16 Teacher Problems as Told by “Will & Grace” GIFs


Being a teacher is no easy task. With the ever-growing classroom size, pressure for students to perform well, and navigating the minefield of social interactions, it can be an emotional roller coaster. And what better way to express that roller coaster than through “Will & Grace” GIFs? Here are 16 relatable teacher problems as told by our favorite sitcom characters.

1. When you try to start class promptly, but your students keep trickling in late.

[Insert Will’s eye roll GIF]

2. The struggle of trying to keep a straight face while dealing with a student’s absurd excuse for not turning in their homework.

[Insert Grace’s laugh/smile control GIF]

3. That moment when you walk into the teacher’s lounge and find that someone anonymously left a box of donuts.

[Insert Jack’s celebratory dance GIF]

4. Keeping your cool during parent-teacher conferences when a parent tries to blame you for their child’s bad grade.

[Insert Karen’s dismissive eye roll GIF]

5. When you plan an amazing lesson, only to have a fire drill interrupt it halfway through.

[Insert Will’s frustrated head shake GIF]

6. When your more technologically savvy student shows you a quicker way to complete a task on your computer.

[Insert Grace’s surprise and embarrassment GIF]

7. The joyful wave of relief when the annual standardized testing week is finally over.

[Insert Jack’s happy jump GIF]

8. Trying not to look too excited when a student brings up a topic from the latest episode of your favorite TV show during class discussion.

[Insert Karen’s mischievous grin GIF]

9. Consoling yourself with chocolate after a particularly rough day of grading essays riddled with grammar errors.

[Insert Will eating ice cream GIF]

10. That feeling when you finally see a student who struggled grasp the concept you’ve been teaching.

[Insert Grace’s ecstatic applause GIF]

11. The dread that sets in as you realize summer break is over and it’s time to set up your classroom for a new school year.

[Insert Jack’s slow-motion “No” GIF]

12. Attempting to hear yourself think during indoor recess on a rainy day.

[Insert Karen with headphones GIF]

13. When you accidentally let out an unpopular opinion during a heated staff meeting.

[Insert Will’s “Oops” face GIF]

14. The pure joy of leaving work on the last day before Spring Break.

[Insert Grace’s victory dance GIF]

15. Trying to look engaged during yet another mandatory professional development seminar.

[Insert Jack’s fake enthusiasm GIF]

16. When a student gives you an unexpectedly heartfelt thank you at the end of the year, reminding you that it’s all worth it.

[Insert Karen wiping away a tear GIF]


Being a teacher may have its challenges, but it also has its rewarding moments. These 16 teacher problems perfectly captured by “Will & Grace” GIFs remind us of the hilarity and heart that come with this noble profession. And if laughter truly is the best medicine, then these relatable moments can help soothe even the most overwhelmed teacher’s soul.

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