15 Magazines for Kids to Add to Your Classroom Library

A terrific screen-free supplement to classrooms and families will always remain. Nothing beats finding something fresh in your mail to share with your children. It’s also simple to save and preserve old issues for your classroom library and to pick articles for short texts in reading and writing courses. From old faves to fresh discoveries, here are 15 teacher-approved top periodicals for kids of all ages.

  1. Highlights High Five, ages 3-6

This is our top pick for the greatest publications for children in Pre-K and Kindergarten. It offers entertaining repeating aspects that they can access on their own (hooray for Hidden Pictures!). , short fiction and poetry that can be used for group reading or as writing partner texts, and fantastic project and culinary instructions.

  1.  National Geographic Little Kids (ages 2-6)

This is our favorite early childhood scientific and social studies magazine. The content is perfect for a quick, interesting read-aloud or kids’ independent browsing, and National Geographic’s characteristic photographs attract kids in.

  1. Ranger Rick Jr., ages 3-6

Ranger Rick Jr. is a children’s book with engaging activities, easy stories, and exotic creatures. Ranger Rick Jr. introduces kids to nature while also preparing them to read. Seasonal crafts, simple recipe books, amusing activities, and more will appeal to children.

  1. Highlights for Children, ages 5-10

Highlights for Kids engages readers with content that encourages creativity and critical thinking skills, from scientific projects to puzzles and other entertaining games. In addition, children can submit their artwork and writings for evaluation.

  1. ChickaDEE, ages 6-9

ChickaDEE is jam-packed with educational and entertaining interactive games, hands-on scientific experiments, gorgeous images, graphics, and stories.

  1. Jack and Jill, ages 6-10

Jack and Jill keep kids delighted with interesting stories, challenging games, colorful comics, kid-centered interviews, recipes, and crafts. Readers are also asked to contribute their own stories, poems, essays, jokes, and artwork for publishing.

  1. National Geographic Kids, ages 6-12

While it has more advertisements than the little kid version, this is a safe bet for elementary schoolers. Plenty of high-interest themes pique readers’ curiosity, as well as exercises and humor.

  1. Zoobooks Magazine, ages 6-12

Zoobooks is an excellent zoological guide for children who adore animals, with great animal photographs and educational content. Each issue is devoted to a single species or group of animals, with detailed discussions of their behaviors and habitats for the reader’s benefit.

  1. Ranger Rick, ages 7+

Ranger Rick shares wonderful facts, beautiful images, and outdoor excursions with youngsters to help them improve their reading abilities and acquire a greater appreciation for nature.

  1. Sports Illustrated Kids, ages 8-14

Nutritional advice, information about up-and-coming child athletes, outstanding artwork, and feature pieces can all be found in Sports Illustrated Kids.

  1. Animal Tales, ages 6-12

This magazine is full of beautiful, attractive animal photographs and tales which are both feel-good and informational, and it will appeal to animal lovers.

  1. Owl, ages 9-13

Check out OWL if you’re looking for the greatest science magazines for kids. It has great articles and astonishing scientific facts. Quizzes, tournaments, and themes about everyday life are also available. It’s thought-provoking and fascinating, with breaking news items and mind-boggling riddles.

  1. New Moon Girls (8-14)

This journal, founded by a mother of twin preteen girls, aspires to encourage girls to be their most real, resilient, and empowered selves.

  1. Cricket, ages 9-14

This is a timeless option! Cricket includes stories, poems, puzzles, recipes, and articles about science and wildlife.

  1. The Week Junior, ages 9-14

This weekly newsletter for children is jam-packed with current affairs and high-interest themes. You’ll also find a lot of short material to utilize as instruction.

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