15 Fun Things to Do in Pensacola with Kids — Family-Friendly Activities!

Visit Pensacola if you ever find yourself in the western portion of Florida.

You’re guaranteed to find enjoyable family activities while you’re here because this city is well-known for its stunning beaches and prosperous metropolitan area.

Along with family-friendly sights, there are other things to do when traveling with a newborn.

Pensacola, or the “City of Five Flags,” has a lengthy cultural past.

You’ll enjoy learning more about it for sure.

Create a list. Here are a few enjoyable activities for families in Pensacola to get you started.

  1. National Naval Aviation Museum

The National Naval Aviation Museum is the world’s biggest aviation museum.

Inside Naval Air Station Pensacola is where you can find it.

In 1962, the museum was founded.

Why Your Family Should Go

Fans of the military and aviation should include this museum in their family-friendly things to do in Pensacola.

It includes numerous entertaining, hands-on exhibitions with more than 150 planes that you can have a close-up look at.

A-1 Triad, F9F-2 Panther, and Sopwith Camel are just a few displayed aircraft.

What to Do with Kids

The numerous kid-friendly activities in the museum will also appeal to young children.

There’s no way they won’t enjoy themselves, whether it’s the cockpit-style flying simulators or the playground that resembles an aircraft carrier.

Recommended Ages

For children under five, the play area is a great spot to hang out and play.

Teens, tweens, and adults will enjoy VR, Virtual Flight Deck, and simulators.

Anyone entering an active military base should remember to bring a proper ID.

  1. Big Lagoon State Park

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A 705-acre park located approximately 10 miles from Pensacola is called Big Lagoon State Park.

The Big Lagoon itself travels in the direction of Pensacola Bay.

The park was established in 1977.

Why Your Family Should Go

Want to be active while you’re on vacation?

Visit this coastal park with your family this weekend.

You may enjoy numerous locations for some inexpensive family fun, from marshes to shallow bays.

What to Do with Kids

The park’s beaches are a great place to relax while the kids spend the day swimming.

Alternatively, Big Lagoon State Park offers various open forests and nature paths that are great for hiking and camping if you’re looking for something a little more difficult.

Recommended Ages

When you visit this park, there is something for everybody.

Depending on how challenging an activity is, various ages will benefit.

For instance, young toddlers enjoy swimming in shallow water, whereas older children prefer kayaking and hiking.

  1. Pensacola Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

On the Naval Air Station Pensacola is where you’ll find the Pensacola Lighthouse & Maritime Museum.

Since it was built in 1859, the lighthouse has been in operation.

Why Your Family Should Go

Make sure to include Pensacola Light on your list of family-friendly activities in Pensacola if you’re searching for breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Even without the vistas, the trek is worthwhile; while you’re here, you can learn more about its past.

What to Do with Kids

Your kids, whether young or old, will enjoy climbing the 177 steps to the top of Pensacola Light.

Recommended Ages

To access the lighthouse, a child must be at least seven years old and 44 inches tall.

Anyone entering an active military base should remember to bring a proper ID.

  1. Blue Wahoos Ballpark

The Pensacola Minor League Baseball team plays its home games at Blue Wahoos BallPark, also known as Admiral Fetterman Field.

Why Your Family Should Go

Families that appreciate sports will enjoy viewing a Blue Wahoos game from the multi-use park.

Some claim it offers the best national views for watching baseball games.

What to Do with Kids

The stadium hosts events other than Minor League Baseball games.

You and your children may be able to watch high school football games, youth baseball leagues, and other events.

Even non-sports events like those featuring farm-to-table cuisine and haunted houses could pop up.

Recommended Ages

The entire family may spend a day at the ballpark watching games.

Children as young as six will undoubtedly like this exercise.

  1. Johnson Beach

Johnson Beach is located in Perdido Key, on the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

Why Your Family Should Go

One of the best things to do in Pensacola with kids is to go to the beach and spend the day relaxing.

And you may do it at Johnson Beach, where the incredibly soft, white sand is available.

You don’t have to worry about those because nearby amenities like picnic tables and restrooms are nearby.

What to Do with Kids

Allow your children to wade and swim in the water.

Sometimes, a sandbar on a portion of the beach keeps the waters calm enough.

On one end, there are also lifeguards.

Avoid Johnson Beach’s far end, which is an unofficial nudist spot.

Recommended Ages

Everyone in the family will undoubtedly love swimming and tanning on Johnson Beach.

  1. Pensacola Naval Air Station

A functioning military installation is the Naval Air Station Pensacola or NAS Pensacola.

It was constructed in 1913.

Procedures must be fulfilled to enter the base because it is active.

Plan your journey well in advance.

Why Your Family Should Go

The largest aerospace museum in the world and the iconic Pensacola Light are two attractions only available at NAS Pensacola.

A trip to the base is one of the best free, family-friendly activities in Pensacola.

However, there can be additional costs for certain NAS Pensacola attractions.

What to Do with Kids

There are many exciting things inside the base, from scaling the tower to simulating flying your fighter planes.

Recommended Ages

Minors are permitted entry as long as an adult with proper identification is present.

Some activities have age restrictions, so check each attraction to see if your child is old enough.

  1. Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park

A non-profit organization called Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park is dedicated to rescuing and treating injured and neglected bird species.

Why Your Family Should Go

Do you want to go bird watching knowing you will see some birds?

Visiting the parrot sanctuary is a fantastic decision, so put it on your list of things to do with your family in Pensacola.

