17 Best Kid Friendly Restaurant in San Antonio, TX

Traveling with children can always be tricky.

However, if you are well organized, a trip with small children or teenagers can be fun.

San Antonio, Texas, is a cool and family-oriented city with different attractions that will definitely amuse everyone in the family.

One of the best things to know before heading to San Antonio is where you can find great meals for adults, small children, toddlers, and teenagers.

This is why I have picked the best family-friendly restaurants in San Antonio, Texas, just for you!

1. Alamo BBQ Company

One of the most popular Texas BBQ restaurants is Alamo BBQ Company. With a large menu to please everyone in the family.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

You will enjoy your time at Alamo BBQ restaurant due to all the different fun activities.
As you wait for your meal, children can have fun.

Expert Tip

Alamo BBQ Company has local bands and musicians on the weekends that will keep you busy. Here you can find a very nice kid-friendly menu with delicious chicken or sausages and many more.

It is also located near the Grand Hyatt San Antonio Hotel.

2. Alamo Cafe

Alamo Cafe is the place to be when in the mood for Texan-Mexican food.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Perfect place to go with older kids and teenagers.

Children under 12 will appreciate a menu catered to just them.

The adults will enjoy some of the best Texan-Mexican food, such as tacos and fajitas
and the alcoholic beverages are very refreshing.

Expert Tip

This cozy restaurant also has its own gift shop for the coolest souvenirs to bring back home.

3. Beto’s Alt-Mex

Another great Mexican restaurant in San Antonio is Beto’s Alt-Mex.

First, if you want to stay in, you can opt for their take-out menu on their website, all while staying comfortable in your hotel home.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

However, we recommend going on Sundays so you can enjoy their Sunday Brunch, which is available from 11am to 4pm.

Expert Tip

Otherwise, Beto’s Alt-Mex is best known for its vast menu content. From salads to finger food, wraps to hamburgers, and all while enjoying real Mexican ingredients and flavors.

4. Bottling Department Food Hall

If you find yourself at the Pearl Brewery, the local mall, you must eat at the Bottling Department Food Hall.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

This mall has a numerous amount of food with courtyard seating and even has a wine bar.

The best part is that it has food typed for everyone, even if you can’t all agree on the same restaurant to eat from, it’s not a problem because there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

From American food to Mexican food, Japanese, and even Caribbean food stands, sure, everyone in your family will be satisfied.

The courtyard is also a fun part of the mall, where you can enjoy meals while watching your children play in a safe environment.

Expert Tip

The mall also is home to different and affordable shops and a great place to find local handicrafts.

5. Longhorn Cafe

Burgers! At some point, we all can agree on having some huge delicious burgers.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

The Longhorn Cafe is the best burger joint in town!

Another restaurant for the whole family to enjoy meals that children will enjoy.
Children can opt for mac-n-cheese, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, or even yummy milkshakes.

Expert Tip

The Longhorn also has the Impossible Burger, which is 100% vegetarian for our non-meat-eaters.

6. Magic Time Machine

Are you and your family fans of pop characters?

Then the Magic Time Machine is the best place in San Antonio for you to have a themed ambiance while enjoying your meal.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

A kid-friendly restaurant where they can actually meet their favorite cartoon characters, like pirates, superheroes, and princesses from Disney.

Expert Tip

Your children will enjoy cool games, live entertainment, and karaoke if you are lucky to reserve the Mineshaft Lounge.

7. Center Court Pizza & Brew

Any pizza lovers in the family? Center Court Pizza & Brew is a popular restaurant in San Antonio.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

This restaurant is outdoor, and you can watch your children enjoy the outdoor playground while waiting for your delicious pizza.

Other than pizza, you may also order chicken wings, burgers, pasta, and the best dessert ever: cheesecake.

The playground also features a nice jungle gym with cool slides.

Expert Tip

If you are visiting San Antonio during a holiday, such as Halloween, The Center Court Pizza & Brew is a cool place to be.

They always plan the best events for the whole family to enjoy, such as a photo booth, costumes, and live entertainment.

8. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In by the Overlook Parkway promises to bring lots of memories, especially for younger children.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

The playground has various slides and a jungle gym and is one of the most visited Sonic Drive-In in San Antonio.

Kids can play around while waiting for their fast food.
On the menu, you will find tasty chicken nuggets, burgers, hot dogs, and lovely ice cream sundaes.

Expert Tip

One of the best things about Sonic Dine-In, it offers help for disabled family members.

If you need help, simply honk or flash your lights, and someone will come to assist you.

