15 Teacher-Owned Businesses We Love

Being an educator is a role that requires patience, passion, creativity, and a dedication to lifelong learning. These qualities are not only essential in the classroom but also translate well into the world of business. In this article, we will celebrate 15 teacher-owned businesses that have captivated our hearts and made a significant impact in their respective industries. Read on to discover their inspiring stories and unique offerings.

1. Bookish, LLC – This independent bookstore was founded by a former high school English teacher turned entrepreneur. Bookish features an expansive collection of books and educational resources for readers of all ages.

2. Teach Away – Created by an experienced teacher who wanted to offer quality professional development opportunities for fellow educators, Teach Away provides online courses, webinars, workshops, and conferences dedicated to empowering educators and enhancing their skills.

3. Educents Inc – Founded by local teachers looking to provide affordable classroom supplies, Educents offers discounted school supplies, learning toys, and teaching materials to help educators create fun and engaging learning environments.

4. Teacher Heaven – A brick-and-mortar store that carries everything from textbooks to classroom décor, Teacher Heaven is the one-stop-shop for all things education-related.

5. Grammaropolis – A former language arts teacher founded this company to provide kids with engaging digital content that helps them master the English language through animated characters representing parts of speech.

6. Little Genius Learning Center – Run by veteran teachers passionate about early childhood education, this center offers daycare services combined with advanced learning programs for infants and toddlers.

7. Smarty Pants Yoga – Founded by a former elementary school teacher turned certified children’s yoga instructor, Smarty Pants Yoga brings mindfulness practices into the daily lives of children through engaging stories and creative movement activities.

8. The Active Class – Created by a dedicated physical education teacher looking to inspire healthy active lifestyles for kids, The Active Class offers physical fitness classes and academic support for students.

9. History By Mail – A middle school history teacher founded this subscription-based service that delivers monthly curated packages filled with historical narratives, artifacts, and memorabilia from various time periods.

10. School House Rocked Productions – Founded by a husband-and-wife duo with teaching backgrounds, this company creates and produces educational documentaries, films, and curriculum materials to foster learning and discussion with students.

11. Educrafters – Created by a science teacher who wanted to combine the joy of arts and crafts with hands-on learning experiences for kids of all ages, Educrafters offers DIY educational craft kits and workshops.

12. Little Learners Lab – Owned and operated by a special education teacher, this charming learning center offers tutoring services for students with special needs to help them reach their full potential academically.

13. Piece of Mind Creations – Established by an artistic high school art teacher, this business features handmade wooden puzzles designed to promote cognitive development and critical thinking skills in young children.

14. CoffeeEDU – Started by a passionate educator and coffee shop owner, CoffeeEDU hosts casual meetings at their locally-owned business where educators gather to share ideas and network over warm beverages.

15. Guiding Light Tutoring Center – Pioneered by an experienced teacher who found her passion in private coaching, Guiding Light offers a wide range of tutoring services tailored to every student’s individual needs.

These 15 teacher-owned businesses not only showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of these educators but also further highlight their commitment to nurturing the future generation beyond their classrooms. So next time you are looking for unique products or services created with an educational touch, consider one of these inspiring ventures for your shopping needs or professional development!

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