16 Strategies to Help Students Begin to Read Independently

Are you looking for strategies to help students begin to read independently? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the learner to be a peer tutor to teach younger students reading or to read orally to younger students.

2. Pair the class with a lower grade-level class weekly. Let each learner read to a younger child.

3. Make reading learning materials easily accessible to the learner in the classroom.

4. Make visiting the library an enjoyable weekly experience.

5. Integrate listening skills/techniques as part of the daily routine (schedule) in reading class (e.g., listening center where the learner reads along as a recording plays, the teacher reads to the learner, students read to each other, etc.).

6. Give memberships in paperback book clubs to the learner.

7. Urge interest in reading by having students share exciting things they have read.

8. Introduce a book sequence by an author that the learner finds enjoyable. Make these books available for the learner to read.

 9. To urge reading, make sure that the learner knows they are not reading for assessment purposes but for enjoyment.

10. Read excerpts of your favorite children’s books to entice the learner to read the same book.

11. Urge the learner to find books about various subjects being taught or discussed (e.g., when studying electricity, urge the learner to read a book about Thomas Edison, etc.).

12. Support the learner in discovering reading content that fits their interests and reading level. The learner may not be comfortable or able to find books by themselves in the library.

13. Record reading content for the learner to listen to as they read along.

14. Consider using AI to teach reading comprehension.

15. Consider using Alexa to teach reading skills.

16. Try using one of our many apps designed to teach literacy skills and help students with reading issues:

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