16 Strategies for Teaching Students to Use Punctuation

Are you looking for strategies for teaching students to use punctuation? If so, keep reading.

1. After checking the learner’s work, require them to make all appropriate corrections in punctuation.

2. Inspect the learner’s work at several points throughout a task to make sure the learner is using punctuation when appropriate.

3. Display a chart of punctuation rules in front of the classroom.

4. Provide the learner a list of sentences in which the punctuation has been omitted. Get the learner to supply the correct punctuation with colored pencils.

5. Examine with the learner common punctuation rules before starting a creative writing learning experience.

6. Provide the learner a sequence of sentences representing all the punctuation rules. Get the learner to find the rules for each punctuation. Remove each sentence from the task when the learner can explain the rules for punctuation in the sentence.

7. Give the learner apps that gives practice and reinforcement in punctuating sentences and other creative writing tasks (e.g., addresses, letters, etc.).

8. Provide the learner sentences requiring them to fill in specific punctuation they are learning to use (e.g., periods, commas, question marks, etc.).

9. Make sure the learner receives instruction in the rules of punctuation (e.g., periods belong at the end of sentences, question marks are used when a question is asked, etc.).

10. Get the learner to take part in writing learning activities that should cause them to do as well as possible on punctuation and other writing skills (e.g., writing letters to a friend, rock star, famous athlete, etc.).

11. Teach the learner what all punctuation marks look like and their uses.

12. Get the learner to keep a list of basic rules of punctuation at their desk to use as a reference when writing (e.g., use a period at the end of a sentence, etc.).

13. Provide the learner a set of three cards: one with a period, one with a question mark, and one with an exclamation point. As you read a sentence to the learner, have them hold up the appropriate punctuation card.

14. Get the learner to practice correct punctuation on the smartboard by providing the learner with several sentences with errors. The learner is then expected to correct the punctuation errors and discuss them with the teacher.

15. Draft an agreement with the learner stipulating what behavior is required (e.g., using punctuation correctly) and which reinforcement will be implemented when the agreement has been met.

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