What to Do with Kids

You’ll enjoy exploring the aviary with your children, where the free-flying tropical birds reside.

You may observe various birds, including pheasants and Amazon parrots.

Recommended Ages

The whole family can enjoy strolling around the beautiful park.

Just be aware of your children because some birds are free to wander.

  1. Pensacola Bay Cruises

Pensacola Bay Cruises services the Gulf Islands National Seashore areas.

Pensacola Beach, the city center, and Fort Pickens are these places.

Why Your Family Should Go

Take the ferry to explore the city and make the most of this trip.

It’s now much simpler to visit Fort Pickens and Pensacola Beach.

Even the ferry ride might be included on your list of entertaining and soothing activities in Pensacola with young children.

What to Do with Kids

Even if you can travel by ferry, make the most of the 30 to 40-minute rides by staring out the windows.

Think of it as a tourist excursion.

Recommended Ages

The ferry is accessible to anyone.

But be careful to watch your children, especially if standing close to the ferry boat’s sides.

  1. Fort Barrancas

A National Historic Landmark and former military fort, Fort San Carlos de Barrancas is located inside NAS Pensacola.

In 1844, it was completed.

Why Your Family Should Go

Enter the historic fort and see the distinctive design that made it a rough spot during warfare to learn more about the Civil War.

What to Do with Kids

Enjoy spending the day at the Fort Barrancas Visitor Center learning about the American Civil War.

There are lots of indoor exhibitions you and your kids can visit.

Recommended Ages

Little ones can also visit Fort Barrancas, but older kids around 8 could better understand the place’s historical value.

  1. Pensacola Historic Village

The nine-acre Pensacola Historic Village in the city’s center is home to numerous historic buildings and sites.

Why Your Family Should Go

The Historic Pensacola contains over 30 historic sites, ranging from the spotless Old Christ Church to the intriguing Museum of Commerce.

In the neighborhood, you may even tour old homes and cottages.

What to Do with Kids

To truly feel like you’ve been transported back in time, search for folks walking through Historic Pensacola who are costumed historically.

Recommended Ages

The entire family can enjoy strolling around the neighborhood.

However, slightly older children might be able to appreciate some museums more.

  1. Bounce House Pensacola

An indoor playground and family-friendly entertainment complex are Bounce House Pensacola.

Why Your Family Should Go

Allowing your kids to have as much fun as they want on indoor bounce houses, obstacle courses, and slides will tire them out.

What to Do with Kids

Watch your kids play freely as they run and leap around the playground.

They will undoubtedly be enjoying the time of their lives (and you will struggle to keep up with them).

Recommended Ages

Ages 4 and under can play in both the toddler section and the main area.

Only the main section is open to children ages 5 to 12.

Teens and tweens between 13 and 17 may only accompany younger siblings.

  1. Pensacola Children’s Museum

A family-friendly museum featuring local Pensacola history is the Pensacola Children’s Museum.

It is situated within Old Pensacola.

Why Your Family Should Go

Bring your kids to the kids’ museum for interactive learning.

Exhibits that mimic the Panton Trading Post, a Native American village, and the Galveston ship are wonderful interactive displays.

What to Do with Kids

As they explore the museum’s fascinating exhibits, let your kids have the time of their lives playing pretend.

While indoors, they can even play dress-up.

Recommended Ages

The museum is made to provide kids (age ten and under) with an incredibly enjoyable experience learning everything they can about the city.

The collection on the second floor will be more enjoyable for older children and adults.

  1. Fast Eddies Fun Center

A family-friendly entertainment complex, including an arcade and other features, is called Fast Eddie’s Fun Center.

Why Your Family Should Go

Play some enjoyable arcade games or race around a go-kart track to unwind and take it easy.

What to Do with Kids

Fast Eddie gives you the freedom to enjoy the way you desire.

The four diverse tracks, ranging from Junior Racers to competition-level tracks, are sure to delight speedsters.

You can also opt to pass the time by playing mini-golf or in the game room.

Recommended Ages

Everyone, including your little children, can have fun in the game room.

Before riding, ensure you know any age limitations or requirements at the racetrack.

  1. Adventures Unlimited

Outdoor nature excursions are available from Adventures Unlimited.

It is close to Milton and is located 44 minutes or so outside of Pensacola.

Why Your Family Should Go

Looking for an activity that’s entertaining, demanding, and a little bit extreme?

Look at the tours Adventures Unlimited offers.

Other activities include ziplining and canoeing.

Even overnight river expeditions are possible if you so choose.

What to Do with Kids

When you visit the Adventures Unlimited Outdoor Center, adventurous kids will enjoy paragliding across the forests or kayaking through the neighborhood.

Recommended Ages

Although there are no age restrictions at the facility, it’s generally best to assess your children’s abilities.

The majority of the tasks will be strenuous and physically taxing.

As a result, adolescents and older may be better suited for this region.

  1. Wentworth Museum

The history museum T.T. Wentworth Jr. Museum is situated inside Historic Pensacola.

In 1988, it was founded.

Why Your Family Should Go

Don’t forget to visit Wentworth Museum while you’re in Historic Pensacola.

Its stunning appearance alone is a good excuse to visit and snap photos.

Undoubtedly, visiting here is among the kid-friendly activities in Pensacola.

What to Do with Kids

Explore the amazing permanent exhibitions inside the museum to find unique relics and souvenirs is undoubtedly a lot to see, from the various occupations that Pensacola endured to the odd life of a WWII paratrooper.

Recommended Ages

The self-guided tour of the museum offers something intriguing for every family member.


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