15 Fun Things to Do in Puerto Rico with Kids

Every shot you take in Puerto Rico will seem like it was taken for a holiday postcard.

It’s easy to see why the island is dubbed the Island of Enchantment with its enormous assortment of breathtaking sceneries, first-rate beaches, and devastatingly lovely woods and monuments.

There is no excuse not to take a peaceful holiday to this paradise in the Southern Caribbean with the abundance of family-friendly and interesting recreational activities available.

But every ideal holiday requires a launch in the right direction, and we understand if you’re unsure where to begin.

From this point on, everything will go as we guide you to the places and attractions in Puerto Rico that are the most enjoyable for families.

  1. Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve — Northeast Fajardo

One of the greatest locations in Puerto Rico to bring kids for an immersive and rejuvenating experience in the great outdoors is Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Lagoons, mangroves, coral reefs, dry woods, and rocky and sand beaches sandwiched between headlands, all snuggled inside the Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, make up this wonderful and sizable region.

When exploring this nature preserve with a nature expert who will show you around and educate you and your family about the many ecosystems and creatures, you have a variety of alternatives, including riding a bike, kayak, or trolley.

Recommended Ages

Families with children ages 3 and above should consider visiting Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, a great favorite of both visitors and residents.

  1. Flamenco Beach — North Culebra

Flamenco Beach is renowned for its white sand, blue seas that are shallow and unpolluted, wide variety of swimming spaces, and stunning diving locations. It provides a chance for the entire family to relax.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Flamenco Beach, unquestionably one of the greatest in the world, is a magnificent length of white sand with almost no waves, making it the ideal location for swimming, relaxing, playing in the sand, and resting.

This beach is an essential must-visit if you’re looking for affordable family fun this weekend that will leave you gasping for air.

Recommended Ages

Families with children of all ages will like Flamenco Beach as a wonderful getaway.

  1. Acampa Nature Adventures — Puerto Nuevo

Acampora Nature Adventures has been providing tours and action-packed family activities in Puerto Rico since 1998 for the ultimate experience and priceless memories.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Acampora Nature Trips provides a broad range of services deep into the tallest rainforests as you get to personally experience the gorgeous landscapes and breathe in the pure, fresh air. The company specializes in customizing fully ecological nature tour adventures.

There are also a few personally led bespoke excursions available, allowing you to arrange you’re itinerary and decide which aspects of your wilderness journey you wish to emphasize most. This will add to the authenticity of the experience.

Recommended Ages

Families with kids 5 and above are encouraged to participate in this authentic Caribbean outdoor experience.

  1. Hacienda Campo Rico — Carolina

The exquisite tropical beauty of the Hacienda Campo Rico, which spans a vast area of 2,000 acres, is ideal for groups yearning for a genuine Puerto Rican ambiance.

Why We Recommend This Activity

For good ol’ raucous family fun, ride across Puerto Rico’s neighborhoods and scenery on an ATV tour.

Stop by the many farms and sanctuaries as you take in the sites and attractions close to the Hacienda Campo Rico.

Take the kids to the archery range for a unique experience if you’re looking for something different.

Recommended Ages

Although Hacienda Campo Rico is accessible to children of all ages, we strongly advise families with children ages 5 and older to visit.

  1. Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay — South Vieques

Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay will transport you to an ethereal paradise, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In 2006, the Guinness Book of Globe Records named Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay as having the brightest bioluminescence effect worldwide.

Why We Recommend This Activity

A sequence of chemical reactions in Mosquito Bay’s waters results in bioluminescence, or the water’s blue light at night, creating a unique and surreal atmosphere.

One of the most exceptional and recommended things to do in Puerto Rico with kids that will leave you and your family enthralled by Puerto Rico’s natural marvel is unquestionably taking in the intriguing and stupefying beauty of the Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay.

Recommended Ages

For an alien-like experience, Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay is a must-see for all families with children of all ages.

  1. Try Scuba Diving — Puerta de Tierra

The Caribbean Sea is one of Puerto Rico’s most well-known tourist destinations for children and adults, so whether you’re a novice or a family of seasoned divers looking for a new challenge, Try Scuba Diving can get you there.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Wait ’til you dive deep into a whole new planet under Puerto Rico’s immaculate and lovely azure surface as you see the tremendous biodiversity hiding below. The waters there are already breathtaking.

You will be instructed and directed by experienced divers who will give you a sense of what to anticipate underwater and how to dive so you can fully enjoy the experience.

Not very comfortable for scuba diving?

Not to worry!

Additionally, they provide shallow-depth snorkeling classes that give students a taste.

Recommended Ages

Snorkeling is appropriate for children aged 5 and up, but scuba diving is undoubtedly a fun pastime for adolescents or older children aged 10 and older.

  1. El Yunque National Forest — Northeastern Puerto Rico

The El Yunque National Forest will take you to a tropical forest with all of nature’s wonderful splendor, with routes leading up to La Mina waterfall and Mount Britton and climbing up to the high-altitude dwarf forest.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Looking for family-friendly activities in Puerto Rico?

If you’re looking for a unique forest that will immerse you in nature, meet your path or trekking needs, and maybe even set you up with a peaceful family as you drop under the clear, cold waterfalls, go no further than this one.

As you make your way to the southern portion of the woodland in the park, you’ll be able to witness old petroglyphs created by the Tano people, who were native to the region.

When you are there, you may see all the local fauna while getting to know the 240 plant species native to Puerto Rico.

Recommended Ages

Families with children 3 and above can find plenty of fun things to do at the El Yunque National Forest.

