15 Videos That Bring Kids to the Farm


Discover the joy of farm life through these 15 educational and entertaining videos that transport children to the countryside. These virtual farm visits offer a fantastic way for kids to learn more about agriculture, farm animals, and how food is produced.

1. Living on a Farm – Learn about the daily routines and tasks that keep a farm running, from feeding animals to maintaining machinery.

2. Meet the Animals – This fun video lets kids get up close and personal with pigs, cows, chickens, horses, sheep, goats, and more.

3. The Life of a Dairy Cow – Follow the journey of a dairy cow on a working farm, including milking processes and producing delicious dairy products.

4. Tractors & Machinery: A Kid’s Guide – A visual tour of various tractors and machines used on farms worldwide.

5. Planting and Harvesting – Explore how crops are planted, nurtured, harvested, and eventually reach our tables.

6. A Day in the Life of a Farmer – Experience life on the farm from sunrise to sunset with this day-in-the-life video featuring engaging visuals and information about animals, crops, and machinery.

7. Sustainable Agriculture – Learn about different approaches to farming that reduce waste and environmental impacts while maintaining productivity.

8. The Amazing World of Bees – A fascinating look at bees’ essential role in pollination and honey production on farms worldwide

9. Farm-to-Table: The Food Journey – Follow your favorite fruits and vegetables from their growth on the farm to their arrival at your local grocery store or farmers market.

10. The Science of Farming – Explore modern farming techniques and advances in technology that help make agriculture more sustainable.

11. Hands-On Farm Activities for Kids – Try out these fun DIY activities that allow children to explore farming concepts using everyday materials found at home.

12. Organic Farms vs Conventional Farms – Compare and contrast the differences between organic and conventional farming practices.

13. A Tour of a Homestead Farm – Get an inside look at a family-run farm focused on small-scale, self-sufficient agriculture.

14. How to Start Your Own Urban Garden – Learn about the growing trend of urban farming, including how to create and maintain your own garden in limited space.

15. Careers in Agriculture – Teaching kids about the various job opportunities within the agriculture industry, from farmers and ranchers to scientists and engineers.


These 15 videos provide a fantastic introduction to farming and its impact on our daily lives. Engaging visuals and educational content make them perfect for children curious about where their food comes from or who are simply interested in learning more about farm life. So grab some popcorn and dive into the world of agriculture together!

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