16 Ways to Encourage Independent Reading

Are you looking for ways to encourage independent reading? If so, keep reading.

1. Give the learner high interest reading content that is also short in length so the learner can finish reading the content without difficulty.

2. Get the learner to read high interest signs, advertisements, notices, etc., from newspapers, magazines, movie promotions, etc.

3. Urge reading by highlighting an author a month. The teacher should disseminate information about a writer, read books written by the author, and have more titles written by the author available for independent reading.

4. Create a reading area in the classroom that is attractive to the learner (e.g., tent, bean bag chair, carpeted area, etc.).

5. When teaching a unit in a subject area, provide students with fiction or nonfiction books to share to spark their interest in reading.

6. Refrain from placing the learner in awkward reading skills (e.g., reading aloud in a group, identifying that the learner’s reading group is the lowest level, etc.).

7. Include predictable reading books in the class library. Predictability can make books more attractive to beginning readers and build confidence.

8. Make sure the learner is reading content on their capacity and ability level.

9. Get the learner to read lower grade-level stories to younger children to build their feelings of confidence relative to reading.

10. Give the learner many high interest reading learning materials (e.g., comic books, magazines relating to sports, fashion, etc.).

11. Expose the learner to learning materials with large print, as it can appear less intimidating to the learner who does not select to read.

12. Alter or adjust reading learning materials to the learner’s capacity and ability level.

13. Write periodic letters or notes to the learner and urge them to write back.

14. Consider using AI to teach reading comprehension.

15. Consider using Alexa to teach reading skills.

16. Try using one of our many apps designed to teach literacy skills and help students with reading issues:

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