17 Best Beaches in India — Top Public Beach Spots!

India is such a fascinating place to visit because of its many different cultures and colorful holidays.

Watching exciting Bollywood movies and indulging in mouthwatering Indian food are two of the top things to do in India.

Spending the day at one of the nation’s premier beaches is another activity that you will undoubtedly appreciate.

Not sure where to begin?

Check this list of India’s top beaches you must visit.

  1. Gokarna — Karnataka

A little village called Gokarna may be found on India’s west coast, bordering the Arabian Sea.

Most people recognize it for its holy temple.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The serene and unspoiled beaches of Gokarna are the perfect spot to unwind.

The beaches here are less developed and congested than those in Goa, which have a hip and fashionable attitude.

Om Beach and Half Moon Beach are a couple of the beaches you should check out while you’re here.

Even from the latter, a trail might be hiked.

Expert Tip

Getting ready for a journey?

One final beach in Gokarna is only accessible by boat or on foot. The fine sand, crystal-clear waters, and rocky surrounding Paradise Beach make it the ideal beach retreat. Just return to Half Moon Beach on foot before the sun sets.

  1. Tarkarli — Maharashtra

The western part of the state of Maharashtra is the village of Tarkarli.

It is one of India’s most visited beaches.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Sea lovers and ardent explorers will undoubtedly appreciate their trip to Tarkarli.

The locals enjoy going diving at this beach.

It is a hotspot for magnificent coral reefs that you can explore by scuba diving.

Expert Tip

There are other activities besides diving at Tarkarli.

You can also soak your toes in the ocean while lounging in the fine sand.

You might even have a chance to see playful dolphins in the water.

  1. Kapu — Karnataka

In the Karnataka state’s Udupi district is the town of Kapu. Near the coast, it provides stunning views of the Arabian Sea.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Kapu’s picturesque scenery is a compelling reason to visit this small town.

It’s an amazing location for seeing the Arabian Sea.

Despite the seeming invitingness of the waters, swimming is not advised at this beach.

Even if you are a skilled swimmer, the waves on this beach tend to be harsher, which can be dangerous.

Expert Tip

Make sure to climb Kapu Lighthouse for an even more breathtaking panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.

As you ascend, the steps become narrower and steeper, so go cautiously.

Doing this early in the day is preferable, giving you more time to take in the view.

  1. Bekal — Kerala

On Kerala’s west coast, in the Kasaragod district, is the little beach town of Bekal.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Tourists love the Bekal Beach backwaters for their unmatched natural beauty.

It offers an amazing view of the Arabian Sea, with waving palm trees, golden beaches, and distant rocky outcrops.

You may be sure that this beach will produce breathtaking shots when it comes to photo shoots.

Expert Tip

The nearby beachside Bekal Fort is another well-known destination in the city.

You can explore more than 40 acres of this breathtaking location, which includes tunnels and tanks.

  1. Palolem — Goa

One of the most well-liked Indian beaches for international visitors is Palolem Beach in South Goa.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Palolem in South Goa is a popular choice regarding attractive shorefront options.

Anyone who visits will be enticed by its forest of coconut palm palms, exquisite white sand beaches, and spectacular waterways.

Expert Tip

Where you go on Palolem Beach will greatly impact how much fun you have on your trip.

Family activities are ideal at the beachfront’s quieter north end.

But let’s say you go out to meet people and have fun.

In that circumstances, Palolem Beach’s center and southern end are livelier and more developed commercially.

  1. Rushikonda — Andhra Pradesh

On the Bay of Bengal’s coasts, Visakhapatnam is home to Rushikonda Beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

A seaside city with beautiful shorelines all over, Andhra Pradesh.

Rushikonda Beach is one of its most popular attractions today.

This undeveloped beach boasts spectacular surf and beautiful sand shorelines.

If you love participating in water activities like swimming, windsurfing, and water skiing, here is the place for you.

Expert Tip

Not athletic?

It’s alright. Everyone can enjoy Rushikonda Beach.

This shorefront is ideal for its ambiance and vistas if you’d prefer to unwind on the sand simply.

  1. Puri — Odisha

The city of Puri is located in the eastern Indian state of Odisha.

It can be found along the Bay of Bengal coast.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The Puri shoreline’s golden sand beach is a great place to unwind and hang out.

There is a lengthy stretch of sand for strolling and calm Bay of Bengal waters for wading.

Additionally, this beach is well-known for its amazing sand sculpture displays.

Expert Tip

Visit other places while in Puri, such as the revered temples of Shri Jagannath and Shree Gundicha.

  1. Anjuna — North Goa

Anjuna’s little village in North Goa is well known for its wild parties and vibrant nightlife.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Even when the sun sets, the joy continues. Anjuna Beach is unquestionably glitzy at night.

The shorefront is lined with many nightclubs and pubs where you may party till the sun comes up.

Top DJs will be performing their tunes at this beach, and there will be delicious food and beverages, so you’re sure to have fun there.

Expert Tip

The daytime at Anjuna Beach is as exciting because many water activities are available.

Jet-skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, and even banana boat rides are all options.

