15 Things to Do in Dallas with Kids Indoors — Fun for Rainy, Cold, or Hot Days!

Dallas is brimming with outdoor entertainment thanks to its more than 230 sunny days annually.

The unpredictability of the weather can curtail your family’s excursion.

It’s not always pleasant to stay outside, whether it’s a steamy summer weekend, a rainy spring day, or a cold winter spell.

What should parents do in these circumstances, then?

Guess what, though?

Just for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best indoor activities in Dallas for families.

  1. Dallas Children’s Theater — East Dallas

The Dallas Children’s Theater offers young children a varied and instructive experience.

What You’ll Experience

In Dallas, there is no better way to pass a rainy day than by visiting the Dallas Children’s Theater.

It’s, without a doubt, among the most significant family activities in Dallas, thanks to its large selection of entertaining and instructive plays.

The theater offers engaging shows that advance moral integrity and societal values, ranging from literary classics to enlightening biographies.

Additionally, the theater brilliantly showcases the neighborhood’s cultural diversity through themes and casting.

Recommended Ages

For children aged 3 to 12, Dallas Children’s Theater provides an enjoyable and instructive experience.

  1. Top Golf — North Dallas

At Top Golf, unwind, practice your swing, and raise the bar for your young player.

What You’ll Experience

Are you looking for entertaining winter activities in Dallas?

Just visit Top Golf as a favor for yourself.

It’s a climate-controlled facility that will also amuse the entire team.

It will therefore keep your family warm and cozy during the winter months.

If you wish to improve your kids’ game, professional golfers also hold half-day clinics all year long.

Did we also mention that it includes a chic lounge with a wide variety of drinks?

Recommended Ages

For children ages six and older, Top Golf is most appropriate.

  1. Dallas World Aquarium — Downtown Dallas

Summit Indoor Rock Climbing is a great way to burn some extra calories.

What You’ll Experience

Visit Summit Indoor Rock Climbing in Dallas on a hot day for some adventure.

With its engaging games, balance challenges, and introduction lessons for young children, this indoor attraction is ideal for people of all ages.

There are also perfect teen programs for the more active and agile climber.

The same goes for parents, who are urged to participate in the fun.

Recommended Ages

The events and activities at Summit Indoor Rock Climbing are open to visitors of all ages.

  1. Summit Indoor Rock Climbing — North Dallas

Summit Indoor Rock Climbing is a great way to burn some extra calories.

What You’ll Experience

On a hot day, go rock climbing at Summit INdoor in Dallas.

This indoor activity is excellent for people of all ages and teaches kids about challenges, balance, and fun things to do.

Teen programs are also ideal for climbers who are more robust and agile.

The same is true for parents, who are asked to join in on the enjoyment.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages can participate in the events and activities at Summit Indoor Rock Climbing.

  1. Perot Museum of Nature and Science — Downtown Dallas

Let your children explore the Perot Museum to learn about the wonder and history of science and nature.

What You’ll Experience

The Perot is legitimately regarded as one of Dallas’ top museums.

The museum, well-known for its dinosaur fossils, also features many kid-friendly activities.

The discovery camps, movies, science activity stations, and the creative art time lab are some of our favorite events and amenities offered here.

Recommended Ages

Children three and older should visit the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

  1. Texas Discovery Gardens & Butterfly House — South Dallas

This garden includes many interesting facts about the natural world, from butterflies to local flora.

What You’ll Experience

This 7.5-acre urban sanctuary, full of breathtaking natural treasures, attracts families with its flora, festivals, and educational activities.

In addition, the garden is a two-story butterfly paradise where children can come up close and personal with many butterflies.

Let the kids participate in the daily toddler talks and butterfly release activities to make your trip more instructive.

Recommended Ages

This fantastic indoor attraction is informative and suitable for kids of all ages.

  1. King Spa and Waterpark — North Dallas

Family entertainment and revitalizing treatments combine at King Spa.

What You’ll Experience

Do you want to experience Dallas in a special way?

Consider adding King Spa to your list of entertaining indoor activities in Dallas.

This unusual water park is a blast for kids with its thrilling slides and indoor play zones.

Parents could head to the bade pool, where there is a drink and wine area with Jacuzzis and massage jets in the meantime.

This spa center also offers a sauna, massage, and complete spa packages in addition to acupressure treatments.

The building also has a food court with a variety of mouthwatering choices.

