15 Fun Family-Friendly Things to Do in Tulsa with Kids

Tulsa has everything a family might want in a vacation spot: stunning natural beauty, beautiful trails, fascinating museums, big stadiums, and park systems on a world-class level.

The whole family has fun, whether they’re adrenaline junkies, culture vultures, or quiet introverts.

Worried you won’t have time to see all of the city’s best attractions?
Relax, since we’re here to offer assistance.

We’ve compiled a list of family-friendly activities in Tulsa that you may enjoy on your next vacation.

1. Gathering Place — South Tulsa

The Gathering Place is a lifesaver if you and your family want kid-friendly, fun things to do.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Spend quality family time in this huge park that spans over a hundred acres and offers youngsters a wide range of activities.

Enjoy the park’s beautiful environment while playing on one of the many playgrounds, swinging on a swing with a 360-degree view, or having a picnic.

Recommended Ages

We think families with children of varying ages would enjoy spending time in this park.

2. The Philbrook Art Museum – Villa PhilbrookThe Philbrook Museum of Art, which has been welcoming visitors to Tulsa, Oklahoma, since 1939, is like a trip to Italy without leaving the state.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Enjoy the many artifacts, displays, and replicas of Italy’s most famous works of art that this museum has to offer.

Walking around inside, you’ll be treated to various artwork from different periods, including sculptures, paintings, and items.

Don’t travel back without spending time in the beautiful garden, which will fill you with an overpowering sense of peace.

Recommended Ages

Children under five may not fully enjoy visiting the Philbrook Museum of Art.

3. Gilcrease Museum — Downtown Tulsa

The Gilcrease Museum’s collection of American Western art is the most extensive of its kind in the world.

Why We Recommend This Activity

This museum has tons to offer families that enjoy art because of the variety of paintings, sculptures, and displays it has on display.

The Gilcrease Museum is known for its collection of Western American art. Still, it also has a developing collection of Central and South American art and artifacts that will sway you to another time and place.

Recommended Ages

For groups with children above five, we suggest visiting the Gilcrease Museum.

4. River Parks — Uptown Tulsa
River Parks is an excellent area for families because of the clean air, open spaces, and low crowd levels.

Why We Recommend This ActivityThis park is a terrific option if you’re searching for a place to escape the city’s hectic pace for a while.

Have a baby and need to take a trip?

That’s fine!

The walkways in this park are level, making it convenient to stroll or carry your little one around while getting some exercise and fresh air.

Recommended Ages

There are no age restrictions at this park, so bring the whole family!

5. ONEOK Field — Greenwood

The ONEOK Field in Tulsa is a fantastic bonus to any trip to see the Tulsa Drillers of the AA Texas League.

Why We Recommend This Activity
You’ve found the right spot if you’re searching for a place to educate young minds about baseball.

Take advantage of the plentiful open space, the long lines of restaurants and food vendors, and the (hopefully) spectacular fireworks displays.

If you ever get the opportunity, you should go to a game and experience it in a real stadium.

Recommended Ages
We recommend that families with children over five take them to ONEOK Field.

6. Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium — Northwest Tulsa International Airport
The Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium is a family-friendly attraction that spans a whopping 19000 square feet and is packed with educational and entertaining displays.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Experience a thrilling and interactive journey around the museum’s exhibits by participating in various hands-on activities that will leave the kids engaged for hours.

Learn about the United States’ illustrious aviation history while gazing in awe at massive, intricately constructed planes and enjoying exciting air shows.

Recommended Ages

Over the age of five, this museum becomes a fantastic experience for kids.

7. Woodward Park

This public open space in Tulsa’s Woodward Park is a terrific place for outdoor activities and gatherings with friends and family.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Indulge in a visit to Woodward Park, take in the stunning vistas, breathe in the clean air, and see the lush, blooming vegetation.

Picnic in the public park, marvel at flora and fauna in the botanical garden, or take a stroll through the arboretum—whatever you and your family decide to do, Woodward Park is great to spend the day for free in Tulsa with the kids.

