15 Questions to Replace ‘How Was School Today?’

Asking, “How was school today?” is a common question for parents and caregivers to ask their children after school, but it can lead to a one-word answer of “good” or “fine.” To encourage deeper conversation and better understand a child’s experiences in school, consider asking some of the following questions instead:

1. What was the best thing that happened in school today?
2. Was there anything that made you laugh today?
3. Did you learn anything new or interesting today?
4. Did you get a chance to play with your friends during recess or lunch?
5. Did you have a chance to try something new today?
6. Did you have any challenges or difficulties today?
7. Was there anything that you found confusing or frustrating today?
8. Did you have a chance to work on a project or presentation today?
9. Did you help anyone or make a new friend today?
10. Did you receive any recognition or awards today?
11. Did your teacher or classmates do anything kind or helpful for you today?
12. Did you have any opportunities to use or practice your leadership skills today?
13. Did you get to take part in any extracurricular activities or clubs today?
14. Did you have any opportunities to be creative today?
15. Did you have any opportunities to reflect on or practice your values or beliefs today?

These questions can provide a complete picture of a child’s day and help them reflect on their experiences and emotions. They can also encourage children to talk about the positive aspects of their day and help identify areas where they may need additional support or guidance.
Instead of asking the same generic question of “How was school today?” consider asking some of the above questions to start a meaningful and engaging conversation with your child. These questions can help build a closer relationship, encourage deeper reflection, and promote a growth mindset in children.

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