15 Fun Things to Do in Paris with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

The Eiffel Tower, accordions, berets, baguettes, croissants, wine, luxury labels, and romance are a few of the stereotyped impressions we have of Paris, one of the most popular tourist attractions on earth.

The wonders that France still has to offer, particularly for families, will astound you if you base your perception of its beauty on these myths.

Children won’t be able to get enough of Paris’ magnificence because it is filled with fairytale-like architecture and sceneries, making the entire trip feel surreal.

If you’re planning a trip to Paris soon, use this list of kid-friendly activities in Paris to guide your travel plans.

  1. Eiffel Tower-Champ de Mars

The 1889 World’s Fair’s entrance arch’s name, the Eiffel Tower, which was completed in 1889, is derived from the company that planned and built it.

A visit to Paris would undoubtedly be incomplete without seeing the national symbol of the city’s culture. Although there may be huge lines of people because of the tower’s enduring appeal, families have discovered that the line for the stairs to the second story is shorter than the one for the elevator. Greatly enjoy this experience by first choosing to ascend the stairs first, followed by the elevator, until you reach the top.

The tower has an observation desk, welcome area, gift stores, an art exhibit, and a restaurant, all located on the first floor. Not only on the first floor but also has another observation space and a cafe located on the second floor. A champagne bar and panoramic views are also available on the top floor.

Despite not having many stores around, setting up a picnic on the grass near the tower is entirely a romantic way to finish the visiting.

All ages are welcomed to visit Paris and experience its renowned cultural landmarks.

  1. Louvre Museum-Rue de Rivoli

In 1990, the Louvre Museum, the biggest museum in the world, was constructed inside a former fortress.

From the year 1546 through the year 1682, it was a royal residence.

Since the Louvre is the biggest in the world, it will be difficult to see all of the artwork there. The art inside would require hours, days, or perhaps weeks to fully engage. The best course of action is to pick out a few paintings in advance, tell your kids the fascinating stories, and then show them the art.

You may also go on an art quest to make the trip more enjoyable. Or also, to make the visit more fun, you may also go on an art hunt.

To organize your art viewing according to a particular theme, time period, or style, you can choose to select one of the visitor trails provided on the Louvre website.

Older kids (ages 7 and up) will find the experience to be much more rewarding, but still, you can bring your baby or a toddler to the Louvre Museum.

  1. Notre-Dame Cathedral-Place Jean-Paul

It took over 200 years to finish the 800-year-old Notre-Dame de Paris, which served as the location for several significant French historical occasions, including Napoleon 1’s coronation.

Having watched “The Hunch Back of Notre-Dame” with your family, visiting the Notre-Dame will be the last thing you will wish to miss on a trip to Paris.

There are a lot of free, family-friendly activities in Paris that one may do after the visit to the Notre Dame de Paris; this includes observing Quasimodo’s daily perspective as the cathedral bell ringer and climbing the towers to meet the gargoyles. And incase you are in for a little secret adventure might also visit the church’s underground crypt; these are historical remnants from Paris’s early settlements hidden in the scripts.

You may have inexpensive family fun in the gardens and playground behind the cathedral, both of which provide beautiful views. And in case your kids are hungry, you can get some croissants from the bakery across the street or some ice cream close by.

The Notre-Dame de Paris is an architectural and historical marvel that maybe appreciated by people of all ages.

  1. Natural Museum History- Rue Cuvier

The Natural History Museum of Paris was founded in 1635 by King Louis as a royal garden of medicinal plants, making it another historic landmark in France.

Visit the Natural Museum History of Paris to examine reproductions and skeletons of creatures from both the past and the present. The Gallery of Evolution, which features over 350 lifelike animal species together with a light sound and quizzes play, will be especially beloved by children.

In the museum also, we have taken into account the happiness of our kids by availing some activities like a virtual room and hands-on science museum that are only available to kids between the ages of 6 and 12 inside the Gallery of Evolution.

