16 Best Beaches Near Cocoa Beach, FL — Closest Beach Spots

Are you sick of exploring cities on foot and stopping at different attractions?

Would you like to unwind and spend some much-needed leisure on a sandy beach?

Then, load up on your sunglasses and bathing suits, and head out to one of the several breathtaking coasts close to Cocoa Beach.

Get ready for a day of fun at the beaches close to this coastal city, where you can engage in a variety of exciting activities including surfing, body boarding, playing beach volleyball, rowing, and countless more.

The list of the top beaches nearby Cocoa Beach, Florida, that you may visit with your traveling companions can help you get started on your vacation planning.

  1. Playalinda Beach — Titusville

In the Canaveral National Seashore, less than an hour’s drive away is Playalinda Beach.

It has excellent surfing possibilities for beachgoers.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Playalinda Beach offers one of the most memorable fast beach escapes from Cocoa Beach for you and your buddies or significant other.

The longest undeveloped shoreline on Florida’s east coast is 24 miles long.

Here, you may enjoy time with your loved ones while engaging in enjoyable activities like tanning, surfing, fishing, beachfront picnics, strolls, leisurely swims, and keeping an eye out for wildlife like turtles and dolphins.

A Pro Tip

Avoid the beach resorts by parking areas 12 to 13 if you are traveling with your family, especially little children.

They are the naturalist areas, where you might see individuals who favor being as natural as possible.

  1. Jetty Park Beach — Port Canaveral

The closest beach to Cocoa Beach is Jetty Park Beach, which is just a 15-min drive away.

There are 3 acres of pristine sand and azure water on the beach.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit the well-known Jetty Park Beach with your friends and have a great time.


For your convenience, Jetty Park Beach offers a wide range of facilities, including a fishing pier, attentive lifeguards, a nearby park, easily accessible showers, restrooms, and much more.

Enjoy yourself while participating in a variety of activities with your traveling companions, such as swimming in the cold sea, building sandcastles with your kids, fishing from a paved pier, biking along the shore, kayaking, windsurfing, boogie boarding, and so on.

A Pro Tip

There are lots of vendors and rental options at Jetty Park Beach.

If you forget something—bait, food, drinks, chairs, umbrellas, etc is the ideal answer.

In addition, you can rent boogie boards and kayaks.

  1. Cherie Down Park Beach — Cape Canaveral

Located within a 7-acre park, Cherie Down Park Beach is popular among locals.

It offers a wealth of amenities, a beautiful white sand beach, and a variety of exciting activities for vacationers to enjoy.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

From Cocoa Beach, Cherie Down Park Beach provides the ideal setting for one of the best beach holidays.

You may enjoy a tonne of enjoyable activities in the ocean and on the picturesque coastline, as well as other facilities that will make your stay more pleasant.

The options are endless for your spectacular day excursion to Cherie Down Park Beach.

Boogie boarding, windsurfing, surf fishing, flinging a frisbee, playing a lively game of beach volleyball, and cooking succulent hot dogs are all enjoyable activities.

A Pro Tip

If you are traveling to a big party or are commemorating a special occasion, you can rent picnic tables at Cherie Down Park Beach to have a more private experience.

  1. Sidney Fischer Park Beach — Cocoa Beach

A family-friendly beach with a well-kept powdery sand shoreline, open lawn sections, and a tonne of amenities is located at Sidney Fischer Park Beach.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Do you finally have time to spend with your family members after work?

If so, think about going to Sidney Fischer Park Beach.

With its relatively flat shoreline, lack of small rocks or stones, numerous lifeguards on duty, and gentle waves, this unspoiled coastline is the best beach for children.

The beach in Sidney Fischer Park has many amenities for families.

Such as a close-by park to keep your kids occupied, a volleyball court made of sand for entertaining games, picnic spaces that are perfect for enjoying your meals in comfort, outdoor showers for cleaning up after a hard day, and so on.

A Pro Tip

Florida’s Fresh Grill is a fantastic restaurant close to Sidney Fischer Park Beach, around a two-minute drive from the ocean.

The area’s freshest and tastiest seafood is served in this informal restaurant.

  1. Coconut Point Park Beach — Melbourne Beach

With its pristine water, diamond-white sand, and amazing ocean views, Coconut Point Park Resort is stunning.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

I suggest Coconut Point Park Beach if you’re seeking excellent beaches to visit with your friends, lover, or family.