  1. Carolina Children’s Museum Museo — Sabana Abajo

Looking for kid-friendly activities in Puerto Rico? The variety of kid-friendly activities available at Carolina Children’s Museum Museo will keep the little ones occupied and amused for hours.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Bring the little ones to this children’s museum for interactive experiences and exhibits that spark their imaginations and make a fantastic family outing.

Go-karts and a vibrant outdoor play area are just two of the many outdoor activities available at Carolina Children’s Museum Museo.

Recommended Ages

Children ages 3 to 10 may learn much at the Carolina Children’s Museum Museo.

  1. Rio Camuy Cave Park — South Quebrada

Explore the hundreds of limestone caverns that make up the Rio Camuy Cave Park, which is linked to one of the longest underground rivers in the world.

Why We Recommend This Activity

An introduction movie that gives some general safety tips for visitors and a synopsis of the park’s history should be seen before beginning your adventure into the caverns.

Then you and your family will board the picturesque tram to the caverns’ interior.

As you go down the pathways and walk within the caverns toward the Clara Cave and the Empalme Sinkhole, where you can take some of the most amazing pictures, you’ll be able to see just how broad and enormous the caves are.

The impressive and vast cave network of the Rio Camuy Cave Park has something in store for you, whether this is your first or a hundredth time exploring caves.

Recommended Ages

For families with kids 5 and older, exploring the caverns and going deep into the unknown is a blast.

  1. Coqui Water Park — El Conquistador Resort

This 2.4-acre water park is part of the El Conquistador Resort, one of Puerto Rico’s most stunning resorts and a great place for families with young children. It will take the entire family on an exciting, fun-filled adventure for the ideal family bonding experience.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Torre de Yocahu Tower, a 60-foot-tall extreme water slide tower prominently displayed at the park, has three very fast and smooth slides that will send your pulse pounding the whole time you’re on them.

Along with the thrilling slides, this lovely resort also has an 8,500-square-foot pool where you can unwind with a cold swim while enjoying the well-kept facilities.

Recommended Ages

Families with kids 5 and older will find this trip to Coqui Water Park a gratifying, peaceful, and tranquil getaway.

  1. Parque de Bombas — Segundo

Looking for a place in Puerto Rico that is easily accessible and provides free, family-friendly activities?

The Parque de Bombas will then astound you.

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Ponce fire station, now known as the Parque de Bombas, is a historical site in Puerto Rico.

Many would contend that it is the most recognizable skyscraper in Puerto Rico because of its vivid red hue, which stands out among the island’s other gorgeous landscapes and infrastructure.

Observe the museum’s characteristic wood frame and Gothic construction, which has a Moorish influence with paint strokes and bands of vivid colors of red and black, and get ready for a fascinating excursion.

The structure now serves as a museum dedicated to remembering and celebrating Ponce’s unsung heroes, including the firemen who perished in a fire and others who died away quietly after many years of service.

Recommended Ages

For families with children of all ages, the Parque de Bombas’ striking structure is a must-see.

  1. Viejo San Juan — San Juan

The San Juan National Historic Site is proudly housed in Viejo San Juan, also known as Old San Juan, which has several structures going back to the 16th century, including the fortifications of San Felipe del Morro and San Cristóbal as well as the city’s walls.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Brightly colored homes line the charming cobblestone alleys that wind through the numerous plazas, transporting you to a bygone age when life was simpler, and buildings were thoughtfully planned.

A variety of hip cocktail bars, famous Caribbean fusion restaurants, and historical sites may be found off the beaten road and will let you experience Puerto Rico’s regional specialties with a unique twist.

Recommended Ages

Kids of all ages will find passing by the beautiful and fascinating Vieja San Juan facilities a fun family excursion.

  1. Arecibo Observatory — South Arecibo

There are many more must-try activities in Puerto Rico besides lazing in the sun’s calming beams throughout the day.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the splendor of the stars gently sparkling in the Arecibo Observatory’s night sky.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Experience the grandeur of the cosmos up, and personal at the biggest radio telescope in the world for a truly extraordinary experience unmatched anywhere else.

While inside the vast observatory, see how scientists use the 305-meter dish to collect radio signals from planets, distant galaxies, star-forming areas, and all other atmospheric components.

The Arecibo Observatory will help the whole tribe better understand the objects beyond our globe via a wide range of exhibitions and interactive activities.

Recommended Ages

The fantastic opportunities and platform to learn incredible things with somewhat older children aged 7 and higher are provided by the mind-boggling, engaging, and interesting activities at the Arecibo Observatory.

  1. Casita Miramar — Miramar

Why We Recommend This Activity

The Casita Miramar gives off a warm and welcoming atmosphere when you arrive. It is housed in an old and exquisite Spanish home with an interior filled with various hanging plants, lovely lighting, and antique furniture.

Try the original Puerto Rican meal known as Comida Criolla to fully appreciate the island’s wholesome fusion of Spanish, African, and Taino history.

Recommended Ages

Families with children of all ages will find the ideal place to grab a meal at Casita Miramar.

  1. Castillo San Felipe del Morro — Sitio Histórico de San Juan

Even though there are several other kid-friendly activities in Puerto Rico, we strongly suggest you visit the renowned and beautiful Castillo San Felipe del Morro for the full and ideal family holiday experience.

Why We Recommend This Activity

Castillo San Felipe del Morro often referred to as El Morro, is a historic castle constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries and tucked away in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Bring the entire family along for a historical journey as you see this beautiful and interesting landmark, which will transport you back to the many Western military periods and the development of cultural tradition throughout the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.

Recommended Ages

Families with children ages 3 and above may tour the Castillo San Felipe del Morro’s remarkable infrastructure.

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