The outdoor botanical gardens and the Gallery of Mineralogy and Geology both have meteorites and crystals.

Kids 3 years and above will the most beneficial from the visit to the Natural Museum History.

  1. The Conciergerie-Ile de la Cite

The last piece of the 1300s-era royal palace now standing is the Conciergerie. Thousands of captives, including the well-known Marie Antoinette, is one of them, were detained here following the French Revolution before being put to death.

Because they are subjects of bedtime stories and fairly-tale movies, kids do adore castles. And Conciergerie being one of such castles in Paris, is a great spot to take kids, but it’s even better if you tell them its history before you bring them here.

If you wish to tell them the tale which is already present, do it while enjoying a picnic on the nearby Square du Vert Galant.

After lunch, you may wish to sail along the Seine River nearby and explain to the youngsters that Vikings formerly did the same to further appreciate the exterior of the castle.

Children of 2 years and above will love the entire royal experience at Conciergerie.

  1. Sacre-Coeur-Butte de Montmarte

Parisians have mixed feelings about the Scare-Coeur.

The basilica was built in 1914, the same year that World War broke out, and was intended to be a symbol of peace and atonement following years of bloodshed from the wars in 1871. There are some Parisians who dislike its Romanesque-Byzantine design and stick out of its Gothic neighbors.

However, despite this, millions of tourists continue to adore the authentically Old World European atmosphere it offers.

The Sacre-Coeur, another marvel of architecture, is located at the top of the 270-step Montmatre Heights. Families will love the small park behind the church and the grounds in front of their carousel.

A charming assemblage of boutiques, art galleries, and eateries around the church.

Place du Tertre is one of these attractive neighboring locations where a lot of artists congregate and perform in public painting.

Sacre-Coeurcan is explored by all children, but the ones with ages 7 and up can really enjoy the tour.

  1. Luxembourg Gardens-Rue de Medicis

The Luxembourg Gardens was established in 1612 after Marie de Medici chose to build another palace following the death of her husband, King Henry IV, IN 1610.

In their previous palace, Louvre Museum, she was rumored to be miserable.

The French Senate currently meets in the Luxembourg Palace, which also has public access to its garden. They are many statues, fountains, pavilions, bee hives, huge ponds, greenhouses, decks, and other surprises spread out across the grounds.

The kids’ activities are available there are what you should remember most about your trip to the Luxembourg Gardens.

One of the nicest things to do in Paris with kids is to rent toy sailboats, water puppet shows, ride ponies, and enjoy the slides at the Luxembourg Gardens.

All children will adore exploring the sights and attractions in the Luxembourg Gardens.

8.Paris Catacombs-Place Denfert-Rochereau.

Six million inhabitants’ skeletons lie beneath Paris, adding to the city’s Gothic atmosphere. These bones come from guillotine, disease, and French Revolution fatalities.

The Catacombs are also homes to a number of notable Parisians, including “Cinderella” creator Charles Perrault.

After the city’s cemetery, Les Innocents, became overrun with corpses, historic catacombs were created.

Until a protracted spring rain undermined these walls around the neighborhood in the 1700s, spilling the rotting corpses and spreading diseases, it was so overcrowded that they had to shift more dead to the roofs and walls of the cemetery galleries.

The catacombs may appear terrifying to some people, but unexpectedly, the tour guides discovered that many children enjoy their time here and said it’s even enjoyable for teenagers.

There are amusing, family-friendly tour guides that can spice up your visit with activities and tales.

Children aged 7 and up should take the subterranean journey to the Paris Catacombs.

  1. Pompidou Centre — Place Georges-Pompidou

This edifice was named after the eccentric French president who served from the year 1969 to the year 1974; the building looks just like Mr. Georges Pompidou.

Family activities in Paris are available at this culture and leisure complex, which is also an inside-out structure with pipes and escalators on the outside.

There are other attractions within, including the Kids Studio, Studio 13/16, Gallery des Enfants, and La Fabrique.

