss this fantastic experience, which enables you to relive the amazing journey of recreating the movie at the studio where all eight films were born and nurtured.

Recommended Ages

We highly recommend seeing a different side of Harry Potter with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London to families with children aged seven and up.

  1. National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is a London art gallery that houses a collection of historically significant and infamous British portraits. It was the world’s first portrait gallery when it opened in 1856.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The National Portrait Gallery’s mission is to promote understanding and appreciation of key individuals in British history and culture through the medium of portraiture; thus, every piece of artwork you see here represents a real person who has etched their name in history.

This art gallery, which houses over 215,000 works dating back to the 16th century, will show you the world’s most stunning and largest collection of painted portraits.

Recommended Ages

Families with children three and older must stop at the National Portrait Gallery of London.

  1. Grant Museum of Zoology

The Grant Museum of Zoology proudly offers the best of both worlds if your family is searching for low-cost family fun that is also fairly fascinating and educational.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Robert Edmond Grant established the Grant Museum of Zoology, a natural history museum in London, in 1828 to serve as a venue for instruction and to gather zoological specimens and materials for dissection.

It is London’s only remaining university zoological museum, and it proudly houses about 67,000 specimens encompassing the entire Animal Kingdom, as well as skeletons, mounted animals, and species preserved in fluid.

The Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), the Quagga, and the Dodo Bird are just a few unique creatures on display in this zoological museum.

Recommended Ages

Being a paleontologist or biologist is not necessary to appreciate the Grant Museum of Zoology with children aged five and up.

  1. KidZania London

KidZania London is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining things to do in London with kids, transporting them into a miniature replica of the city for an immersive experience unlike any other.

Why We Recommend This Activity

KidZania London is one of the most dynamic and greatest things to do in London with toddlers as they walk through a real-life mini-city designed for earning and playing!

Allow the children to explore various jobs and professions in the various regions of this fun attraction.

Allowing individuals to temporarily run their own, from firefighters and pilots to journalists and TV shows.

Set them up for a one-of-a-kind event that will excite and inspire them to become better members of society.

Recommended Ages

KidZania London provides holistically oriented recreational activities for children aged 4 to 14.

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