9. Willie’s Grill and Ice-House

Undecided between meat or seafood, Willie’s Grill and Ice-House is the place to be.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

You can opt for a huge cheeseburger or a platter of seafood.

In case your children are not into seafood, they do have a children’s menu that offers hot dogs, grilled cheese, and more.

Expert Tip

If you are a huge family, Willie’s Grill and Ice-House offers a Family Pack meal that is yummy and affordable.

10. Rainforest Cafe

Who doesn’t enjoy themed restaurants?! The Rainforest Cafe is another famous theme restaurant in San Antonio.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Children will be fascinated by the themes and all the animatronics.

The various scenery will keep your family busy while they wait for their delicious typical American meal.

The Rainforest has a very packed menu that varies for every taste bud.

You will find seafood, pasta, salads, burgers, and chicken on the menu.

Every family member can pick a meal they will enjoy.

Expert Tip

The Rainforest Cafe also provides a fun and educational tours, where you can learn so much about the different rainforests around the world.

You will learn about endangered species and the ecosystem.

11. Chuck E Cheese

Chuck-E-Cheese is undoubtedly one of America’s most famous restaurants for children.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

Very kid friendly, especially for the little ones, toddlers, and babies. They have various themes, and your children can enjoy live performances or play cool arcade games.

Expert Tip

It’s also a cool place to plan a birthday party.

You can check out their websites for all of the cool birthday packages you can pick from.

One package even offers all-you-can-play games, ice cream Dippin’ Dots, goodie bags, and unlimited drinks.

12. La Gloria – Dominion

La Gloria – Dominion is by far one of the best of San Antonio’s Mexican street food and delicious alcoholic drinks.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

La Gloria – Dominion is an authentic Mexican food restaurant for those who are craving real Mexican dishes.

With an affordable, kid-friendly menu, this restaurant is definitely family-friendly.

You can ask for enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, and authentic guacamole.

Kids can enjoy the cool playground while the adults can sip on tasty alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

Expert Tip

For your vegetarian family members, La Gloria – Dominion has a great vegetarian and gluten-free menu.

13. San Antonio’s Pizza Company

Want to have fun and have extraordinary pizza at the same time?

San Antonio’s Incredible Pizza Company is a super popular pizza joint that is an amusement center as well.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

The amusement park has a carnival theme with rides, a pizza buffet, arcade games, and other cool treats.

However, I still can’t decide if the food is the best part of it or if the amusement park is the best part! I mean, what can beat a pizza buffet?!

Another perfect example of a cool and family-oriented restaurant. San Antonio’s Incredible Pizza Company has fun rides, laser tag, go-karts, bumper cars, and much much more.

Expert Tips

By bringing in your child’s report card, you can actually get discounts. However, keep in mind that the rule is one report card per child.

San Antonio’s Incredible Pizza Company is a great place for parents and children to spend quality time together.

14. Blanco BBQ

Another great family-friendly barbeque spot is Blanco BBQ, especially because of its child-friendly menu with a huge playground.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

The best thing is that you can enjoy eating outside so that you can watch your children all the time while eating.

You can also choose to eat at the hotel and use their take-out menu.

Expert Tip

If you are a large family, you can select from special meal packages for families.

15. StreetFare SA

When your family enjoys spending time outside, StreetFare SA is the right place for your family.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

StreetFare SA consists of a playground, outdoor seating, food trucks, and even a dog-friendly park.

The playground has tire swings and climbing ropes, and many more games.

This is another place where the whole family can come and choose different meals, thanks to their multiple food trucks.

Expert Tip

Remember that you don’t have to leave your little 4 paws family member at home because this is a pet-friendly restaurant that will even serve a water bowl to your furry friend.

16. The Cove

For a healthier choice, you and your family might like to try The Cove. You will still find classic American meals like burgers, grilled cheese, nachos, and tacos.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

The cove also has a lovely playground for your children and live entertainment.

Expert Tip

You can also have your car washed while you have your meal, as they have a car wash onsite.

17. Two Bros BBQ Market

In the mood for live music and delicious drinks? Two Bros BBQ Market is the place to be with your whole family.

Another classic BBQ restaurant that you and your children will adore.

Why We Recommend This Restaurant

The kids will enjoy a sandbox, bocce ball court, and two really cool slides; after all, it is the biggest playground in San Antonio.

You will enjoy delicious BBQs, smoked meats, and home-cooked meals.

Another fun reason why you must try The BBQ Market is that it’s right next to Walker Ranch park.

Expert Time

This beautiful historic site also has a large playground, and it’s a calm and zen place to walk around after eating.

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