16 World Kindness Day Classroom Activities to Help Inspire Children

On 16 World Kindness Day, let’s get our classrooms ready to celebrate! Here are some fun activities to get the kids excited about the day.

  1. Have a “kindness jar” in your classroom where children can drop coins or other tokens to show they have behaved kindly.
  2. Have children write down examples of kind deeds they’ve done throughout the year. Display the lists in the classroom or share them during the day.
  3. Have a “kindness auction” where children can bid on items they’d like to receive as a token of kindness.
  4. Have a “kindness garden” where children can plant seeds of kindness and watch them grow.
  5. Have a “kindness relay” where participants must complete a series of challenges, such as passing a ball through a hoop, in order to receive a gift from a classmate.
  6. Have a “kindness tournament” where students can compete to see who can perform the biggest act of kindness.
  7. Have a “kindness party” where everyone gets to play a kind game or activity.
  8. Have a “kindness assembly” where children stand up and share something kind they’ve done that day.
  9. Have a “kindness breakfast” where everyone eats breakfast with a kind intention in mind.
  10. Have a “kindness dance party” where children get to groove to some kind of tunes.
  11. Have a “kindness spelling bee” where students compete in spelling words using kindness as their theme.
  12. Have a “kindness scavenger hunt” where children must find items that represent kindness, such as balloons, candy, or stickers.
  13. Have a “kindness piñata” where children can smash it open to get goodies for being kind.
  14. Have a “kindness carnival” where children can enjoy games, treats, and activities that promote kindness.
  15. Have a “kindness movie night” where everyone gets to watch a kind movie.
  16. Celebrate 16 World Kindness Day by doing something special for every child in your class!
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