17 Best Beaches in Tampa, FL

Tampa is a Florida city with numerous attractions for people of all ages.

In addition to thrilling amusement parks, fantastic zoos, and being the center of Cuban-American culture, Tampa also features beautiful beaches.

Enjoy miles and miles of pristine coastline with sandy beaches and clear water.

Plan your trip with this list of the top beaches in Tampa, Florida.

  1. Ben T. Davis Beach – Tampa City

Ben T. Davis Beach is the first beach you will encounter after leaving Tampa International Airport.

Why We Recommend This Beach

There is a good reason why this beach is so well-liked by Tampa locals and visitors alike.

Because of its soft, white sand and tranquil waves, it is a popular destination for locals and tourists.

It’s the longest stretch of sand on Tampa Bay and a popular place to watch the sun go down.

Expert Tip

It is simple to ride a bicycle to and from this coastline.

The Courtney Campbell Trail is easily accessible from this location.

Those who choose to ride their bikes the entire length of the trail will encounter four miles of challenging terrain.

  1. Apollo Beach Nature Preserve – Hillsborough County

The 63-acre Apollo Beach Nature Preserve is home to numerous aquatic species.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The 7-acre recreation area within the preserve is ideal for animal lovers and ocean enthusiasts to spend the day.

It is one of the best beaches in Tampa, even though swimming is prohibited.

You can sunbathe and eat on the 2-acre sandy beach, ascend the observation tower, and engage in beach fishing.

Expert Tip

If you’ve had enough of one of the most excellent beaches in Tampa, visit the short nature trail within the nature preserve.

  1. Madeira Beach – Pinellas County

Madeira Beach, a city in Pinellas County, is located around 27 miles from Tampa Bay.

It has some of the most fantastic beaches close to Tampa.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit this adjacent city for a massive dose of Vitamin Sea.

Madeira Beach is a popular location for enjoying the sun and sea.

In addition to spending the day swimming in the beach’s calm waters, guests also enjoy fishing along its 2.5-mile stretch.

Expert Tip

Make the most of the 1,100-foot boardwalk at Madeira Beach.

Visit the area’s array of stores and restaurants.

It’s a terrific place to spend the evening.

  1. Caladesi State Park – Dunedin

Clearwater’s uninhabited island of Caladesi is only 27 miles (about 40 minutes) from Tampa.

Why We Recommend This Beach

When visiting the gorgeous beaches of Caladesi Island, soak up as much natural beauty as possible.

It is one of the few uninhabited islands on the Gulf Coast and is only accessible by boat.

It is the ideal place to swim without dealing with enormous people.

You’ll feel like you’re living on a lonely island.

Expert Tip

You can also kayak through the mangrove jungle in addition to spending some time on the sandy beaches.

Even the historic Scharrer Homestead can be reached along the nature route.

  1. Sunset Beach – Treasure Island

Sunset Beach is accessible from the northernmost point of Treasure Island in St. Petersburg.

Tampa is only 30 miles away.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Sunset Beach is one of the most aesthetically pleasing beaches in the Tampa Bay region.

It is a well-known beach destination that welcomes all beachgoers.

Therefore, this beach is particularly popular with the LGBT community in the area.

You will love swimming as well as viewing the sunset from the shore.

Expert Tip

Additionally, Sunset Beach is home to numerous exciting residences and tiki huts.

Include them as a backdrop in your photographs.

Additionally, there are numerous seaside pubs in the region.

  1. Archibald Beach Park

Archibald Beach Park is located on Madeira Beach when taking a day trip to St. Petersburg from Tampa.

Why We Recommend This Beach

The Madeira Beach beachfront is a popular weekend destination for many locals and visitors due to its extensive stretch of good sand and blue ocean.

The region is excellent for relaxing and spending the day unwinding, thanks to its tranquil views.

Expert Tip

From this beach, the sunsets are spectacular.

However, there are other times to visit.

Also permitted are early morning walks and jogs.

The rhythmic swishes and swooshes of the waves are excellent background music even before the beachside shops open.


  1. St. Pete Beach – Long Key Island

St. Pete Beach is close to St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa and is located in Pinellas County.

Its proximity to Tampa Bay makes it one of the most excellent beaches in Tampa, Florida.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Do you enjoy the sun at the beach?

Most of the time, St. Pete Beach is an excellent place to soak up some vitamin D.

Unwind and unwind on its white sand beaches or cool yourself in the Gulf of Mexico waters.

Expert Tip

When you visit St. Pete’s Beach, include a stop at one of the many fantastic beach bars.

There are numerous options available so you won’t miss out on their delicious cuisines.

  1. Sand Key Park

Sand Key Park is an island barrier located south of Clearwater Beach.

Many locals and visitors consider it the safest beach for children in the Tampa area.

Why We Recommend This Beach

If you find Clearwater Beach too busy for your tastes, head to nearby Sand Key Park.

This picturesque and tranquil beachfront features breathtaking ocean views with all the necessary conveniences for your family’s pleasure.

You can swim, construct sandcastles, or simply relax on the beach

Additionally, children can play on the playground, while your dog can remain in the dog park.

Expert Tip

Sand Key Park is a well-known nesting site for endangered sea turtles.

In the salt marsh, you can observe a few endangered birds nesting.

