17 Best Beaches in Miami, FL — Top Public Beach Spots!

Miami is among the top beach locations in the country.

This thriving city, also known as The Magic City, is the ideal destination for a leisurely getaway with loved ones, friends, or significant others.

Miami beaches are adored by locals and visitors alike for their convenience, crystal-clear water, fine, fluffy sand, and myriad fun activities.


I carefully selected some of Miami, Florida’s top beaches so you can create the perfect trip with your traveling companions.

  1. Lummus Park Beach

An urban park and beach called Lummus Park Beach cover around 74 acres.

One of Miami’s busiest beaches is this one.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Lummus Park Beach has a beautiful white sand beach, glistening turquoise water, a grassy space, and a variety of services.

This is a family-friendly seashore with two parks, one for toddlers and the other for older children, to keep the kids busy.

Playing beach volleyball, relaxing on the sandy shore, building sandcastles with your kids, taking a stroll, and bathing in the cool ocean are just a few of the enjoyable activities you may take part in here.

Additionally, there are numerous attentive lifeguards on duty at this beach who will keep an eye out for you and your tribe’s safety.

A Pro Tip

There are gazebos you may rent near the ocean if you’re going to Lummus Park to enjoy a particular occasion, like a birthday. This will provide you with a more intimate and private atmosphere.

They must be scheduled in advance.

  1. South Pointe Park Beach

Near downtown Miami, South Pointe Park Beach is a convenient location.

There is a fishing pier there as well as vibrant lifeguard towers and a restaurant and cafe close by.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Probably visit South Pointe Park Beach if you’re seeking great beaches in Miami where you may engage in a variety of enjoyable activities with your friends.

The facilities at this beach include spotless toilets and bathrooms, a splash area for youngsters, and attentive and helpful lifeguards.

You can engage in a variety of enjoyable activities here, like surfing, fishing, watersports, competitive volleyball with your pals, watching cruise ships go by, swimming in the clear sea, tanning, and much more.

You may purchase drinks, such as juice, and delicious foods, like ice cream, at the South Pointe Cafe, which is located on the property of South Pointe Park Beach.

A Pro Tip

For a modest cost, you can hire beach loungers and umbrellas at South Pointe Park Beach for a more sedate experience.

On sweltering summer afternoons when you need protection from the sun, it is ideal.

  1. Haulover Park Beach

A premier shoreline of its sort in the world, Haulover Park Beach is a nudist beach.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit Haulover Park Beach with your pals for a pleasant beach trip.

You can engage in a variety of fun activities here, including kite flying, tanning, volleyball on the sand, fishing, boating, and more.

There are plenty of amenities at Haulover Park Beach, including a big parking lot where you can conveniently park your car, a boat launch where you can release your boat, food vendors selling wonderful snacks, barbecue grills where you can prepare juicy hamburgers, and much more.

A Pro Tip

Even though Haulover Park Beach is a fantastic area to hang out with your friends, if you have time, spend a few hours exploring the remainder of the park.

A dog park, sports facilities, a 9-hole country club, and many more amenities are available.

  1. Matheson Hammock Park Beach

One of Miami’s nicest beaches is Matheson Hammock Park Beach.

It contains a man-made lagoon pool with fine white sand and huge palm palms surrounding it.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Are you trying to find a kid-friendly beach in Miami?

The beach in Matheson Hammock Park is your best bet if you are.

A man-made lagoon pool with shallow, gentle water and no strong currents is available in addition to lifeguards who are on call at all times.

Here, you won’t have to worry about just a strong wave appearing out of nowhere as your kids play freely in the cold water.

At Matheson Hammock Park Beach, there are many enjoyable things to do.

As an illustration, kiteboarding, stand-up paddling, kayaking, canoeing, and, more.

A Pro Tip

A full-service marina is located in the northernmost part of Matheson Hammock Park Beach.

You can rent water sports equipment here.

The marina also houses Castle Harbour Boat School, where you may take training in power boating and other topics.

  1. South Beach

One of the best beaches in Miami is South Beach, a stylish and modern stretch of shoreline.

There are unending vistas of the Atlantic Ocean from there.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit South Beach with your pals or your significant other for a carefree and enjoyable day.

This beautiful beachfront has helpful and courteous lifeguards, clean showers and facilities, and a parking space close by so it’s simple to find and return to your vehicle.

Searching for the greatest beaches close to Miami is pointless because South Beach is an incredible location where you can spend a fun-filled day engaging in a variety of enjoyable activities.

There are numerous activities available, including jet skiing, beach volleyball, kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

A Pro Tip

South Beach becomes alive at night with a tonne of local nightclubs.

