15 Fun Things to Do in Cape Cod with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

Alongside over 30 miles of sugar-white coastline, Cape Cod is one of the United States’ most wonderful family shore places.

However, there’s a lot more to do in Cape Cod than experiencing its gorgeous sands and shiny waters.

From informative museums to welcoming playgrounds, parents will find an infinite collection of exciting activities to do in Cape Cod with kids.

Therefore, let us assist you in planning a remarkable family holiday in Cape Cod by exploring our recommendations below.

  1. Cape Cod Inflatable Park — West Yarmouth

Cape Cod Inflatable Park is full of phenomenal and exciting spots for children and grown-ups.

Why We Recommend This Activity

There’s no spot in New England similar to Cape Cod Inflatable Park.

From adrenaline-rushing encounters and thrilling water rides to inflatables, this amazing park provides continuous excitement for teens, children, and even grown-ups.

Searching for fun activities to do in Cape Cod with kids?

Don’t look further!

The park has rides, blockages, hot-air balloons, and aquatic slides created for children thirty-eight inches tall and below.

Recommended Ages

Cape Cod Inflatable Park is a port of excitement for people of all ages, providing games and features that suit everyone.

  1. Cape Cod Trail — South Yarmouth

Cape Cod Trail is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful and stunning family things to do in Cape Cod With its beautiful panorama and well-paved path.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Looking for free-of-charge activities to do in Cape Cod with kids today?

Don’t miss out on hitting the beautiful Cape Cod Trail.

Twisting its way through around six towns in Cape Cod, this 22-mile paved trail is perfect for bike riding, hiking, horse riding, and rollerblading.

This path is a fun, beautiful, and extraordinary way to admire Cape Cod’s natural miracles.

In needed, you’ll catch some of the Cape’s most fascinating ponds and shores as you hit this path.

Recommended Ages

Cape Cod Trail is an unbelievable nature getaway for grown-ups, teens, and children ages 3 and above.

  1. Heritage Museums and Gardens — Sandwich

From stunning sculptures to play zones, this kid-friendly location has loads of wonders and spots for everybody to enjoy.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Heritage Museums and Gardens have all the characteristics of a wonderful day out on Cape Cod with the family.

As you go to this fabulous family-oriented place, you can spend hours seeing its detailed sculptures, exhibitions, and gardens.

Every Friday, this museum hosts an amazing exceptional treat for families, with live entertainment and musical shows.

Also, while there, don’t miss out to check out Hidden Hollow to enjoy one of the region’s best children’s play zones.

Recommended Ages

You’ll find a variety of displays to appease visitors of all ages at Heritage Museums and Gardens.

  1. Whydah Pirate Museum — West Yarmouth

Whydah Pirate is listed as one of the top activities to do in Cape Cod with children.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Origin to the world’s only pirate fortune, this interactive museum shows recovered monuments in front of the disreputable Whydah.

You climb aboard a replica of this 18th-century ship, besides seeing and touching the magical 300-year-old unique pirate treasure at this museum.

Also, the museum allows you to communicate with the people who have helped discover these gems.

Recommended Ages

Whydah Pirate Museum is suitable for kids ages 6 and up.

  1. Hyannis Harbor Cruise — Hyannis

Check out tons of much-loved landmarks and know more about the area’s past by experiencing this unbelievable cruise adventure.

Why We Recommend This Activity

There’s no greater method to know more about Cape Cod’s maritime past than to take a 1-hour harbor ship cruise.

The cruise additionally lets you spot many outstanding landmarks involving Squaw Island, the Kennedy Memorial, and the Great Island.

There are tons of wonders on this cruise, like free-of-charge morning cruise tours for children.

Recommended Ages

This one-of-a-kind exploration tour is a tremendous journey for children of every age.

Truly, it’s a breathtaking and calm method to do some exploration even if you’re with a baby.

  1. Paine’s Creek Beach — Brewster

Fulfill your loved ones’ sunny and sandy escapade cravings at this scenic natural playground.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Have a few hours of sightseeing at this beautiful and mysterious gem in Cape Cod.

If it’s low tide, families can stroll the inlet’s flats, lounge on the large pools, or rush to catch horseshoe crabs and violinists.

Paine’s Creek is a perfect place to swim, splash in and float on a raft at high tide.

Recommended Ages

At Paine’s Creek Beach, something is exciting and cool for guests of every age.

  1. Nickerson State Park — Brewster

Refresh your tired yourself with a holiday to one of the country’s most peaceful and divine state parks.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Want to get away from your everyday routine?

If so, I think you need to pamper yourself with an uplifting and healing retreat at Nickerson State Park.

With pure ponds and flawless pine woods, you’ll feel like you’re carried over into a dreamlike world at this state park.

