17 Best Jobs for Political Science Majors

If you are a political science major, then you are undoubtedly interested in politics and the policymaking process. You might even be considering a career in politics or public service. But did you know that there are many other career paths available to political science majors? Here are the 17 best jobs for political science majors.

1. Lobbyist: Lobbyists are professional who represents a client or organization in a lobbying effort. They influence political decision-making by persuading legislators to vote for their client’s interests.

2. Attorney: Attorneys work as legal advisers, representing clients in court. Lawyers specializing in political science may also offer advice on legal matters related to policy and public affairs.

3. Political Consultant: Political consultants help political candidates devise and execute their campaign strategies, as well as advise them on policy and public opinion.

4. Law Professor: Law professors teach and conduct research on various legal topics, including constitutional, administrative, and international law.

5. Policy Analyst: Policy analysts research and analyze current and proposed legislation to assess their potential impact and make recommendations.

6. Political Campaign Manager: Political campaign managers coordinate and direct the activities of a political campaign, from fundraising to strategy.

7. Political Reporter: Political reporters cover the news, politics, and policymaking in local, state, and national government.

8. Public Relations Specialist: Public relations specialists work to create and maintain relationships with the public, media, and other stakeholders.

9. Political Fundraiser: Political fundraisers are responsible for the financial side of a political campaign, including fundraising, budgeting, and donor relations.

10. Campaign Strategist: Campaign strategists help candidates devise and execute strategies to win elections.

11. Diplomat: Diplomats represent their country in foreign countries and work to promote their country’s interests abroad.

12. Public Affairs Specialist: Public affairs specialists work with government, community, and corporate organizations to communicate information and advocate for policy goals.

13. Intelligence Analyst: Intelligence analysts assess foreign political and military developments, prepare intelligence reports, and provide advice to policymakers.

14. Intelligence Officer: Intelligence officers collect and analyze data to inform and advise policymakers.

15. Political Scientist: Political scientists study the political process and its effects on society, developing theories and conducting research.

16. Social Scientist: Social scientists study the social and economic aspects of human behavior and interactions.

17. Government Contractor: Government contractors provide services to government agencies, from IT and security to research and analysis.

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