15 Fun Things to Do in OKC with Kids

OKC is a terrific place to stay while on vacation with your family because of its cowboy culture and friendly, well-meaning inhabitants.

Thanks to its elegant capital structure and thrilling thrill coasters, you and your children won’t be bored here.

Take a stroll around the Myriad Botanical Gardens or participate in water activities at the Boathouse District.

This city provides many possibilities for you, whether you’re seeking entertainment for kids or teenagers.

So come on over to Oklahoma and learn about all the great family-friendly activities to do in OKC!

  1. Myriad Botanical Gardens — West Reno

The botanical gardens are among Oklahoma City’s top destinations for families with children.

You could spend the day here capturing lovely pictures among the well-kept lawns.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory is located in the Myriad Botanical Gardens.

Exotic vegetation, waterfalls, and tropical animals may all be found in this living museum.

When you enter the conservatory, you and your kids will feel as if you have been suddenly transported into the center of a jungle.

In addition, your kids will enjoy exploring the outside gardens and searching for various artwork.

Recommended Ages

Everyone is welcome to visit the conservatory and outdoor gardens every day.

The conservatory opens an hour earlier for visitors 65 and over and their caretakers if you’re on vacation with your elderly parents.

  1. Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum — 50th Street

You don’t run across a museum with firefighting displays every day.

Your kids will be fascinated by the refurbished fire vehicles and ancient relics at the 1967-founded Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Include the Firefighters Museum on your list of family activities in OKC for young children.

There is a tonne of displays there that demonstrate how firefighting has evolved from the 18th century.

Allow your kids to explore and look at fire vehicles that are more than a century old!

The museum is a great place to spend the day if you want to take it easy.

Additionally, it’s the ideal thing to do when it’s pouring.

Recommended Ages

All ages are invited to visit this museum to learn more about OKC’s fire department.

  1. National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum — 63rd Street

Cowboys are still prevalent in Oklahoma today, and the state has a distinctively Western culture.

Your list of family activities in OKC must include visiting this museum!

Why We Recommend This Activity

The best location to learn more about Western history and culture is the National Cowboy Museum.

The sepia pictures of the Old West and the Native American artworks will be a hit with your little cowboys and cowgirls.

Additionally, this museum has a restaurant where you may stop for a delectable meal.

Recommended Ages

The National Cowboy Museum is a fantastic resource for teaching the whole family about Oklahoma City and the Old West.

  1. Oklahoma City Zoo — 50th Street

Visit the Oklahoma City Zoo if you’re searching for something family-friendly to do in OKC this weekend.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Your little adventurers will love exploring the enclosures to witness various creatures, such as roaring lions and sneaky seals.

You may also engage in practical activities like riding towering camels, feeding pink American flamingos, and admiring skilled sea lions.

With everything there is to do, it’s simple to spend an entire day at the zoo.

Recommended Ages

Every family vacation bucket list should include a visit to the Oklahoma City Zoo, according to the kids.

  1. Science Museum Oklahoma — Remington Place

You only need to search farther than this museum if you’re seeking a location that will provide good, affordable family entertainment.

Numerous fun and instructive kid’s activities are available at the Science Museum of Oklahoma.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Young children and teenagers alike won’t have trouble passing the time at the museum thanks to the interactive scientific exhibits covering more than 390,000 square feet.

Small children may learn more about science while they play and explore CurioCity’s eight communities.

At the Kirkpatrick Planetarium, aspiring astronauts may see the planets and stars.

The whole family is welcome to participate in the excitement on the Science Floor!

Recommended Ages

All ages of inquisitive visitors are welcomed at the Science Museum Oklahoma.

  1. Riversport Youth Zone — Boathouse District

You and your children may participate in a variety of exciting activities all across OKC with the help of Riversports’ Youth Zone passes.

The Riversport Adventure Park in the Boathouse District will be the main topic of this essay.

Why We Recommend This Activity

There are several attractions for thrill seekers at Adventure Park in the Boathouse District.

While high in the air, climb and zigzag your way over obstacles.

Go sliding down the 72-foot Sky Slide at top speed or leap and experience the thrilling 80-foot Rumble Drop free fall.

The challenging whitewater rafting you may enjoy at Riversport Rapids is a brand-new pastime that any explorer would like.

Recommended Ages

Age, height, and weight limits apply to many adrenaline-pumping attractions at Adventure Park.

Children should be at least 8 years old to participate in the most severe sports.

Children under 18 must have a signed parental waiver or be accompanied by an adult.

  1. Frontier City — North I-35

A fantastic addition to your list of family activities is a visit to Frontier City, Oklahoma’s biggest amusement park.

It will be a thrilling and exhausting day for the whole family, with more than 30 adrenaline-pumping rides and amazing performances.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Frontier City provides a variety of activities that both young children and hyperactive teens may enjoy, like many Six Flags theme parks.

At Dodge Ems, everyone will enjoy riding and banging automobiles.

The Old 89’er Express offers brief rides through the park for parents with young children.

Adventurers, teenagers, and adults will enjoy riding Brain Drain’s seven-story loop or taking off in the Soaring Eagle.

Recommended Ages

The whole family is welcome at Frontier City.