Children can discover the worlds of the visual artists, architects, dancers, designers, musicians, and writers who created the displays in the Galerie des Enfants, an interactive exhibition space.

Atelier des Enfants provides family-friendly art technique classes and programs.

Teenagers can create art in a collaborative, social setting at Studio 13/16, on the other hand.

The world of fabrication machinery is made enjoyable by La Fabrique.

A trip to Pompidou Centre is among the top things to do in Paris with toddlers.

Both grown-ups and kids as young as two years old can expect fun family things to do and activities waiting at the Pompidou Centre.

  1. Arc de Triomphe — Place de l’Etoile

The names of all French victors and generals are etched on the surfaces of the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile, which was constructed in memory of those who fought and died for France throughout the French Revolutions and the Napoleonic Wars.
It’s like going on a small journey when you visit the Arc de Triomphe.
To get to the base, you must first descend a pedestrian tunnel underground, after which you must wait in line for the tickets.
You will now have a choice between two options.
You have two options: climb up to the observation deck or simply circle the arc.
The breath-taking view of the entire city from the observation deck is enough to bring locals to tears.

The arc is bordered on the other side by theaters, cafes, designer stores, and well-known landmarks.

Families with children of all ages can enjoy the stroll up to and around the Arc de Triomphe; however, due to the number of steps and walking involved, it is advised for children ages 8 and above.
11. Musee d’Orsay, Rue de la Légion d’Honneur
The present-day railroad station from the 1900 World’s Fair, Musee D’Orsay, quickly transformed into a mail hub during World War II. In 1986, construction began, and the building was turned into a museum.
Although the Musee d’Orsay is obviously smaller than the Louvre, you can concentrate considerably better on your visit because of the museum’s normal size.
Taking a guided tour is one of the greatest ways to experience the Musee d’Orsay.
You can go on the From Academicism to Impressionism Tour, the 19th Century Art Tour, the Great Works of Art Tour, and the Orsay Masterpiece Tour.
Additionally, you should keep an eye out for any passing exhibits and special occasions like concerts, movie screenings, film festivals, and art exhibits.
Families with a baby or toddler are welcome at the Musee d’Orsay, but youngsters ages 7 and up find the experience to be much more worthwhile.
12. Palace of Versailles, Versailles
From 1682 through 1789, the Palace of Versailles housed the French royal family.
As a historical landmark and UNESCO World Heritage site, it is now acknowledged.
An authentic royal palace that has not had its interior changed at all.
Children will undoubtedly love getting a glimpse into the former homes of kings, queens, princes, and princesses.
The palace, the courtyard, and the gardens together offer a wealth of sights and activities.
A royal opera, a hall of mirrors, Marie’s bedroom, Antoinette’s numerous royal bedrooms, and thousands of additional rooms may all be found inside the castle.
Choose those you intend to visit in advance to avoid having to choose from the 2,300 rooms on hand.
The gardens, a village, a picnic area, fountains, an orangery, and the Grand Canal Lake are all outside.
This lake offers hourly boat rentals fit for a king.
Everyone of all ages is welcome to experience and appreciate the former French royal palace.
13. Rodin Museum: Rue de Varenne
The majority of the French artist Auguste Rodin’s creations are included in the permanent collections of this museum, which bears his name.
Due to his nonconformity, Auguste Rodin, who was born in 1840, rose to recognition as an artist in his forties.
You may have fun spotting his pieces throughout the museum and in the garden with the kids because many of them are still quite well-known today.
The garden also includes promenades, a cafe, a restaurant, and a lake.
Toddlers, who can emulate the poses of Rodin’s sculptures, can have fun exploring the gardens with kids of all ages.
14. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont
With a size of 25 hectares, Parc des Buttes-Chaumont is the fifth-largest park in Paris.
Why We Advocate This Exercise: This park offers a variety of birds, caves, waterfalls, a suspended bridge, stunning views, and a lake for the family who enjoys the great outdoors.
Cherry trees, grass, flowers, and a temple that resembles a gazebo are also included in the landscape.
A quaint cafe and restaurant can be found at the southwest most point.
Donkey rides and carnival activities are provided to finish out the visit around a central pond.
The ideal place to unwind, enjoy a picnic, and pass the hours is, without a doubt, this park.
Parc des Buttes-Chaumont assures your family a place for relaxation or leisure from the city, regardless of whether you’re bringing a baby in a stroller or an energetic toddler with you.

