15 Websites and Activities to Teach Kids About The Revolutionary War


The Revolutionary War is an important part of American history that played a crucial role in shaping the nation we have today. Teaching children about this significant event can spark their interest in history and help them better understand the foundations of their country.

These 15 websites and activities will engage kids’ interests and make learning about the Revolutionary War both educational and entertaining.

1. Liberty’s Kids (YouTube) – This animated series focuses on events during the American Revolution and delivers history lessons through engaging storytelling.

2. National Park Service (Revolutionary War Parks): Take a virtual tour of various national parks dedicated to preserving the memory of Revolutionary War events and participants.

3. Interactive Revolutionary War Map: An interactive map that helps kids explore battles, forts, and other significant locations from the war.

4. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum: Participate in a virtual tour of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, where kids can learn about this historic event.

5. George Washington’s Mount Vernon: Children can explore George Washington’s home both virtually or through field trips, learning about his role in the Revolutionary War.

6. Time For Kids: Revolution! – A comprehensive collection of resources covering all aspects of the American Revolution, including articles, videos, photos, and timelines.

7. American Revolution Timeline Activity: Help kids create their timeline to visualize key events leading up to and during the war.

8. Making Wartime Recipes: Encourage children to cook recipes from the era to learn more about daily life during wartime.

9. Colonial Williamsburg Kids Zone – Engage kids in numerous games related to 18th century colonial America.

10. Revolutionary Soldier’s Costume: Provide instructions for kids to create their soldier costume or uniform from the era for dress-up play.

11. Spy Decoder Game – Teach kids code words and secret messages used during the war with this fun, interactive game.

12. Scholastic’s The First American Revolution – A collection of educational resources, including articles, photos, and videos with comprehension questions to engage kids further.

13. Letters from the Revolutionary War – Explore real letters from soldiers during the war and help kids understand the emotions and experiences these people endured.

14. Betsy Ross’s Sew a Star: Children can learn about Betsy Ross and her role in creating the first American flag while learning to sew their star.

15. Revolutionary War Reenactments: Attending a local reenactment event immerses kids in real-life experiences and helps them better understand the challenges faced by individuals during this historical period.


With these 15 websites and activities, children will not only gain knowledge about the Revolutionary War but also develop a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made by those who fought for America’s freedom. Introducing them to various aspects of this important event, such as battles, key figures, and daily life during the era, will spark their curiosity and encourage further exploration into history.

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