15 Virtual Teaching Supplies to Make Your Life Easier

There is a likelihood that some schools may offer lessons (at least partially) online, even though most districts are still unclear about how the start of the school year will look. This information is disappointing, but fortunately, we have had time to prepare. We’ve compiled a list of the top virtual teaching resources based on our experiences teaching through the epidemic this year. We guarantee that these 15 things will simplify your life over a THOUSAND.

  1. A Second monitor

A second monitor may ultimately affect the game! It allows you to simultaneously share your screen and observe your pupils, making me feel more connected to my kids. Well worth it!

  1. Glasses that block blue light

It gets boring to stare at a screen all day; get a pair of these blue light-blocking glasses to prevent regular headaches. Your eyes will appreciate it!

  1. Student Workbook

This preparation guide saved my life, in my opinion. Even though I used Google Calendar primarily for scheduling, having a separate location where I could collect all of my notes and make lesson plans helped me stay in control.

  1. Mini Whiteboard

We need to be more inventive when using virtual teaching resources while teaching through video. I’ve found that rather than utilizing my bigger wall-hanging board farther away from my computer, my pupils have an easier time seeing the examples I write down on a smaller board that I can bring up in front of the camera. This is a fantastic document camera substitute that is inexpensive!

  1. Headphones that block out noise

Noise-canceling headphones are essential, especially if your house is full of distractions. There is no need to worry about the pupils hearing you because this pair also includes a built-in microphone.

  1. Document Camera

A document camera is one of the best investments you can make if you have the money. When it’s safe to return, there are countless ways you may use it in your classroom, making distance learning a million times simpler.

  1. Laptop Stand 

This laptop stand will protect your neck and back, especially if you don’t have a monitor. Put an end to your slouching!

  1. Wireless Keyboard and mouse

Since March, if you’ve been conducting business remotely on a laptop, you know exactly why this keyboard is on the list.

  1. Ring Light

This ring light has done wonders for illuminating my dim workplace and enhancing my facial visibility when I zoom in and record material for my class. It also has the added benefit of making me feel like a professional model.

  1. Printer

Now could be a good time to get a printer if you don’t already have one at home. The quick ink program makes refilling cartridges simpler than ever before, and this one is both reasonably priced and of excellent quality.

  1. USB microphone

The amount of video and audio I had to record during the last few months was too much for my laptop, which is very ancient. But it was simple to remedy; all I had to do was insert this microphone into its USB port, and it worked! My aging laptop suddenly has crystal-clear audio recording capabilities. Especially if you have an older laptop, this is unquestionably one of the essential virtual teaching tools.

  1. Post-it Notes

Sticky notes came in handy when I felt very disorganized due to distance studying (much more so than usual at the end of the year). I used them for many things, including writing down reminders for myself and outlining my daily plan.

  1. Seat Cushion

As a teacher accustomed to working in a classroom, I often worry about wearing comfortable shoes. But this year, I found myself being seated for a more extended period than ever before! Using this cushion will ensure you have a pleasant sitting area without having to buy a new desk chair.

  1. File Folders

These file folders will be helpful, especially if you don’t have a separate home office. You’ll save time, space, and your sanity with these!

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate is a vice I have. I adore these bars and usually have some on hand on bad days. It will help if you remember that starting a distance learning program is not a simple endeavor. You will probably have more unpleasant days than expected, but remember that what you’re doing is helping your pupils. Never give up! Just make sure you have enough vices on hand and schedule time for self-care.

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