Recommended Ages

Nickerson State Park has a multitude of things to do that suit all visitors of all ages, involving hiking, strolling, biking, camping, and fishing.

The state park also has learning programs for children, making it one of the best family activities on Cape Cod.

  1. Wellfleet Drive-In Theater — Wellfleet

Wellfleet Drive-In Theater provides an unbelievable film experience that is extraordinary.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Go for a walk down a memory path with a nostalgic film experience at Wellfleet Drive-In Theater.

Founded in 1957, this drive-in theater is the last of its type in Cape Cod and is listed as one of the very few remaining in America.

Recommended Ages

Wellfleet Drive-In Theater has films appropriate for children of all ages.

Children ages 3 and below are allowed to enter the drive-in theater.

  1. Chatham Shark Center — Chatham

Chatham Shark Center will give you hours of pleasure and tons of exciting tales about great white sharks.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Stop by Chatham Shark Center to get inside information on Cape Cod’s most exciting summer guests: the great white sharks.

This center intends to clarify the most misunderstood creature of the ocean with its kid-approved, interactive videos and exhibits.

Also, unexpectedly, it provides a bunch of fun children things to do and spots.

There’s a huge white jigsaw puzzle in its front garden and a kids’ room with interactive entertainment.

Recommended Ages

We suggest Chatham Shark Center for children ages 6 and up.

And, grown-ups and teenagers will have fantastic sightseeing its unique displays.

  1. Hunt Seashells — Various Locations

For inexpensive family-fun activities, go to Cape Cod’s shores with your kids, and search for seashells.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Cape Cod is the origin of outstanding shores where you and the kids can collect seashells.

You’ll explore oyster shells, calm, and scallops along Cape Cod.

I believe the top spots to collect seashells contain Cold Storage Beach, Breakwater Beach, and Longnook Beach.

Recommended Ages

Seashell collecting is an exciting activity not only for parents but also for kids ages 3 to 12.

  1. Ryan Family Amusement — Millis

Ryan Family Amusement provides energetic games and entertainment for the whole team.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Questioning what to do in Cape Cod with children when it’s rainy?

If so, be sure to write Ryan Family Amusement on your list of spots to take children in Cape Cod for this holiday.

With its kid-approved bowling alleys and broad collection of arcades, it’s truthfully a sensational spot when the weather isn’t sunny outside.

Recommended Ages

Ryan Family Amusement has games and activities perfect for grown-ups, teens, and kids ages 3 and up.

  1. Cape Codder Water Park — Hyannis

Enjoy 30,000 square feet of internal water fun at Cape Codder Water Park.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Cape Cod’s initial and only internal water park provides watery family experiences, regardless of what time of the year you visit it.

You can enjoy the park’s Wave Pool, unwind in the large jacuzzi, and slide down the fast water slides.

Children might additionally love the kids’ play zone, while you have a snack at the Gazebo Cafe.

Recommended Ages

Cape Codder Water Park is proper for kids of every age.

Also, the aquatic park additionally has things to do for teens and grown-ups.

  1. Cape Cod Children’s Museum — Mashpee

Cape Cod Children’s Museum will trigger your children’s desire for education and exploration.

Why We Recommend This Activity

You can’t leave Cape Cod and not pay a visit to this lively and vibrant kids’ museum.

Among a lot of interactive exhibits, this museum offers a joyful educational atmosphere that motivates your kids’ imagination, creativity, and curiosity.

Some additional programs and events support the young ones to discover, touch and explore.

Recommended Ages

Cape Cod Children’s Museum is primarily meant for children ages 5 months to 8 years old.

However, it can be a quite remarkable visit for grown-ups too, due to age-friendly programs.

  1. Cape Cod Museum of Natural History — Brewster

Learn the beauty and uniqueness of the natural realm with a tour of this Cape Cod Museum.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Don’t allow its size to trick you.

Certainly, it’s a little small, in comparison with some of America’s natural history museums.

However, it’s filled with eye-opening tales and child-approved interactive exhibits.

Also, it will involve grown-ups and children in outstanding classes, field tours, walks, and movies, revealing the various aspects of our natural ecosphere.

Recommended Ages

Cape Cod Museum of Natural History provides a learning experience for school-age kids (6 to 12 years old).

  1. Cape Cod National Seashore — Wellfleet

Admire the spectacular natural beauty of Cape Cod National Seashore.

Even greater, the national park provides learning programs for the whole family.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The list of the best exciting activities to do in Cape Cod with children is incomplete without Cape Cod National Seashore.

Besides enjoying its pure sugar-white beaches, the national park additionally has many inexpensive things to do, like bike riding and hiking.

Also, it has a Junior Program that provides a learning experience for the children.

Recommended Ages

Cape Cod National Seashore is an exciting and dreamlike pit stop for grown-ups and kids of every age.

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