16 Ways to Teach Students to Find the Main Idea and Topic Sentence of a Story

Are you looking for ways to teach students to find the main idea and topic sentence of the story? If so, keep reading.

1. Get the learner to be a peer tutor to teach another learner a concept they have learned. This can serve as reinforcement for the learner.

2. Give practice in identifying the topic sentence and/or the main idea using an app that gives the learner instant feedback.

3. Make sure the learner has mastery of reading ideas at each level before introducing a new skill level.

4. Make sure the learner is not required to learn more information than they are capable of learning at any time.

5. Minimize the emphasis on competition. Competitive learning activities may cause the learner to hurry and commit errors.

6. Minimize the amount of information on a page if it is causing visual distractions for the learner (e.g., have less print to read, isolate information that is presented to the learner).

7. Spotlight essential information the learner reads (e.g., instructions, tasks, etc.).

8. Provide the learner time to read a selection more than once, emphasizing comprehension rather than speed.

9. Separate at several points during the presentation of information to check the learner’s comprehension.

10. Utilize reading sequence learning materials with high interest (e.g., adventures, romances, my stories, athletics, etc.) and low vocabulary.

11. Compose paragraphs and short stories requiring skills the learner is presently developing. The passages must be of interest to the learner using their name, family members, friends, pets, and exciting experiences.

12. Make sure that the reading requirements of all subjects and tasks are within the capacity and ability level of the learner. If not, modify or adjust the reading content to the learner’s capacity and ability level.

13. Minimize the amount of content the learner reads at one time (e.g., lessen reading content to individual sentences or one paragraph, etc.). As the learner shows success, slowly increase the amount of content.

14. Consider using AI to teach reading comprehension.

15. Consider using Alexa to teach reading skills.

16. Try using one of our many apps designed to teach literacy skills and help students with reading issues:

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