15 Geography Games and Activities Your Students Will Love

Engaging students in learning about geography can be a challenging task. However, with the increase of technology and innovative educational tools, introducing fun and interactive geography games and activities is now easier than ever. Here is a list of 15 geography games and activities your students will love:

1. GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is an online game that places players in different locations using Google Street View. Students must guess their location by analyzing visual clues and navigating the map to pinpoint their location.

2. Google Earth Scavenger Hunt

Creating scavenger hunts on Google Earth is an exciting way for students to explore various parts of the world. Provide them with a list of landmarks they need to find on the global map, enhancing their spatial orientation skills.

3. Map-reading Relay Race

Divide your class into teams, giving each a map with marked locations. Students must take turns correctly identifying places within a designated time limit.

4. Continent Twister

This game is similar to the classic Twister but uses labeled paper plates representing different continents. Students must correctly put hands or feet on requested continents as they are called out, improving their knowledge of continental placement.

5. Flag Matching Game

Create cards featuring various national flags alongside their country’s name, encouraging players to match the cards together in pairs.

6. Capital Cities Quiz

Test your students’ knowledge by posing questions concerning world capital cities in either written or verbal form.

7. Geographical Bingo

Create customized bingo cards containing specific geographic locations for students to mark off as you call them out.

8. Latitude and Longitude Battleships

Model this game after traditional Battleships, using latitude and longitude coordinates on a world map grid to target opponents’ locations.

9. Puzzle Maps

Purchase or create puzzle maps, allowing students to assemble countries or continent pieces together for hands-on learning.

10. Mapmaker Game

Students create their own maps, labeling countries, capitals, and landmarks to enhance their understanding of geographical locations.

11. Location Charades

Have students act out different landmarks or geographical features while their teammates guess the location.

12. Geography Jeopardy

Adapt the classic Jeopardy game show format for geography-themed questions covering diverse categories.

13. EarthPicker

EarthPicker is another online geography game similar to GeoGuessr, using Google Street View and offering additional options such as selecting specific regions or country themes.

14. Mapzone’s Treasure Hunt Adventure

Explore ordnancesurvey.co.uk’s Mapzone and play their online Treasure Hunt Adventure, where players navigate maps to find treasure while learning map-reading skills.

15. Herd Migration Game

Using large floor maps, recreate herd migrations around the world as students move from location to location, following actual migration patterns of various animals.</div>

These engaging geography games and activities can serve as an integral part of your curriculum, sparking interest in global and cultural education among your students. Tailor these tools to suit different topics and difficulty levels while promoting a fun environment fostering a love for learning about world geography.

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