Recommended Ages
Visitors of all ages are welcome to enjoy this beautiful and peaceful park.

8. Tulsa Zoo — Mohawk Park

If you are still unsure about things to do with children in Tulsa, the Tulsa Zoo may spark your interest.

Why We Recommend This Activity

You can see some impressive mammals in the various exhibitions here, including some of the world’s largest ones.

The giraffes and rhinoceroses are two of their most popular displays.

Tulsa’s zoo is a great place to take kids because it’s well-kept, safe, and full of fun attractions.

Recommended Ages

Traveling to the zoo is a great idea for families with children over 5.

9. BOK Center — Downtown Tulsa

The Bank of Oklahoma Center is a multi-purpose arena with a capacity of 19,199 people, and it has played host to several events, both domestic and abroad.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Modern conveniences and beautiful design make the BOK Center a great place for families to spend an evening at a concert or a game.

Enjoy a front-row seat to local concerts, games, and other performances by booking tickets in advance here.

Recommended Ages

We urge families with children over seven to attend an event at the BOK Center.

10. The Cave House — West Downtown Tulsa

The Cave House is an excellent option for families seeking kid-friendly activities in Tulsa.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Get a taste of Tusla’s rich history with a stroll around this unique monument and roadside attraction.

The Cave House’s owner, Linda, has a gift for storytelling and will keep you enthralled as she explains the home’s history and how tourists transformed it into the stunning edifice it is today.

Recommended Ages

The Cave House is a great place for kids of all ages to hang out.

11. BounceU Tulsa — Farm Bureau

The BounceU party house in Tulsa could be the perfect choice if you’re looking for things to do with toddlers.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Enjoy quality family time or group outings jumping on the inflatable jump houses and obstacles at the venue.

Have fun getting the kids all worked up as you explore the vast space and take in the vibrant atmosphere that will keep them occupied for hours.

Recommended Ages

If you know a child between the ages of 3 and11, we highly recommend taking them on this exciting adventure.

12. Andy B’s Bowling — South Tulsa

All family members are welcome at Andy B’s Bowling, where they may partake in fun and exciting activities.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Bowling alleys, laser tag arenas, go-kart tracks, and arcades are just a few indoor amusements available in the area, providing hours of entertainment to youngsters of all ages.

The complex is home to a wide variety of restaurants serving up delectable fare that will have you dining like an arcade king, as well as several unique attractions that will be both entertaining and exciting for teenagers and older children.

Recommended Ages

All kids above seven will enjoy their time at Andy B’s Bowling.

13. Hardesty Arts Center — Downtown Tulsa

Andy B’s Bowling is a fun outing for kids over the age of seven.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Enjoy a peaceful and memorable outing as a family by being an integral part of the exhibit.

Explore the various sections of this building and immerse yourself in a three-dimensional aesthetic experience through touch, sound, and immersion.

Recommended Ages

Adults and children older than seven would benefit most from a visit to the Hardesty Arts Center.

14. Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab — Owen Park
The Tulsa Children’s Museum Discovery Lab is an interesting stop on any itinerary for families visiting Tulsa with young children.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Find fun in the form of science-themed exhibits, obstacle courses, and interactive displays that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Make memories as a family as you try out new things and learn to appreciate the everyday items you’ve always taken for granted.

Recommended Ages

Children in the Tulsa area between the ages of three and eleven will enjoy the Discovery Lab at the Tulsa Children’s Museum.

15. Keystone Ancient Forest — Sand Springs

Take your kids on an adventure through Tulsa’s beautiful Keystone Ancient Forest, home to some of the city’s best attractions.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Tulsans seeking a weekend activity should consider a short trip outside the city to the Keystone Ancient Forest, where they can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature without leaving Tulsa.

Take your loved ones for a hike in the Oklahoma wilderness and enjoy the state’s natural splendor while you listen to the birds and the wind in the trees.

Recommended Ages

Children over five would benefit from this hike in the Keystone Ancient Forest.

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