The most severe rides, however, have minimum height restrictions.

  1. Brickopolis — Historic Bricktown

One of the finest things to do in OKC with kids in Bricktown is to go to Brickopolis.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Although Brickopolis is well known for its enjoyable and tranquil 18-hole Mini Golf course, there are other activities you and your kids may also enjoy here.

Play the arcade’s many games at your leisure or engage in intense laser tag combat against aliens.

Outdoor activities like gem-digging and climbing the absurd Klime Wall are also fun for the whole family.

Recommended Ages

Family-friendly Brickopolis will keep you occupied all day long.

  1. Main Event Entertainment — Memorial Road

Main Event is ideal for your family if you’re searching for a location where you can participate in a wide range of activities without having to go across town.

Why We Recommend This Activity

From your smallest to your granny, there is a tonne of things in this indoor entertainment space that everyone may participate in.

In the multi-level, black-light laser tag arena, knock over some pins in the bowling alley, or win a game for your team.

Others may compete for top scores in the arcade or finish Gravity Ropes’ breathtaking, suspended trials.

Billiards and mini-golf are enjoyable for both adults and older children.

Recommended Ages

Every member of your family may find something to enjoy at Main Event.

  1. Museum of Osteology — Sunnylane Road

The Museum of Osteology opened its doors in 2010 and is home to more than 350 animal skeletons.

Although only some specimens are on exhibit, it possesses about 7,000.

Why We Recommend This Activity

You’ve visited plenty of museums with made-up models or stuffed animals.

However, the Museum of Osteology gets the prize since it displays actual skeletons from its holdings.

You and your children will view a variety of creatures, including a massive humpback whale and skulls showing the development of humans.

The entire family will have a unique experience they won’t soon forget!

Recommended Ages

Children may visit the Museum of Osteology with no problem.

Even though most displays are constructed of bones, they are not meant to be frightening.

  1. Water Taxi Rides — Bricktown

A well-liked activity for visitors visiting Oklahoma City is to walk down Bricktown Canal while they take in the sights and sounds of the city.

Why We Recommend This Activity

There are numerous beautiful places in downtown Bricktown that you should visit.

However, walking might be exhausting, particularly if you’re carrying little children.

A water taxi about town is a popular activity for visitors and residents.

You can admire the scenery without fatigue when you and your children ride the yellow, open-air ride.

Recommended Ages

Taking a water taxi through Bricktown is fun for anybody of any age.

  1. Lake Hefner — Oklahoma City

Include Lake Hefner on your list of free family activities in OKC.

Its tranquil setting and adjacent park are ideal for a leisurely, unhurried day out with the family.

Why We Recommend This Activity

You can still do things with your family when visiting Lake Hefner, even if you can’t camp or go swimming.

As hundreds of different waterbird species take brief rests along the coastline, the lake is a gift for many bird watchers.

If you’re fortunate, sailboat races may also be seen on the weekends.

The family may enjoy the playgrounds, sports fields, picnic spaces, and paths.

Recommended Ages

Regardless of age, everyone may enjoy a trip to Lake Hefner.

  1. Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum — Harvey Avenue

To pay tribute to the bombing victims, survivors, and rescuers from April 1995, the Oklahoma Memorial Museum was founded.

While you’re here, this is a great location to learn more about the city’s history.

Why We Recommend This Activity

There is a tonne of elements at the monument that you and your family will enjoy when visiting.

In addition to the museum, there are outdoor displays that you may see.

Picture yourself in front of the Reflecting Pool and the Gates of Time.

Look at the frightening Field of Empty Chairs or the Survivor Tree.

On a quiet vacation day, you could enjoy exploring this lovely monument.

Recommended Ages

Everyone is invited to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

  1. Hurricane Harbor — West Reno

Hurricane Harbor is a great place to relax and get soaked.

You and your family are certain to have the most fun with the more than 15 water rides.

Why We Recommend This Activity

While swimming in a pool is enjoyable, why limit yourself when you can also go on exhilarating water rides?

Both little and large youngsters will enjoy surfing the waves at Monsoon Bay and floating down Castaway Creek.

Teenagers and adults with a sense of adventure will have a ball sliding down the 277-foot Mega Wedgie speed slide or the intimidating 42-foot Pipeline Wave slide.

Recommended Ages

Six Flags The whole family is welcome at Hurricane Harbor.

However, minimum height and weight restrictions exist for some more severe stuff.

  1. Pops 66 Soda Ranch — Highway 66, Arcadia

Going along the famed Route 66 is necessary for Oklahoma, and adding this eatery to your list of family-friendly activities in OKC is essential.

Pops Soda Ranch is one trip that the whole family will surely enjoy.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Pops Soda Ranch, a one-of-a-kind attraction near Arcadia, is accessible via Route 66.

You may choose and taste any of its more than 700 different soda varieties.

Only a few restaurants can provide this type of bizarre experience.

Their shakes, sweets, and hamburgers are very delicious.

You and your children are welcome to snap pictures with your recognizable 66-foot soda bottle and a magnificent wall of bottled beverages.

Recommended Ages

Pops 66 The whole family will have fun at the contemporary roadside attraction known as Soda Ranch.

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