15 Fun Hispanic Heritage Month Activities to Delight and Teach Preschoolers

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the rich culture and history of the Hispanic community. Here are 15 fun activities to get your preschoolers excited about Hispanic heritage and teach them about the history and diversity of this community.

  1. Make a Hispanic flag out of colorful tissue paper.
  2. Have the children dress up in their favorite Hispanic costumes.
  3. Learn about the Hispanic culture by reading Hispanic books together.
  4. Make a quesadilla or other favorite Hispanic dish.
  5. Learn about Hispanic history by visiting historical sites and monuments.
  6. Create a bilingual word wall about Hispanic heritage.
  7. Sing a favorite Hispanic song together.
  8. Have a Hispanic-themed party.
  9. Make Hispanic-themed crafts.
  10. Play Hispanic-themed games.
  11. Learn about a Hispanic culture through music.
  12. Have a Hispanic-themed snack party.
  13. Have a family photo contest featuring Hispanic-themed photos.
  14. Make Hispanic-themed snacks.
  15. Have a Hispanic-themed parade through the neighborhood.
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