15 Fun Family Friendly Things to Do in Toronto with Kids

Toronto is also known as FUN!

Everything you’re searching for—from kid-friendly museums to galleries and amusement parks—will be found.

The nicest part is that it’s a location where the whole family can enjoy themselves anytime.

As a result, if you’re looking for family-friendly activities in Toronto, check out the incredible list of options below.

  1. CN Tower

The skyscraper was first built in 1976 and held the record for the world’s tallest building from 1975 to 2011.

As of right now, it ranks as the ninth-tallest free-standing building in the entire globe.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The CN Tower offers a wide range of family activities.

For instance, the elevator is composed of glass, providing a premium view of Downtown’s most picturesque locations from a height.

On reaching the top, you can try out the Edgewalk, which allows you to safely walk on the CN Tower’s edge while perched far above the skyline of Toronto. It’s thrilling.

You’ll probably get hungry after all the excitement, which is where the 360 Restaurant comes in.

You can have wonderful meals at a restaurant along with beautiful scenery.

Recommended Ages

Seven years olds can enjoy this journey.

  1. Royal Ontario Museum Gallery

Her Majesty, the Queen Elizabeth of England, paid a visit to the gallery at the Royal Ontario Museum in 1984.

She inaugurated the Terrace Galleries and other exhibitions during her stay.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Your kids can learn about hundreds of dinosaur fossils by hanging out in the galleries at The Royal Ontario Museum.

They may examine anything, including examples of dinosaurs and strangely preserved vegetation.

Your kids can also explore the other exhibitions in this museum, such as the Rome gallery with historical statues that showcase classical Roman art, in addition to the dinosaur fossils.

Recommended Ages

The Royal Ontario Gallery was created with adults, children, and teenagers.

As a result, all members of the family—from infants to grandparents—can come to visit.

  1. Centreville Amusement Park

The Centreville Amusement Park, owned by the Beasley family in Centre Island and situated next to the Far Enough Farm Park, has been operating since 1967 on land leased from the City of Toronto government.

Why We Recommend This Activity

A theme park with a nostalgic nod to the 1990s is called Centreville Amusement Park.

It is situated on Centre Island and features a colorful carousel, an old-fashioned Ferris wheel, and pony rides.

The trip across to the Island on the ferry is what we enjoy most about the amusement park.

Children find it to be a pleasant experience.

Once on the island, you can let off some steam on the many bike routes and wading pools.

Recommended Ages

Particularly for kids under 12, the little amusement park is a great place to go for a few hours of enjoyment.

  1. Ontario Science Centre

In 1964, a provincial government hired architect Raymond Moriyama to design and construct the Ontario Science Centre as a way to commemorate Canada’s centennial.

Since that time, the Center has hosted several guests.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Consider visiting the Ontario Science Centre in Queens Park if you’re seeking family-friendly activities in Toronto.

Visitors can participate in various fun academic activities, and they are guaranteed to leave with the knowledge or a nice item from the gift shop.

Even though it’s a little outside of the city, the trip is worthwhile, especially if you have a Toronto CityPASS.

Recommended Ages

The optimum age range for this learning center is between preteen and fifteen.

  1. Hockey Hall of Fame

The Hockey Hall of Fame was initially founded in Kingston, Ontario, under the direction of James Sutherland and was later relocated to Toronto in 1993 when it lost support from the National Hockey League (NHL).

Why We Recommend This Activity

One of Toronto’s most fascinating historical attractions for families to visit is the Hockey Hall of Fame building.

Tons of resources are available to assist your kids in learning about the top sport in Canada.

The Broadcast pod may select your child to announce the action of a well-known hockey match, such as the 1972 Canada and Russia series: “Henderson shoots, he scores!”

There is also a souvenir shop, a trophy area, and a recreated NHL locker room.

Recommended Ages

Ages 7 to 14 are suggested for this exercise.

  1. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

The only LEGO-themed park in the nation, the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre debuted in 2013, and since then, it has assisted with the construction of a LEGO Mosaic metro stop.

Why We Recommend This Activity

A scaled-down version of the LEGO tourist destination is the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.

Kids can let their imaginations run wild at Discovery Centre, one of Toronto’s many fantastic kid-friendly attractions.

They also have a MINILand, a scaled-down version of Toronto, and the rarest LEGOs.

It’s awesome.

Therefore, we’ll just say it.

A Centre is a fantastic option for family activities.

Recommended Ages

Kids between the ages of 8 and 12 take part in this activity.

  1. Art Gallery of Ontario

The museum was formerly known as the Art Museum of Ontario before changing its name to the Art Gallery of Ontario in 1966. Its permanent collection numbers more than 90,000 pieces.

Why We Recommend This Activity

In particular, visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario might be quite intriguing if you’re looking for low-cost family entertainment.

The Gallery has a strong emphasis on Inuit art.

However, the constantly changing shows range from ultra-modern and current artists to impressionist masterpieces.

The Art Gallery of Ontario is the ideal location to introduce your high school students to various artistic mediums because it has over 90,000 artworks.

Recommended Ages

Even if you’re carrying a baby, this exercise is appropriate for children of all ages.

  1. Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre, formerly known as SkyDome, was formally inaugurated in 1989 as a stadium to host important sporting events nearby.