Together, enjoy the many enjoyable activities available at this coastline, such as beachcombing, lounging in the sun, building sand sculptures, fishing, surfing, kayaking, having an oceanfront lunch, and so on.

A Pro Tip

Coconut Point Park Beach is not very close to any restaurants.

Make sure to pack anything you might need for a picnic.

  1. Lori Wilson Park Beach — Cocoa Beach

The North Atlantic Ocean’s shores are home to Lori Wilson Park Beach.

Clean white sand and abundant foliage can be found on its shoreline.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach


At Lori Wilson Park Beach, you may enjoy the ideal amount of sun, sand, and water.

It is among the most beautiful beaches in the region, and residents and authorities work together to keep it tidy and maintained.

Here, you can choose to spend time unwinding on the gentle sand while getting a tan, going for a peaceful stroll, taking lots of pictures with your friends, reading a nice book, creating sand sculptures, and much more.

The water is shallow near the surface, there are no unexpected decreases in depth, there are no excessively big waves, and there are watchful lifeguards on duty, making it the ideal beach for swimming.

A Pro Tip

Renting equipment will make your time at Lori Wilson Park Beach more enjoyable.

Additionally, three sizable pavilions with water, power, grills, and picnic tables are available for rental.

  1. Cocoa Beach Pier — Cocoa Beach

The ultimate beach location is Cocoa Beach Pier, which has an 800-foot-long pier as well as on-site dining options, shops, beachside bars, and a variety of other amenities.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

At Cocoa Beach Pier, spend time with your beloved one, your family, or your friends.

One of Cocoa Beach’s most gorgeous beaches, it offers you countless entertainment alternatives, breathtaking oceanfront vistas, and a variety of amenities to keep you cozy and entertained.

Play beach volleyball, teach your kids to cast a line, go surfing in the clear sea, watch beachfront concerts, enjoy a cool beverage while lounging on a chaise, browse the various stores along the pier, go for a promenade, and more to make the most of your day.

Utilize the numerous amenities at Cocoa Beach Pier.

There are several amenities available, including clean restrooms, expert lifeguards, fresh water showers for washing off the sand, and much more.

A Pro Tip

The Cocoa Beach Surf School is located at the Cocoa Beach Pier, making it the ideal location to learn how to surf.

  1. Canova Beach Park — Indialantic

The 9.1-acre Canova Beach Park is popular among the locals.

It features a sandy beach with breathtaking views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Instead of searching for lake beaches in the area, proceed to Canova Beach Park.

There is a tonne of amenities at this great beach, including water fountains, outdoor toilets, picnic sites, barbecue grills, a large parking lot, ADA-accessible amenities, and many more.

It is the perfect location to strengthen your travel companion relationships by sharing a special day.

You can engage in activities like playing with a ball or frisbee, burying one another in the sand, throwing one another in the sea, barbecuing on the beach, and more.

A Pro Tip

Can’t find somebody to take care of your dogs while you’re away?

Bring them to Canova Beach Park with you.

This beach is pet-friendly, but please clean up after your pets and keep them on a leash at all times.

  1. Bonsteel Park Beach — Melbourne Beach

The gorgeous Bonsteel Park Beach offers beachgoers a calm and secluded setting to take in the wonderful coastal experience.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Take your friends to Bonsteel Park Beach for one of the best vacation beach getaways from Cocoa Beach.

You may enjoy a great time at this 2.34-acre beach park by sunbathing, bathing in the cool ocean, surfing the waves on your surfboard, snapping pics of the scenery, and watching the occasional passing animals, such as sea turtles, dolphins, and different species of shorebirds.

A Pro Tip

Spend some time discovering the remainder of Bonsteel Park.

You may hike on numerous beautiful trails that provide some of the great scenery of the Indian River.

  1. Howard E. Futch Memorial Park Beach — Melbourne

Families prefer Howard E. Futch Memorial Park Beach because of its kid-friendly amenities and lovely shoreline.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Are you searching for a beach to bring your children to for a fun day out close to Cocoa Beach?

Where can kids go to take a break between school and their regular schedules?

If so, bring them to the beach at Howard E. Futch Memorial Park.

Enjoy a wonderful journey along this stunning coastline.

It has a sandy beach that is ideal for building tall sandcastles, a sizable playground with a jungle gym and swings that keep your kids entertained, and knowledgeable lifeguards keeping a close eye on you and your kids.