  1. Disneyland Paris — Chessy

Disneyland Paris, which first opened its doors in 1992, is a single complex that houses two theme parks, resort hotels, Disney Nature Resorts, a golf course, and a variety of other entertainment options.

The question ti ask yourself is, what family outing is more enjoyable than a trip to Disneyland Paris?

Fly over Paris in a pirate ship, encounter Mickey and his pals, ride the craziest train in the West, leave Earth and go through the Star Wars galaxy, plunge onto Crush’s Coaster to encounter Finding Nemo characters, and so much more!

Keep an eye out for parades, special events, and shows.

Check their calendar to see if they have one planned for today or this weekend.

The majority of family-friendly activities in Paris may be found at Disneyland Paris.

All ages can enjoy this experience.

  1. Fun Things to Do in Virginia Beach with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

The appellation “Resort City” of Virginia Beach is not a misnomer.

A wide range of family-friendly activities is available, from calm and beautiful parks and woodlands to crystal-clear waters on picture-perfect beachfront.

You can keep occupied in this city with hiking, swimming, surfing, sightseeing, and even ziplining.

You’re unsure of what to do or where to go.

Possible ideal solution for you here!

Our selection of the best family-friendly activities in Virginia Beach is ready for you to peruse, so pack up and get going.

  1. Military Aviation Museum — Pungo

The Military Aviation Museum is home to one of the biggest collections of warbirds that are still capable of flight.

You would ask yourself what is so good in the Military Aviation Museum; in this museum filled with historic airplanes and enormous hangars, you may step back in time and on an instructive journey through the history of the wars and locations these surviving planes have visited.

If your family enjoys adrenaline-pumping and jaw-dropping events, this museum lets you ride in an open-cockpit jet for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Children ages 7 and older should fly by the Military Aviation Museum to get the enjoyment of their lifetime.

  1. First Landing State Park — Oceanfront

Take in the beauty of the 2700 acres of First Landing State Park as you explore its picturesque vistas and lovely walkways.

But why should I take my time to explore all these 2700 acres of First Landing State Park? One of the best things to do in Virginia Beach with kids is surely hiking, walking, or even passing by this magnificent state park?

Prepare to be captivated and enthralled by the beautiful scenery, fascinating cypress swamps, and dispersed bird nesting areas to get a true sense of Virginia Beach’s extensive biodiversity.

We advise taking children ages 5 and older on hikes in First Landing State Park and will have their long remembering moments in the walk.

  1. Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Centre — Inland

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Centre is ideal for families searching for a fast weekend trip because it has over 700 types of various creatures. You may ask yourself why it is one of the coolest Marine centers.

Enjoy the various aquariums and aquatic exhibits that are 300,000 gallons of water deep and home to some of the largest fish and creatures you will ever see.

The Virginia Aquarium offers a variety of kid-friendly activities that will keep the little ones occupied for hours, including seal presentations, dolphin boat rides, shark and stingray tanks, reptile exhibits, and much more.

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Centre is open to youngsters of all ages.

  1. Red Wing Park — Inland

On the picturesque and trail-marvelous trails of Red Wing Park, let yourself be carried away to Japan.

Why, exactly, should you go to the park? The Red Wing Park offers a unique experience with its assortment of Japanese gardens and cherry blossom trees close to the beach.

If you ever get the chance to travel to Japan in March or April, be sure to stop by or even take the family on a picnic to see the cherry blossom trees bloom and unfurl for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Red Wing Park is open to children of all ages to experience this charming park.

