15 Presidential Books for the Classroom

Celebrate Presidents’ Day by reading books that clarify the significance of the President of the United States and the outstanding people who have held that position. We hope you appreciate this collection of the best children’s books about the president since there are excellent options for pre-K and above. You may start a lively debate or perhaps encourage one of your pupils to run for the future government!

  1. My Little Golden Book About George Washington by Lori H. Houran, illustrated by Viviana Garofoli

This more recent entry in a retro series offers a clear explanation of how George Washington got to be the nation’s first president. It also provides a favorable review of the Revolutionary War and other humanistic information about him, including his passion for fishing and riding horses. Around President’s Day, instructors of young kids can use it as a trustworthy read-aloud because it has an exciting narrative.

  1. P is For President by Wendy Cheyette Lewison, illustrated by Valerio Fabbretti

The author has a lot of experience teaching young children how to understand complicated ideas. This book covers all the fundamentals of the job of President of the United States, from how one is elected to how he or she—or sometimes both, as the text makes clear—spends the day. It does not require more instructor explanation. The more generic ones are rounded out by memorable eccentric tidbits, like the president who kept an alligator as a pet.

  1. If I Ran For President by Catherine Stier and Avril Lynne

What if you decided to run for president? On election day, how would it feel to wait for the results? This multicultural and inclusive book may start interesting discussions with children on everything from appearing in commercials and having your picture on bumper stickers to riding in your campaign bus!

  1. If I Were President by Catherine Stier and Diane DiSalvo-Ryan

How would you govern if you were in charge? What does a president do? What would it be like to be in charge of the military, deliver powerful speeches, and collaborate with Congress to rule laws for the entire country? Kids might enjoy hearing about the benefits of living in the White House, where a chef prepares meals, and they can go bowling whenever they want. Start a lively and eye-opening classroom conversation with this book!

  1. I Am George Washington by Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos

The bravery of George Washington was well-known. Even when it came time for George to become the first leader of a young country, the United States of America, he was never reluctant to be the first to try something. This book’s helpful history chronology and vibrant cartoon graphics assist in bringing the tale to life.

  1. I Am Abraham Lincoln by Brad Meltzer and Christopher Eliopoulos

Abraham Lincoln frequently spoke of justice, but how did he become the leader who ended slavery? From his early years to his time in the White House, including the Civil War and his renowned Gettysburg Address, Lincoln is shown in this book’s vivid illustrations.

  1. What is the President’s Job? by Allison Singer

This nonfiction book provides general information about the president with a focus on the numerous responsibilities of the office, such as interacting with Congress and other world leaders, leading the military forces, and preserving certain traditions. This book stands out because of its collection of compelling images that provide readers with a behind-the-scenes look at the nation’s highest position.

  1. Abe Lincoln: His Wit and Wisdom From A-Z by Alan Schroeder Illustrated by John O’Brien

This brilliant alphabet book features our beloved 16th president and focuses on him. There is a tonne of material regarding Abraham Lincoln’s life and accomplishments, from his youth to his early career through his presidency.

  1. My Teacher for President by Kay Winters and Denise Brunkus

After learning more about the position, Oliver is sure his instructor would be a great candidate for the presidency. She like white houses, provides employment for people, attends several meetings, and is used to being followed everywhere she goes. She also believes in world peace. This endearing book shows pictures of Oliver’s teacher doing presidential responsibilities next to illustrations of her during an ordinary school day.

  1. Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman and Elizabeth Cottle

Who was Lincoln, in essence? This young girl is curious to know. She learns that our sixteenth president had a dog named Fido, enjoyed Mozart, apples, and his wife’s vanilla cake, as well as a strong belief in the equality of all people. Additionally, Lincoln stored his notes under his fabled hat. This book presents Lincoln’s incredible life to young readers in a new and fascinating way, covering everything from his youth in a log cabin to his legendary presidency and tragic death.

  1. Ellie May on Presidents’ Day by Hillary Homzie and Jeffrey Ebbeler

How far will Ellie May go in the thrilling week running up to Presidents’ Day to win the position of class flag leader? The oddball and humorous second grader enjoys studying the lives of American presidents. Still, she particularly adores the thought of leading the class in flag raising during the week leading up to Presidents’ Day. She sets out on a quest to finally be selected since she is tired of being passed over to hold the flag. Ellie May learns along the way that persistence and honesty are valuable traits.

  1. Dear Mr. Washington by Lynn Cullen, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

George Washington’s letters to little Charlotte Stuart and her siblings are the focus of a lovely tale. The children’s antics disrupt her father’s attempt to paint Washington’s picture, a well-known painter named Gilbert Stuart. This children’s book is a bright, humorous, and chaotic mess!

  1. Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything by Maira Kalman

Thomas Jefferson, our third president, drafted the Declaration of Independence, and the Library of Congress was established during his time in office. He also oversaw the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the area of the United States. A real Renaissance guy, he was passionate about music, literature, physics, the natural world, arithmetic, and architecture. Young readers may experience this president’s unique, complex personality thanks to Maira Kalman’s captivating language and stunning visuals.

  1. Nice Work, Franklin! by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain, illustrated by Larry Day

Franklin Roosevelt, a man of extraordinary inner strength, was elected to an unprecedented four terms as president of the United States. FDR served our nation through a war period and was renowned for his stubbornness and commitment to human rights. His achievements as president significantly changed what the government does in our country.

  1. What Presidents Are Made Of by Hanoch Piven

A visually stunning book combines amusing collages of commonplace items like jelly beans, hot dogs, bullets, and more with stories about the fascinating personalities of some of our notable presidents.

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