15 Strategies to Help Students Learn to Use Subject-Verb Agreement

Are you looking for strategies to help students learn to use subject-verb agreement? If so, keep reading.

1. After recording the learner’s speech, have them find the correct subject-verb agreement and make appropriate corrections.

2. Ascertain the type of grammatical model to which the learner is exposed at home. Without placing negative connotations on their parents’ grammatical style, explain the difference between standard and nonstandard grammar.

3. Ask the parents to encourage the learner’s correct use of grammar at home by praising them when the correct subject-verb agreement is used.

4. Select a peer to model appropriate subject-verb agreement for the learner.

5. Ascertain if the learner’s errors are the result of dialectical differences (the pattern of subject-verb agreement may not be atypical within their social group).

6. Throughout the day, write down specific subject-verb errors pronounced by the learner. Read the sentences to the learner and have them make appropriate corrections orally.

7. Assess the appropriateness of requiring the learner to speak with subject-verb agreement (e.g., developmentally, a child may not utilize appropriate subject-verb agreement until the age of 6 or 7).

8. Explain that specific forms of verbs go with specific subjects and that correct subject-verb agreement requires an appropriate match of subject and verb. Be sure that the learner knows the several possibilities of subject-verb agreement and how to choose the correct one.

9. Provide the learner a sequence of sentences, both written and oral, and have them find which are grammatically correct and incorrect.

10. Get the learner to finish written worksheets in which they must select the correct verb forms to go with subjects (e.g., “I __ [saw, seen] a new car.”).

11. Get the learner to finish written worksheets in which they must select the correct subject forms to go with specific verbs.

12. Get the learner to choose a verb to master using correctly as a goal. As the learner masters the correct use of the verb, they put it on a list with a star and select another verb to master.

13. Get the learner to orally construct sentences with verb forms and subjects.

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