  1. Sandbridge Beach — Sandbridge

Without mentioning its world-class beaches, like Sandbridge Beach, a list of what to do in Virginia Beach with kids is never complete.

Take a dip in the cold, clear waters of Sandbridge Beach with your family to beat the morning heat.

The waves at this beach are large enough for all three activities if your family enjoys surfing, skimboarding, or even paddleboarding!

The beach is lined with various restaurants, and if you’re traveling with a baby, there are several resorts to keep you company if you want to stay for a day longer. It also overlooks a beautiful sunrise and sunset.

We advise children of all ages to have this revitalizing vacation in Sandbridge Beach.

  1. Mount Trashmore Park — Town Centre

Mount Trashmore Park in Virginia Beach is ideal for family outings and offers a ton of opportunities for group bonding.

Take a lovely stroll through the vast area of this park to see all the beautiful landmarks, landscapes, and unmistakable beauty of the lush trees and plants. But first, ask yourself: What is the reason for me to visit Virginia Beach?

Mount Trashmore Park is the ideal location for picnics and leisure pursuits.

Inside, there are playgrounds, bike parks, and skate parks, so everyone can have fun.

Mount Trashmore Park is open to kids of all ages.

  1. Motor World Thrill Park — Inland

The Motor World Thrill Park is usually a choice when looking for family-friendly attractions in Virginia Beach.

But in order to have this beautiful experience, take a daring ride on one of the 250 various go-kart tracks and obstacles set up at this park.

Other kid-friendly activities and attractions include the heart-racing Sky coaster, Gravity Storm, Bumper Boats, Kiddie & Thrill Rides, and a paintball battle inside the endlessly entertaining Splat Zone Paintball.

For kids three and older, we suggest Motor World Thrill Park.

8 False Cape State Park — Sandbridge

The  False Cape State Park is the perfect destination for your family if you’re seeking free family activities in Virginia Beach.

This huge and beautiful park, which covers 4,321 acres, provides a wide range of recreational options for the whole family.

Get a chance to observe various species, take in surreal scenery, and even choose to camp for a full and genuine wilderness experience.

Families searching for a stunning panoramic view of this lovely park should definitely consider taking the tram.

Children of all ages are welcome at the False Cape State Park.

  1. Ocean Breeze Waterpark — Inland

Are you looking for a teen-friendly activity? One of your better finds might be the Ocean Breeze Waterpark!

You should check out the Ocean Breeze Waterpark, which is the ideal getaway for families seeking some wet fun and is home to over 30 rides, water slides, and attractions.

We highly advise dipping into the 1 million-gallon wave pool throughout your visit for an unparalleled waterpark experience.

For older children (11 and older), we suggest the Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

  1. Grommet Island Park — Oceanfront

What about family-friendly activities in Virginia Beach?

You should definitely take into account this adorable park that is close to the ocean.

You will get a beautiful experience while playing about in the many activities within the park’s playground; you’ll observe enormous waves lapping close to the sands when you’re at the Virginia Beach boardwalk.

The Grommet Island Park will occupy your young children with its assortment of slides, climbing walls, and monkey bars.

We advise children ages 3 to 7 to visit this park.

  1. Jungle Golf — Oceanfront

Visit Jungle Golf for golf courses with a jungle theme that will amuse children of all ages.

Little kids can complete and attempt well-maintained, simple courses at Jungle Golf while also having fun.

You’ll undoubtedly feel as though you’re in the middle of the forest as you take on the many challenges on the Jungle Golf course, which is surrounded by fake waterfalls and ponds.

Who should play at the Jungle Golf course, though? Families with children between the ages of 3 and 7 are encouraged to visit.

  1. Bounce House — Lynnhaven Crossing

In the Virginia Beach Bounce House, have some enjoyable bounce time with the kids.

A toddler’s fantasy comes true with the Bounce House’s several themed backdrops, bounce houses, and vibrant bouncing slides and challenges.

Enjoy the various bounce houses and obstacle courses with the little kids for some family fun that will keep them occupied for a while.