After a fantastic day at the beach, linger a bit longer and you may indulge in delectable cocktails and a lively party.

  1. 85th Street Beach

A serene beach day is ideal at 85th Street Beach, which has a calm and beautiful shoreline.

One of the few beaches without hotels all around it.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

If you’re looking for the best swimming beach in Miami, 85th Street Beach is the place to go.

There are no little rocks or fragments of coral at 85th Street Beach, which means the water is generally tranquil and the bottom is soft sand.

Additionally, 85 Street Beach is less crowded than the majority of Miami’s beaches, making it simpler for you to swim in the ocean and keep an eye on your kids.

You and your traveling companions will have additional security thanks to the numerous lifeguards patrolling this shoreline.

A Pro Tip

Search for Collins Avenue and Bal Harbor Beach if you’re having trouble finding the beach.

They are the nearest points of interest to 85th Street Beach.

  1. Virginia Key Beach

A magnificent sandy beach with tall palm trees, crystal-clear water, and breathtaking beachfront views can be found at Virginia Key Beach.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Take a break from your routines and travel to Virginia Key Beach for the ideal beach vacation.

Make new moments with family or friends when you swim in the crystal-clear water, create in the sand, and soak up the sun.

Multiple facilities are available at this beach, including a picnic area in which you can enjoy your meals in comfort, a parking lot that is conveniently accessible, beautiful walking trails in which you can take a stroll, and numerous spotless restrooms and showers.

A Pro Tip

You can rent a day’s worth of colorful beachfront cabins at Virginia Key Beach.

If you want to spend some alone time with friends or family, it is a fantastic option.

  1. 21st–45th Street Beach

One of Miami’s top beaches is located at 21st-45th Street Beach.

It is a well-liked tourist attraction because it is adjacent to a lot of top-notch hotels and beach resorts.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

The best option if you’re looking for the ideal beach that’s close to a lot of fantastic hotels and resorts is 21st-45th Street Beach.

The vast and open shoreline of this stunning beach, which is bordered by upscale hotels, allows you to engage in a variety of activities.

A spacious parking lot with reasonable prices, showers with which to rinse off the sand and saltwater, picnic tables with which to enjoy your packed lunches, and an art deco food shack serving a variety of delectable delicacies, such fruit popsicles, are just a few of the pleasures it offers.

A Pro Tip

See the Bass Museum of Art, which is close to 21st-45th Street Beach and can be reached in a few minutes, before returning home.

It is an excellent and fashionable art gallery with spectacular displays.

  1. Crandon Park Beach

Within a large park, Crandon Park Beach is a breathtaking stretch of coastline with countless opportunities for entertainment for people of all ages.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Do you want to maximize your beach vacation by engaging in a variety of enjoyable activities with your pals, partner, or family?

If you do, I strongly advise going to Crandon Park Beach.

Numerous activities can be enjoyed at this stunning beach.

You can wakeboard, sail, windsurf, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, and kiteboard, and engage in a plethora of other activities.

If you want to unwind, you can choose to lounge on the soft beach and get a tan or remind at a cabana and take in the scenery while reading a novel or listening to music.

A Pro Tip

There are more enjoyable activities nearby, so take some time to visit the remainder of Crandon Park.

You can take a nature walk, compete in a tennis match, play a leisurely round of golf, and dine at a restaurant.

  1. Oleta River State Park Beach

The lovely Oleta River State Park Beachfront is encircled by mangroves and marshes.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit the beach at Oleta River State Park if you want to enjoy nature at its best.

This gorgeous beach has soft, sparkling water ideal for fly-boarding, paddle-boarding, surfing, and kayaking, as well as a sandy beachfront where you may unwind, sunbathe, or build sandcastles.

Oleta River State Park Beach provides standard facilities such as pavilions, outdoor showers, various change rooms, and picnic tables and barbecues where you may make your meals. These facilities also allow for a more intimate gathering.

A Pro Tip

You can rent water sports equipment at Oleta River State Park Beach, so there’s no need to bring your cumbersome gear with you.

Equipment rentals include kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and pontoon boats.

  1. Homestead Bayfront Park Beach

A bustling and dynamic beach may be found at Homestead Bayfront Park Beach.

Boat ramps, a calm sea, an atoll swimming, a full-service dock, and more can be found there. It also has a sugary white beach.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

A fun-filled day at Homestead Bayfront Park Beach with your family or friends is one of the greatest things to do in Miami.

This beach features an atoll lagoon where kids may swim without being hindered by rip currents or waves if you’re traveling with kids.

