15 Virtual College Campus Tours

As they look into prospective future residences, many high school students see touring a college campus as a fascinating rite of passage. For various reasons, students and parents might not be able to attend in person, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out. Here are 15 of the various online virtual college campus excursions that are available.

University of Southern California

In this film, which highlights the university’s classic buildings, park-like surroundings, museums, cafés, theater, and more, you can see USC’s lovely campus and historical University Park.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Harvard University

Visit the oldest college in the country virtually. You can even go to locations that aren’t accessible during a school tour in person! Learn more about the classrooms, labs, and dorms.

Location: Cambridge, MA

Penn State

This self-guided virtual tour of Penn State University Park gives students an insider’s view of classrooms, residence halls, athletic facilities, and much more. You’ll even learn about the school’s majors and vibrant student community.

Location: State College, PA

College of William & Mary

Students can take a self-guided virtual tour of Penn State University Park to see how classrooms, residence halls, sporting facilities, and more operate. You’ll discover information about the school’s academic programs and lively student life along the route.

Location: Williamsburg, VA

Texas A&M

Get a close-up look at Texas A&M, the first public university in the state. This highly regarded flagship university is dedicated to producing leaders ready to face future challenges.

Location: College Station, TX

University of Miami

One of the most comprehensive virtual local college tours on this list is provided by the University of Miami. The main campus, the library, the Campus Arena, the residential college, and more are all available for you to choose from.

Location: Coral Gables, FL

Howard University

Visit the main campus’s historical buildings on a hilltop in Northwest Washington, just a few blocks from U Street and the Howard Theatre. A mere two miles separate Howard University from the U.S. Capitol, where numerous students have worked as interns and gone on to influence domestic and international policy.

Location: Washington, D.C.

Vanderbilt University

Vanderbilt University’s ten schools are housed on a park-like university campus in Nashville’s downtown. Follow the tour path to investigate and to see more, click the “360,” “picture,” and “video” icons.

Location: Nashville, TN

University of Oxford

go to the English-speaking world’s oldest university. Views of places, including the dining room, library, and church, are available in this 360-degree virtual tour. Find a sample of a garden or quad, a student room, and a servants’ lodge.

Location: Oxford, England

Hampton University

This extremely thorough virtual college tour makes you feel like you’re wandering over campus. Visit a variety of Hampton University locations, such as the Armstrong Stadium, student center, and dorm courtyards.

Location: Hampton, VA

Northwestern University

Take the interactive 360-degree campus tour of Northwestern’s online guided tour to see the academic and residential buildings, dining facilities, and athletic facilities.

Location: Evanston, IL

Boise State University

One of the American cities with the quickest growth is Boise. The university’s cutting-edge research labs, living and dining areas, and label high-tech home for the visual arts are all visible on this virtual college tour.

Location: Boise, ID

University of Nebraska

Enjoy this drone video’s aerial perspective of the entire University of Nebraska! The library, recreation areas, and wellness facilities should then be explored. This virtual local college tour has so much to offer!

Location: Lincoln, NE

Duke University

This comprehensive online tour of Duke University can be accessed in various ways. You can click on the map to visit particular buildings by clicking on them, or you can just “wander around” and take it all in. Additionally, you can get extra information by clicking the interactive features at each stop!

Location: Durham, NC

Meredith College

Start your tour of Meredith at the flagpole that announces the campus entrance. To view everything from the residence hall and courtyard to the Gaddy-Hamrick Art Center and sporting complex, choose any location from there by utilizing the page’s links.

Location: Raleigh, NC

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