17 Engaging Taxonomy Activities

In the education world, teaching taxonomy can be a challenging task. After all, categorizing living things according to their characteristics is not something that can be easily done by students. However, engaging in taxonomy activities can make learning fun and easier for learners. Here are 17 engaging taxonomy activities you can use to teach your students about taxonomy:

1. Scavenger Hunt – Create a scavenger hunt where students have to collect items that fit into the different taxonomic categories.

2. Tree of Life – Make a tree of life with pictures of different organisms that students can match to different categories of organisms.

3. Bingo – Students can play a game of bingo where they mark off different categories of organisms on their bingo cards.

4. Sorting Game – Create cards with pictures of different organisms that students have to sort according to taxonomic categories.

5. Jeopardy – Play jeopardy, where students have to answer questions about different taxonomic categories.

6. Foldables – Make foldable with pictures and labels of organisms that correspond to different categories.

7. Jigsaw Puzzle – Print out a jigsaw puzzle of a tree of life and have students work together to put the puzzle together.

8. Mystery Organism – Give students a mystery organism and have them identify its characteristics and place it into the correct taxonomic category.

9. Build a Bug – Have students build a 3D model of an insect or other organism and label its characteristics according to taxonomic categories.

10. Tic Tac Toe – Create a game of tic tac toe where students mark off taxonomic categories instead of X’s and O’s.

11. Guess the Group – Give students a list of characteristics and have them guess which taxonomic group the organism belongs to.

12. Memory Match – Make a memory match game with pictures of organisms and their corresponding taxonomic categories.

13. Charades – Have students act out different organisms and try to have their classmates identify which taxonomic group they belong to.

14. Model Map – Create a model map of a taxonomic hierarchy, and have students place different organisms in the correct category.

15. Balloon Pop – Write characteristics of different organisms on balloons, and have students pop the balloon to reveal the organism’s category.

16. Skit – Have students write and perform a skit that demonstrates the different taxonomic categories.

17. Digital Presentation – Have students create a digital presentation on different taxonomic categories, which can include pictures and explanations.

In conclusion, using engaging taxonomy activities in the classroom can make learning fun, interesting and memorable. These activities can help students understand and remember the complex world of taxonomy.  

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