Recommended Ages

The King Spa and Waterpark welcomes guests of all ages.

  1. Dallas Museum of Art — Dallas Arts District

Thanks to its top-notch art museums and indoor attractions, Dallas will captivate families even when the weather isn’t ideal.

The Dallas Museum of Art is another one of our favorite museums in this city.

What You’ll Experience

In addition to its significant creative assets, the museum offers activities for children and teenagers.

For instance, the DMA Teen program encourages and introduces your teenagers to the world of art.

Even better, this museum now offers particular painting workshops for babies and young children.

Additionally, since there is no admission charge, the museum is perfect for families looking for inexpensive and free indoor activities.

Recommended Ages

The Dallas Museum of Art offers captivating exhibits and instructive activities for kids of all ages.

  1. Escape The Room — North Dallas

At Escape The Room, you’ll work under pressure while putting your gang’s communication skills to the test and pushing everyone’s mental limits.

What You’ll Experience

Escape The Room is a remarkably engaging and immersive event for families with older children.

This indoor activity seems like a great opportunity to test your brain, problem-solving skills, and family cooperation.

Recommended Ages

Kids aged nine and older should enjoy Escape The Room.

  1. Play Street Museum — East Dallas

This museum inspires your kids’ curiosity and creativity with many educational activities and exhibits.

What You’ll Experience

You’re #10 choice for indoor family activities in DFW should be a trip to the Play Street Museum.

This children’s museum is interactive and captivating and was specifically created to foster your child’s feeling of creativity, exploration, and independence.

Recommended Ages

activities and exhibits at Play Street Museum are mostly geared toward kids 8 and younger.

  1. Ice Rink at Galleria Dallas — North Dallas

As you go on a shopping binge at Galleria, let your kids enjoy some fun on the ice.

What You’ll Experience

A family day with ice skating and shopping is always a great idea.

The ice skating rink features a variety of alternatives ideal for all skill levels, whether your kids are honing their technique or discovering the sport for the first time.

Recommended Ages

For children ages 6 and older, ice skating is undoubtedly among the most exciting activities to do in Dallas on a rainy day.

  1. Frontiers Flight Museum — North Dallas

Frontier of Flight Museum is an intriguing repository brimming with alluring aviation artifacts.

What You’ll Experience

Your future astronauts and engineers will be in heaven at the Frontier of Flight Museum.

Your family will find a variety of interactive exhibits, STEM activities, and other displays reflecting the history of aviation and space exploration as you tour the museum.

Not to add, the museum offers family-friendly events and guided tours.

Recommended Ages

Children ages three and older should visit the Frontiers Flight Museum.

  1. Old Red Museum — Downtown Dallas

In addition to its striking exterior, the museum has a study center and a ton of fascinating exhibits.

What You’ll Experience

One of our favorite spots nearby in Dallas is the Old Red Museum.

This stunning old sandstone structure, built in 1892, contains interesting Texas artifacts, including Lee Harvey Oswald’s handcuffs.

The museum’s four theaters, educational displays, learning center, and touch-screen interactive computers are all things we adore.

Recommended Ages

For children ages 3 and older, we suggest the Old Red Museum.

  1. Medieval Times — Arlington Park

Visit the Medieval Times to travel back to the era of knights and monarchs.

What You’ll Experience

At Medieval Times Dallas, have a dinner with a family that is unlike any other.

This dinner theater will take you to the medieval past with costumed performers, actual swordplay, and pure-bred horses.

You may watch falcons fly, sword fights, and other enthralling antics while you dine on a four-course meal at this enchanted indoor attraction.

Recommended Ages

Medieval Times offers a special and enjoyable experience for kids ages three and up.

  1. Urban Air Adventure Park — North Dallas

Play and bounce all you want at Urban Air Adventure Park with your kids.

What You’ll Experience

Looking for thrilling indoor activities for kids in Dallas?

Visit Urban Air Adventure Park, would you please?

This indoor adventure will keep everyone occupied and entertained for hours with more than 20 entertaining activities.

This indoor park has entertaining attractions, from simple trampolines to tube playgrounds and climbing walls.

Your entire group will thoroughly enjoy this park, whether you’re traveling with bouncy toddlers or cranky teenagers.

Recommended Ages

Visitors of all ages can enjoy the activities, features, and attractions at Urban Air Adventure Park.

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