Families with kids from 1 to 7 years old are advised to use the bouncy house.

  1. Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum — Oceanfront

This two-story brick “L”-shaped cottage, which has been around since 1895, will take you back in time with its classic design and fascinating history.

As you explore the stunning design and Queen Anne-style decorative details of the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, learn more about what made it the modern gem it is today.

You can learn all there is to know about the various avian species that call the city home inside.

The Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum is a terrific place to go if you want to have some inexpensive family fun and learn everything there is to know about the region.

Families with kids 3 and above will love the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum.

  1. Surf & Adventure — Sandbridge

No family should pass up the chance to surf Virginia Beach’s stunning and pure waves for an amazing experience.

You get to take part in Families who want to learn how to surf can take advantage of a fantastic chance at Surf & Experience by helping you test the waters on this wet and exciting adventure.

They also provide paddleboards, boat excursions, kayak tours, and a knowledgeable guide to ensure you get the most out of your beach vacation.

We advise older children, ages 7 and up, to learn to surf and gauge the waters.

  1. Adventureanworks Wetland Zipline Park — Inland

One of the most tranquil things to do in Virginia Beach with kids is, without a doubt visiting the Adventureworks Wetland Zipline Park.

What will you experience during the visit?

Enjoy exhilarating Zipline rides that will keep your heart pounding the entire way down as you take in the natural beauty of Virginia Beach’s marshes.

As you inhale the cool, crisp air, walk through the distinctive wetlands, through swamps, and along rivers, and take in the stunning wildlife that lives there, the forest’s tremendous grandeur will astound you.

Families with children 5 and older should try out the Adventureworks Wetland Zipline Park, which we highly suggest.