The perfect place to soak up the sun and play around in the water is this beach.

Fishing and taking gorgeous boat rides are some of the things you can do here.

A Pro Tip

At Herbert Hoover Marina, you can refuel your watercraft if you’re bringing one.

At the marina, you can also purchase necessities like fishing bait.

  1. Bal Harbour Beach

Bal Harbour Beach is a stunning stretch of coastline with turquoise waves, smooth, fluffy sand, a grassy space, and additional amenities to make your beach vacation more comfortable and convenient.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Visit Bal Harbour Beach to catch a peek of heaven.

The water, sand, and sun may all be enjoyed at this lovely beach.

You can unwind by the water and sunbathe, gather unusual seashells, sculpt in the sand, take a stroll, and more.

You and your traveling companions can go kayaking and jet skiing for a good time on the ocean.

A Pro Tip

Visit the posh and trendy Bal Harbour Shops after seeing Bal Harbour Beach.

The best location for shopping is there where high-end fashion stores like Chanel, Parada, and Gucci are available.

  1. North Shore Open Space Park Beach

Among the numerous stunning beaches in Miami, Florida, North Shore Open Space Park Beach is a big favorite.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Spend quality time at North Shore Open Space Park Beach catching up with your traveling friends.

Together, you can spend a good time here kayaking, paddling, swimming, surfing, and playing beach volleyball in a friendly competition.

You can choose to unwind by lying by the water and reading a book while getting some sun.

If you want to enjoy a beach with fewer people, North Shore Open Space Park Beach is one of the greatest places to go because it is less marketed than Miami’s other beaches.

A Pro Tip

The North Shore Open Space Park is a great place to bike.

If you do have time, make a quick diversion to this picturesque park, hire a bike, and take in the view as you ride.

  1. Hobie Island Beach

Hobie Island Beach, sometimes called Windsurfer Beach, is indeed a stunning stretch of coastline distinguished by calm, shallow water, close-by hotels, and entertaining activities.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

The best location to practice windsurfing is Hobie Island Beach.

You can sign up for windsurfing lessons along this seashore if you don’t already know how.

Along with these activities, you can go sailing, paddleboarding, tanning, beachcombing, etc.

This coastline features amenities like clean, well-kept bathrooms and restrooms as well as beachside picnic tables that are ideal for enjoying your wonderful snacks while taking in the view.

A Pro Tip

Hobie Island Beach welcomes pets, so you won’t have to worry about abandoning your four-legged family members behind.

The only requirement is that you always keep your animals on a leash and clean their mess.

  1. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

William Baggs The 1.25-mile-long Cape Florida State Park Beach is stunning and features beautiful water, excellent sand, a tall lighthouse, and a tonne of amenities.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Beach is a fantastic place to spend time with loved ones and has a blast.

As you engage in sports like kayaking, canoeing, hydro-biking, and more, you’ll bond and make memories.

Due to an offshore reef, the surf is usually calm here, making it an excellent area for your kids to go swimming.

This lovely coastline has tables and chairs where you can eat your meals, beach loungers, and a neighboring playground where your children can play when they need a break from swimming.

A Pro Tip

I advise visiting the Lighthouse Café if you’re seeking a spot to eat.

It provides a cozy, relaxed environment with stunning scenery of the Atlantic Ocean.

  1. North Beach Oceanside Park Beach

The beach at North Beach Oceanside Park is lovely and peaceful.

It has a wide shoreline and a lot of attractions for a relaxing beach vacation.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

If you wish to take advantage of a serene and soothing escape, I highly suggest taking into account North Beach Oceanside Park Beach.

The vast shoreline of this beach is ideal for lounging, sunning, burying your kids in the sand, and building enormous sandcastles.

Compared to other Miami beaches, this serene shoreline is less congested and provides the ideal setting for an intimate get-together with friends, family, or your spouse.

A Pro Tip

Take a break at North Beach Oceanside Park once you’ve had your fill of the beach.

Here, you may have a nice barbecue or grill burgers, take your dog for a stroll, or enjoy a picnic.

  1. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach has a white beach shoreline, a clear cerulean ocean, and backdrops of high palm trees.

Reasons for Our Favorite Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach is one of Miami, Florida’s top beaches.

The local government takes excellent care of and maintains this shoreline.

Numerous activities, including windsurfing, jet-skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and much more, are available.

If you decide to stay near the water, you can enjoy activities like beach volleyball, tanning, sand sculptures, and many other enjoyable pursuits.

A Pro Tip

During the holidays, Fort Lauderdale Beach may get very busy and crowded.

Off-seasons and holidays are the ideal times to visit the beach.

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