  1. Mandarmani — West Bengal

Mandarmani is a vacation town located in the Bay of Bengal’s northern region.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The best option for the safest beach for kids on your trip is Mandarmani in West Bengal.

It is renowned for having still, calm waters ideal for young children to wade in.

Another feature is that kids will enjoy playing on the beach’s expansive sandy coastlines.

Expert Tip

There are numerous tiny red crabs on the beach in Mandarmani, so don’t be alarmed.

They would attempt to flee from you and are typically harmless.

Don’t let them discourage you from exploring this stunning shoreline.

  1. Minicoy — Lakshadweep

Minicoy is an island in the Lakshadweep archipelago in the Arabian Sea, or Maliku as the inhabitants refer to it.

It has one of the nation’s most beautiful beaches.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Are you up for a thrilling nautical voyage?

Set sail for Minicoy, an island with a crescent form.

When you get there, the waters will be the clearest blue, and the sand will be powder white.

When you set foot in Minicoy, it’s simple to believe that you’re in paradise.

Expert Tip

Don’t miss the traditional dances performed on this island by the natives.

Some of them might be visible to you, including lava, thaara, fuli, bandiya, and dandi.

  1. Tharangambadi — Tamil Nadu

Indian town Tharangambadi, formerly known as Tranquebar, is located in the Mayiladuthurai district.

It is situated on the Coromandel coast.

Why We Recommend This Beach

A stunning location where you may enjoy a wide-ranging view of the sea is Tharangambadi Beach.

Unlike other beaches in the nation, it has a mystical atmosphere created by its dark sand, rocky shoreline, and foamy waves.

You’ll enjoy using this location to take original images.

Expert Tip

The Dansborg Fort, a historic Danish fort located directly behind the shore, adds to Tharangambadi Beach’s mysterious atmosphere.

While in the area, stop by this 17th-century structure turned museum.

  1. Arambol — North Goa

One of Goa’s top beaches, Arambol Beach, is among India’s nicest beaches.

Between Mandrem Beach and Keri Beach, to be precise.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The picturesque vistas from Arambol Beach will enchant photographers.

With the mountain on one side and the gorgeous sea on the other, it’s the ideal location for photographs.

There is just no improper approach you may choose.

Expert Tip

If you become weary, thirsty, or hungry, don’t worry.

You may eat and drink at many coastal cafés and restaurants in Goa.

  1. Varkala — Kerala

The Arabian Sea is far from the South Indian town of Varkala.

It is without a doubt one of the nicest beaches in this country of South Asia to visit.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Without being too remote, you want to be near the natural world.

The beach at Varkala achieves a wonderful balance between convenience and leisure.

It is undeniably less crowded than other beaches in the country.

The restaurants and stores are nearby.

Expert Tip

Kappil Beach in Varkala is the best place to catch a fiery orange sunset.

When the sun ultimately sets, choose a beach area early and have a drink ready.

  1. Radhanagar — Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Havelock Island, a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is home to Radhanagar Beach.

It is regarded by many as India’s most beautiful secluded beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Let’s say you want to enter the water. Some say the best swimming beach in India is Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island.

The water is serene and peaceful here, making swimming an ideal activity.

Additionally, this beach does not permit water activities, so you won’t have to worry about being run over.

Expert Tip

The short swimming season at Radhanagar Beach is a drawback.

Only after 8 AM and before 4 PM are swimming hours.

Arrive as early as possible if you want to make the most of your time.

  1. Agonda — South Goa

Agonda is a community in South Goa famous for its picturesque Arabian Sea shoreline.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Due to its stunning beaches, Goa is a relatively well-liked vacation spot.

The numerous tourists nearby might quickly pack the shorelines.

Agonda’s beachfront is typically less busy than Goa’s other beaches.

Agonda Beach is ideal if you want to unwind and enjoy a beautiful ocean view.

Expert Tip

Agonda Beach is a great location for relaxing and sunbathing.

You can swim in the sea as well.

You might even see sea turtles laying their eggs if you’re on the beach at the correct time.

  1. Mamallapuram — Tamil Nadu

Mamallapuram, commonly known as Mahabalipuram, is a town in Tamil Nadu in the southeast of India.

It is situated halfway between the Great Salt Lake and the Bay of Bengal.

Why We Recommend This Beach

One of India’s oldest cities is Mahabalipuram which provides a range of historical activities.

Its stunning shorefront with miles of sandy shoreline is a terrific place to unwind if you only have a moment.

Expert Tip

The beach here is merely a stopover on your journey.

Visit amazing places like the Sir Sai Subhi Cab temples and the Shore Temple from the eighth century.

  1. Ganpatipule — Maharashtra

A small seaside town in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district is called Ganpatipule.

Aare Ware Beach and Ganpatipule Beach are the two most famous beaches.

Why We Recommend This Beach

This adorable tiny hamlet is home to one of India’s top beaches.

While here, you may participate in thrilling water sports like scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat riding, and even motor gliding.

Expert Tip

Riding a camel right on the coastlines is one of the enjoyable things you can do in Ganapatipule Beach if you’re seeking a truly unusual experience.

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