A Pro Tip

Across the street from Howard E. Futch Memorial Park is a Walgreens.

Here, you can get everything you could forget or need to buy beverages and food.

  1. Shepard Park Beach — Cocoa Beach

Alan Shepard Park Beach is another name for Shepard Park.

It is situated close to numerous luxurious hotels, malls, and neighborhood eateries.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

The ideal location for a vacation with your partner is Shepard Park Beach.

It is conveniently accessible and provides you with a variety of things to do with your partner, such as watching the sunset, having a stroll while holding hands, watching rocket launches, taking adorable pictures, and more.

You may also make use of a few amenities at this beach, including a sizable parking lot where you can readily find a place for your car, a bath where you can clean up after a day in the water and sand, and shaded picnic areas for hot days.

A Pro Tip

Visit the adjacent Sandbar Sports Grill with your spouse and indulge in delectable food and fine booze.

This bar has live music every night, creating the ideal romantic beachfront atmosphere for both you and your significant other.

  1. Seagull Park Beach — Satellite Beach

For surfers, Seagull Park Beach is a favorite spot.

Its terrain is breathtakingly beautiful and includes native vegetation, a white sand beach, and shimmering water.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Spend the entire day at Seagull Park Beach with your traveling friends and have a good time.

You have the ideal opportunity to get away from the chaos of your everyday life at this beautiful beach.

You can take advantage of some much-needed downtime by lounging on the beach, getting a tan, reading a book, enjoying an afternoon of surf fishing, and going in the water to enjoy swimming and surfing.

Pro Tip

There are not many amenities or facilities at Seagull Park Beach.

Consequently, ensure that you bring anything you and your traveling companions might require, such as towels, sunblock, and drinks.

  1. Hightower Beach Park — Satellite Beach

Beautiful Hightower Beach Park is well-kept by local authorities.

It features a beautiful sandy shoreline and some of the finest ocean views.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit Hightower Beach Park to take in the stunning scenery of Florida beaches.

You may unwind on the shoreline while enjoying the heat of the sun and the rhythm of the waves on this coastline.

Grab your board and plunge into the cool ocean while you spend the day surfing for a more enjoyable experience.

A Pro Tip

Hightower Beach Park has a small number of picnic sites.

Come sooner in the day if you want to enjoy your meals comfortably at a table.

  1. South Beach Park — Vero Beach

A well-known stretch of beach called South Beach Park has white sand, green areas, and ADA-accessible amenities.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit South Beach Park for a fantastic beach vacation you and your friends or relatives will never forget.

It has spacious areas where you can run around it and play entertaining beach activities, paved parking where you can leave your car conveniently, covered pavilions where you can eat your food away from the heat and sand, helpful lifeguards who are always willing to help, and much more.

Additionally, you can take part in activities like swimming, building sandcastles and sculptures, jogging along the boardwalk, and sunbathing.

A Pro Tip

Don’t feel like making a picnic out of the blue?

Do not worry since numerous vendors are selling a variety of delectable snacks and refreshing beverages for both you and your friends.

Should the need to eat pizza strike, there is a pizzeria close by.

  1. Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park Beach — Cocoa Beach

Within a well-known state park, Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park Beach is situated.

This picturesque coastline offers a beautifully planted backdrop and a wealth of entertaining options.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

With your traveling friends, have a terrific and exciting day at Robert P. Murkshe Memorial Park Beach.

Together, spend precious time building new experiences on this breathtaking beach.

Play a variety of fun beach activities, enjoy a picnic along the soft sand, go surfing, take a lot of family photos, and so much more.

A Pro Tip

If you want to have some beverages and delicious meals with your friends, go to The Pig & Whistle.

It is a British bar serving traditional fare and hydrating alcoholic beverages, including delectable hot dishes made with fresh seafood.

  1. James H. Nance Park Beach — Indialantic

James H. Nance Park Beach is a spotless stretch of shoreline with a few amenities and is close to eateries and retail establishments.

It is among the top beaches close to Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Locals love James H. Nance Park Beach, which is also a sanctuary for sea turtles.

The opportunity to observe the amazing sea turtles from either a respectable distance and observe them lay their eggs on the coast is available.

You can go for a beachside bike ride with your buddies, family, or romantic partner, build massive sandcastles, have a leisurely dip, play competitive beach volleyball, and do other activities.

A Pro Tip

If you don’t want to bring or don’t have your bulking water equipment, there are shops nearby. You can buy stuff there.

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