15 Holiday Staff Party Games

Everyone should have an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves during staff gatherings. Not to add some alcoholic beverages, good food, and loads of laughter are vital necessities. Christmas staff games are customary, but let’s face it: they’re not often fun. Look at this list of low-key possibilities if you’re seeking methods to spice things up with brand-new games that everyone will like.

  1. What’s on Your Phone?

Teachers will be searching through their phones for pictures of their pets and displaying their ringtones due to this ingenious scavenger hunt twist. You may create your list or purchase this printable version of the What’s In Your Cellphone game from Media Medusa Shop on Etsy.

  1. Emoji trivia about 80s movies

To play a quick pen and paper game, print out a free printable from My Party Games. Set a timer and reward the one who finishes first or give a prize to the person who provides the most accurate answers. Both solo and team play is available.

  1. A LIE and Two Truths

A common icebreaker is called “Two Truths and a Lie.” Two truthful and one false statement about each individual are made. Each correct estimate earns the player a point. The other players attempt to determine which of the two is the lie. Play “Two Presents and a Lie” to give this game a party flavor. Share two of the worst presents you’ve ever gotten with each person, then make one up. (Don’t limit it to holiday gifts; birthdays and other celebrations count, too.)

  1. Determine Who (People Bingo)

Use People Bingo to help staff members get to know one another better. You must find a different person for every square who satisfies the requirements. Try to get a row across, down, or diagonally as you would in regular bingo, or award a prize to the first player to fill out their sheet.

  1. Instructor Would You Rather 

Everyone has played the funny game Would You Rather at least once. Use our free Teacher Would You Rather questions at your staff party to spark conversation or search online for many absurd scenarios.

  1. Staff knowledge

This one will require preparation beforehand, but playing it is much more fun. Make a list of random facts about each employee on your crew, then create a trivia game to see how well everyone knows one another. Middle names, birthplace, number of siblings, favorite book or movie, and other details are examples of potential facts to employ.

  1. Contest for ugly sweaters

The traditional holiday office party activities now include ugly sweater competitions. Vote on which sweaters are the worst, or make categories for things like “Best Homemade Sweater” and “Silliest Science Sweater.”

  1. Minute to Win It 

Games Staff gathering games like Minute to Win It is always a hit! We adore this collection of games from Joy is Homemade that incorporate seasonal themes. Play Reindeer Ring Toss, make a plastic cup Christmas tree, or pick one of nine additional activities.

  1. Pull Down Top

Give each participant a paper and a writing implement. Each participant places and maintains the plate atop their head. Then deliver a succession of instructions, one by one, to make a drawing. Players must finish the artwork with the plate on their heads and without looking. Here’s an illustration:

  • Draw a line representing the ground and a rectangle representing the school.
  • The roof will now be created by adding a triangle on top of the rectangle.
  • The structure should have a door.
  • The building needs two more windows.
  • Draw a sun in the sky and a tree on either side of the structure.

Check out the designs after removing the plates. Give the top one a prize. (Giving credit to the guiding principles)

  1. Categories of Schools

In Scattergories, the objective is to create an item that corresponds to each area on a list, but each round’s words must all begin with the randomly chosen letter chosen at the beginning. For staff party games, use this version with a school theme. On Etsy, get it from Greengate Images (or make up your own). Then, generate random words for each round using this Letter Picker Wheel.

  1. Charades

One of the most well-liked party games ever is charades, and for a good reason— it’s a classic that never goes out of style. Online, you can discover a ton of free charades cards that you can print out, like these Children’s Book Charades cards from Childhood 101. Make up your own teacher-specific charades phrases like “Trying to get the projection remote to function” or “Doing lunchroom duty” for added enjoyment.

  1. Sound the Bell

This one is straightforward and keeps the party-goers entertained the entire time. Ring a bell or announce the next “person you’re looking for” every few minutes. Each winner receives a reward. Some concepts:

I’m trying to find this person.

… the person whose birthdate is the closest to January 1.

Whoever has the most coins in their pocket or purse, or who have traveled to the most places overall.

Visit Diva Girl Parties and Stuff for additional discussion topics.

  1. Ballgame in a Saran Wrap

Instead of the customary gift exchange, try this game. Make a giant plastic wrap ball filled with tiny gifts for a person to seek! One gift should be wrapped first in the center, followed by several more layers of wrapping. People at the party take turns unwrapping gifts until they discover one that is theirs to keep. Visit Must Have Mom to learn how to construct your ball and to find many gift options.

  1. Poke-A-Present

Here’s another sweet method for awarding tiny prizes. Add a tissue paper lid after placing each item in a plastic cup. As demonstrated, apply glue to the cups and foam board. Invite each visitor to the party to poke a cup to get their present. Visit HGTV for additional information on how to make Poke A Present.

  1. Mysterious Murder Hunt for clues

Even though murder mysteries require a lot of preparation, this scavenger hunt variation is very simple to organize. Anyone can enjoy solving the Clue-inspired mystery by collecting information from cards concealed throughout the room. 

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