  1. Atlantic Fun Park
    Established in 2012, Atlantic Fun Park is a seasonal amusement park with a variety of rides, food vendors, and other amenities.
    Get to experience the fun at Atlantic Fun Park. It has rides for people of all ages, so if you have a free day and nobody is really doing anything, this is a great spot to spend the day.
    Take a seat in one of the boxcars on the Ferris Wheel ride, which, despite appearing terrifying from 100 feet up, is an exciting seat with an amazing ocean view.
    For those who want a softer ride, there is also a rock wall and a spring ride.
    Kids can ride the Skyfighter, Kiddie Flying Elephants, Kiddie Motorcycles, and Kiddie Combo Ride at Atlantic Fun Park by themselves and without an adult, which may make them feel a little more grown-up.
    For older children and adults searching for something far more exhilarating than a merry-go-round, the Flipping Action Arm Ride, Gravitron, and Sea Dragon Swinging Ship are just a few of the rides that are ideal.
    Regardless of your age, there is a ride available here for everyone.
    17. Cape Henry Lighthouse
    With a history dating back to 1792, the Cape Henry Lighthouse is the fourth-oldest lighthouse in the entire country.
    The reason I suggested the Cape Henry Lighthouse to you is because
    Even though there aren’t many other tourist attractions close by, most visitors seemed to enjoy their time at this ancient monument.
    Many people have commended the “excellent” views from the top of the lighthouse and noted that the climb up was rather simple; however, the elderly and young children may find it challenging.
    Check it out when you can because there is also a picnic area and a museum shop.
    All ages are encouraged to visit this site, provided their parents feel comfortable with them climbing to the top of the lighthouse.
  2. Rudee Inlet
    On the oceanfront, Rudee Inlet offers fishing trips, parasailing, jet-skiing, and eateries by the water.
    Rudee Inlet is a must-see attraction in Virginia Beach, just a short walk from Pacific Avenue.
    To truly understand the volume of fishing and recreational boat traffic in the area, stroll around the docks at Rudee Inlet.
    Eat your heart out at one of the many beachside restaurants along the inlet, where the aroma of fresh seafood will force you to enter and place an order for a dish to savor.
    Try one of the many water sports excursions, such as a dolphin ride or a seagull flight, which are two uncomplicated natural phenomena that always make kids grin.
    No age is too old to enjoy the dolphins, scenery, and other things.
    For parasailing, you must be at least 4 years old and weigh 40 pounds, and you must be at least 16 years old to try it alone.
  3. iFly
    iFly is a virtual indoor skydiving experience that allows users to recreate the feeling of freefall inside the safety of an airplane.
    Why should you not miss this fascinating experience?
    The closest you’ll come to skydiving without really leaving the security of an aircraft is with this.
    The indoor skydiving experience in Virginia Beach is a must-try for thrill-seekers of all ages.
    By the end of your session, you will have been exposed to wind gusts of up to 180 mph twice for a total of 60 seconds.
    There is no safety net, so you can’t land on Earth, but you won’t need one because everything is safe and secure inside.
    Without fear, this is undoubtedly an adrenaline rush that your children will want to share with their peers.
    Ages 3 and older are suggested for this activity.
    20. Virginia Boardwalk
    The 28-foot-wide Virginia Beach Boardwalk, which runs from 2nd to 40th Streets, is a local favorite for a variety of leisure pursuits.
    This three-mile stretch of pavement is suitable for cycling, rollerblading, and rollerskating and youngsters will have a field day with the space and route available to them.
    The boardwalk is lined with outdoor cafes and stores that rent bikes and surfboards, so you may stop by while taking a quick stroll to look around.
    Don’t forget to take a quick photo of each nautical sculpture as you pass by on your way to Atlantic Avenue.
    At the entrance of Neptune Festival Park on 31st Street in New York City, there is a 24-foot-tall bronze monument of the deity of the sea called King Neptune.
    This is one of the most well-liked locations for photo ops in the resort area.
    All ages are encouraged to visit this hidden gem, so gather the crew and unwind while taking in the breath-taking seaside views along the boardwalk.
    21. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge
    Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is an 8000-acre freshwater refuge that opened in 1938 and is located about 18 miles south of the resort area for the public to learn from and explore the wildlife.
    Sand dunes and marine forests cover the barrier islands, along with wetlands, freshwater marshes, ponds, and ocean beaches for you and your kids to explore.
    Be careful with what you find, though, and always remember not to disturb the natural wildlife.
    A boardwalk viewpoint, marsh paths, bicycles, and the beach itself are all ways to get to these secluded areas, so the journey to see these stunning wildlife creatures and habitats is an adventure in and of itself.
    Enjoy the different beautiful animals, relish the night skies, and cherish the calf pain when hiking as you camp, explore, and have a unique picnic with your earthly neighbors.
    Camping, exploring, and sharing a special picnic with our animal neighbors are all things to be enjoyed. You should also savor the night skies and treasure the calf pain you experience while hiking.
    The age recommendation for this activity is for children 2 and older. Other activities are up to the parent’s discretion.
  4. Cherie’s Bike Rentals
    At any of Cherie’s 15 bike rental spots along the beachfront, you can rent a beach cruiser, a family bike, or a variety of other bikes.
    With 15 locations around the beach, Cherie’s Bike Rentals rents out bikes and canopies at reasonable rates.
    Play a game of tag on the sand as you casually ride your bike down the shoreline with the kids in your charge.
    There is no reason the whole family can’t go for a ride since inline skates, mountain bikes, and beach cruisers are all readily available.
    As long as your child can ride a bike, this activity is suggested for children ages 2 and older.
    Live! On Atlantic!
    If you’re looking for enjoyable activities like concerts, fireworks, and beach walks, Live! The place to be is on the Atlantic.
    What makes it have to live on the Atlantic and not other places?
    A wonderful show will cap off your agenda of the best things to do in Virginia Beach with kids.
    Fireworks, historical events, festivals, and beach parties are all great options if you’re looking for exciting things to keep your kids occupied for hours.
    Live! Be sure to stop by On Atlantic in Virginia Beach between 17th and 25th Streets during those times if you’re seeking live family entertainment or a little surprise.
    Everyone can enjoy this activity: babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults.
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