  1. Indian Rocks – Pinellas County

Indian Rocks is about 27 miles from Tampa, only 35 minutes away by car.

It is also close to Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy three miles of unspoiled Gulf of Mexico shoreline.

The beaches at Indian Rocks are recognized worldwide for their breathtaking vistas and breathtaking sunsets

With over 27 entry points along Gulf Boulevard alone, this location is also quite accessible.

Expert Tip

In addition to being a quieter option than the main beaches in the area, Indian Rocks Beach is also close to modest restaurants.

You can always visit one of the neighboring eateries if you forget to take a picnic.

  1. Honeymoon Island State Park – Dunedin

Honeymoon Island in Dunedin is close to Clearwater Beach and Saint Joseph Sound.

This is one of the most delightful day trips from Tampa to this state park.

Why We Recommend This Beach

When you visit Honeymoon Island, you may enjoy four miles of pristine sand beaches.

You may remain, put up your chair, and swim in the tranquil waters.

Alternatively, you can explore the three-mile pine forest walk.

Expert Tip

While seated on the sand, observe the sky.

Eagles, ospreys, and owls may be seen flying around.

A glance at the ground may reveal armadillos, raccoons, and tortoises.

  1. Pine Key Island

Pine Key Island’s remoteness makes it one of the most excellent beaches in Tampa.

It is located in Tampa Bay, close to Apollo Beach.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Pine Key (aka Beer Can Island) is the ideal place to visit if you want to experience being on a lonely island.

The island is only 23,6 acres in size and boasts more than 2 acres of magnificent white sand coastline

The 74-foot-long floating tiki barge is always stocked with refreshing drinks and delicious food, making it an excellent venue for a party.

Expert Tip

If you are bringing a boat, you should arrive early.

Due to its increasing popularity, Pine Key Island can quickly become packed with boats.

  1. John’s Pass – Pinellas County

John’s Pass is located near Treasure Island and is a portion of Madeira Beach.

Tampa is about 30 miles away, or a 36-minute trip.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Visit John’s Pass if you want to swim at the most fantastic beach in Tampa or nearby.


You might choose this easy but enjoyable pastime or head to the marina for more thrilling options.


Enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking, and parasailing surrounding John’s Pass.

Also available are boat rentals, excursions, and fishing charters.

Expert Tip

Additionally, John’s Pass contains an outdoor shopping and dining area.

From the waterfront, you have access to over a thousand stores and eateries

From tropical bars to seafood restaurants that welcome families, there is always something for everyone.

  1. Clearwater Beach – Pinellas County

Honeymoon Island State Park and Bellair Beach are close to Clearwater Beach in Pinellas County.

Tampa is about 25 miles away and a 35-minute commute.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Due to its clean appearance, Clearwater Beach is considered one of the most excellent beaches in Tampa (and adjacent areas).

The beach’s clean feel adds enchantment to its natural beauty, and visitors value this aspect.

Expert Tip

Visit Pier 60, one of the beach’s most popular attractions.

This 1100-foot pier is ideal for those who enjoy fishing

A local shop even sells bait and lends fishing equipment.

  1. Pass a Grille Beach – Long Key Island

Pass-a-Grille Beach is located near Shell Key Preserve on the southernmost edge of St. Pete Beach.

Tampa is 31 miles away and a short 32-minute drive away.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Pass-a-Grille Beach is home to Old Florida beaches, where you may relax and take it easy.

Here, you will appreciate the four-mile stretch of pristine Gulf Coast shoreline.

You may swim and snorkel to your heart’s delight during your stay.

Even a romantic sunset cruise along the beach is possible.

Expert Tip

Take a quick excursion to Shell Key, where you may go snorkeling or shell searching if you have the time.

You may also observe dolphins playing in the water.

  1. Redington Beach – Pinellas County

Redington Beach in Pinellas County is located at Madeira Beach’s northernmost point.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Redington Beach is close to a predominantly residential neighborhood.

Despite having public beach access ramps, Madeira Beach is favored by many visitors.

If you are seeking leisure and relaxation, there is no better spot than Redington Beach.

When you’re at the beach, it’s so simple to spend the day relaxing under an umbrella.

Expert Tip

Want to experience more local flavor?

You can mingle with the locals when you visit this area near Redington Beach.

  1. Fred Howard Park

The view from Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs towards Saint Joseph Sound.

Honeymoon Island State Park is located about 20 miles or 47 minutes by car from Tampa.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Enjoy touring Fred Howard Park’s 155 acres.

You can choose to spend the day at the beach, where you can swim and sunbathe to your heart’s content.

You can even go windsurfing or watch windsurfers perform from the coast.

However, you can enjoy the park’s picnic shelters and riding pathways.

Expert Tip

Visit the butterfly garden in Fred Howard Park to maximize your time there.

Active guests may also enjoy using the softball field.

  1. Davis Island Dog Beach

Davis Island Dog Beach is one of the finest beaches in Tampa, Florida, for pet owners.

Why We Recommend This Beach

Permit your fluffy, energetic closest friend to swim in the ocean.

The beach itself is enclosed, allowing you to let your dog run free without a leash.

If you are a dog lover, you will appreciate seeing numerous dogs play throughout the area.

Expert Tip

Don’t want to get your pet wet?

Another enclosed area functions as an ordinary dog park

Indoors, you can also remove the leash from your pet.

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