16 Ways to Support Students Who Lose Their Place While Reading

Are you looking for ways to support students who lose their place while reading? If so, keep reading.

1. In a small cooperative learning setting, have the students point to all words as they are read orally. Get a learner to read just one sentence, then move automatically to the next learner without a break for discussion.

2. Widen the print the learner is reading.

3. Make sure that the learner’s knowledge of a particular skill is being assessed rather than the learner’s capacity and ability to read instructions.

4. Give extra time for the learner to read instructions.

5. Create a list of those words in which the learner makes omissions. Get the learner to practice reading these words.

6. Provide the learner extra time to read a selection more than once. Place emphasis on comprehension rather than speed.

7. Get the learner to point to every word read to hold their place.

8. Get the learner to point to syllables, words, etc., while reading to recognize omissions.

9. Get the learner to point to syllables, words, etc., as they read them to keep their place.

10. Utilize a highlighter to find crucial syllables, words, etc., for the learner. These words and phrases become the learner’s sight-word vocabulary.

11. Get the learner to outline, underline, or highlight essential information in printed learning materials.

12. Correct the learner’s omissions orally as often as possible so that they hear the correct version of the reading content.

13. Show the learner when they do not keep their place when reading what they did wrong, what should have been done, and why.

14. Consider using AI to teach reading comprehension.

15. Consider using Alexa to teach reading skills.

16. Try using one of our many apps designed to teach literacy skills and help students with reading issues:

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