16 Hacks to Teach Students to Use Acceptable Letter Size While Writing

Are you looking for hacks to teach students to use acceptable letter size while writing? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the learner to correct their mistakes in letter size.

2. Draw boxes to indicate the size of specific letters in relationship to the lines on the paper.

3. Using tracing paper, have the learner trace over specific letters or words.

4. Give the learner clearly stated criteria for acceptable work (e.g., neatness, etc.).

5. Acknowledge quality work (e.g., display the learner’s work, congratulate the learner, etc.).

6. Give the learner the appropriate learning materials to finish the task (e.g., pencil with eraser, paper, dictionary, handwriting sample, etc.). Make sure that the learner has only those appropriate learning materials on the desk.

7. Teach the learner handwriting skills at each level before introducing a new skill level.

8. Inspect the learner’s work at several points throughout the task to make sure that the learner is making letters an appropriate size.

9. Using a sequence of dots, have the learner trace words or sentences.

10. Give the learner a number line and alphabet strip on the desk to use as a reference for the correct form of letters and numbers to lessen errors.

11. Give the learner various size pencils or pencil grip.

12. Assess the appropriateness of the task to determine (a) if the task is too easy, (b) if the task is too complicated, and (c) if the duration of time scheduled to finish the task is sufficient.

13. Praise the learner for using appropriate letter size when writing: (a) give the learner a concrete reward (e.g., privileges such as leading the line, handing out learning materials, 10 minutes of free time, etc.) or (b) give the learner an informal reward (e.g., praise, handshake, smile, etc.).

14. Get the learner’s vision reviewed if it has not been recently reviewed.

15. Utilize vertical lines or graph paper to help the learner space letters correctly.

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