16 Strategies to Help Students Who Do Not Use Acceptable Letter Size While Writing

Are you looking for strategies to help students who do not use acceptable letter size while writing? If so, keep reading.

1. Inspect the learner’s posture. Get the learner to sit in a properly sized chair with feet touching the floor, their back pressed against the back of the chair, shoulders slightly inclined, arms resting comfortably on the desk, and elbows just off the edge of the desk.

2. Inspect the learner’s paper position. A right-handed person writing in cursive should tilt the paper to the left so the lower left-hand comer points toward the person’s midsection, and as the writing progresses the paper should shift, not the writing arm.

3. Inspect the learner’s pencil grasp. The pencil should be between the thumb and first two fingers, holding the instrument one inch from its tip.

4. Utilize paper that has a midline and a descender space.

5. Get the learner to find maximum, intermediate,and minimum letters to help them locate the correct placement of each group.

6. Make sure the learner is shifting their paper as the writing progresses.

7. Assess writing alignment by drawing a horizontal line across the tops of the letters that are to be of the same size.

8. Highlight lines on the paper as a reminder for the learner to make correct letter size.

9. Select a peer to model making letters an appropriate size when writing for the learner.

10. Give the learner samples of letters of an appropriate size for learning activities that require writing.

11. Give the learner an alphabet strip at their desk with letters the size they are to form.

12. Compose letters on the learner’s paper and have them trace them.

13. Compose letters on the learner’s paper in a broken line and have the learner connect the lines.

14. Using examples written on grid paper, have the learner copy the examples beneath them.

15. Darken the lines on the learner’s paper that are used for correct letter size.

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