Since then, it has served as the headquarters for notable sports franchises, including the Toronto Argonauts.

Why We Recommend This Activity

When they are not in attendance at a game or event, young viewers at the Rogers Centre can take the Rogers Centre Tour Experience to observe what happens at the stadium behind the scenes.

Seasonal variations in the Rogers Centre Tour times apply. They are also offered the day before or the day after a game.

The Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Argonauts, and some of the biggest concerts in the city are held in the Rogers Centre, Canada’s premier sports facility.

If we had a list of the top things to do in Toronto with kids, this attraction would be at the top, thanks to all the fun things your kids can do there.

Recommended Ages

Best for children between 8 and 12.

  1. Queen’s York Rangers Museum

The Fort York Armory is home to the Queen’s York Rangers Museum. It is committed to giving authentic information about the founding members and forebears of the Queen’s York Rangers (1st American Regiment).

Why We Recommend This Activity

A military museum that chronicles the history of the Queen’s York Rangers is called the Queen’s York Rangers Museum (1st American Regiment).

It features a gallery with images of every member of the regiment as well as examples of the wonderful things they did for Canada.

Your children can observe the massive cannon fires while they are studying history.

After you’re through, you can picnic with your family in the Fort York Armory, which houses the museum.

Recommended Ages

Children aged 7 and over are advised to participate in this enjoyable activity.

  1. Toronto Waterfront

The vast body of water that once served as Toronto’s commerce route until recently, when it was industrialized, is in front of the Toronto Waterfront.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The city’s waterfront has been updated to show off the numerous boardwalks and piers and offer public parks for all kinds of leisure activities.

The waterfront has locations where public events, such as installations and public art, are occasionally held.

This contains the well-known Sugar Beach and the gardens.

Since spending time with your family at the Waterfront is free, it is also one of the numerous free kid-friendly things to do in Toronto.

Recommended Ages

Children as young as five can enjoy a stroll along the shoreline.

  1. Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo, located in Scarborough on 710 acres of land, is home to more than 5,000 distinct animal species enjoyed by locals and visitors.

Why We Recommend This Activity

One of Canada’s largest animal shelters is the Toronto Zoo.

It features exciting educational and conservation activities for people of all ages and is home to more than 5,000 species.

The Toronto Zoo is home to a large variety of creatures that are not present in any other zoo in all Canada.

Your children will discover which animals are native to which nations, thanks to the manner the animals are also grouped.

Unquestionably, going to the zoo is among Toronto’s most engaging family activities.

Recommended Ages

Even with a baby in tow, the zoo’s activities are appropriate for the entire family.

  1. Casa Loma

Between 1911 and 1914, the person who built Niagara Falls’ first hydroelectric facility erected the Casa Loma.

However, it was abandoned after the family declared bankruptcy until 1937 when the town purchased it.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Casa Loma is a stunning fortress with a gothic design from the 18th century that contrasts with the city’s other notable Victorian structures.

It now serves as a museum that preserves Canadian history.

Even the Group of Seven, a renowned group of Canadian landscape painters, has paintings in one of the spaces.

The paintings in the space depict picturesque locations across Canada.

By this weekend or the next week, if you add the castle to your travel plans today, you can explore it and enjoy the breathtaking vistas.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages should visit Casa Loma, especially if they are interested in history.

  1. Edward Gardens

Scottish weaver Alexander Milne formerly held the land on which the Edward Gardens are situated.

Rupert E. Gardens developed the site in 1944 and sold it to the Municipality of Metro Toronto ten years later.

Why We Recommend This Activity

A garden visit may not seem like much until you experience the Kensington Garden.

This tourist destination is a tiny area in the center of Toronto where you can have a picnic, go bicycling, or simply take in the scenery.

The garden is a hip location for wedding photoshoots and boasts a ravine with strolling pathways.

The family could go on a brief garden vacation to Edwards’ garden, which wouldn’t be such a horrible idea.

There are many kid-friendly activities in the garden, filled with lovely flowers.

Recommended Ages

For kids between ages three and six.

  1. Kensington Market

Chinatown, a historic area of Toronto, is where Kensington Market is located.

In 2006, Canada’s National Historic Site designation was given to it.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Toronto’s hipster district is known as Kensington Market.

The market boasts a huge selection of children’s goods, toys, and clothing.

Everyone in the family can discover something they like thanks to the variety of items available.

At the market, there is also incredible street art.

After exploring the market, you may cool off at Bellevue Square Park or marvel at the amazing wall graffiti.

Recommended Ages

Children of all ages can enjoy the Kensington Market.

  1. Bingemans Amusement Centre

One of Canada’s largest parks for families is located in Kitchener and is called Bingemans Amusement Centre.

It has a scary mansion and a lot of unique games.

Why We Recommend This Activity

You and your kids may enjoy Kitchener’s largest waterpark at Bingemans.

Even a heated pool is available for your relaxation.

If you’re seeking entertaining activities in Toronto with kids, this is a great option.

Additionally, letting your kids play at the facility can spark their interest in the building sector.

The fact that it’s educational and amusing makes it one of the most intriguing things to do in Toronto with young children.

Recommended Ages

Children between the ages of 8 and 12.

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