17 Hall Pass Ideas You’ll Want to Steal


Hall passes have long been an essential tool for educators and students alike. They give students the freedom to explore the school while also maintaining a sense of structure and control. With creative hall pass ideas, teachers can add a touch of personalization and fun to their students’ daily routines. Below are 17 unique and inventive hall pass ideas you’ll want to implement in your classroom.

1. Themed Lanyards:

Select a theme that fits your classroom or subject, then create lanyards with corresponding icons or images. This will make it easy for students to identify and personalize their hall pass.

2. Personalized Tokens:

Design individual tokens for each student with their name on it. This allows students to take pride in their hall pass, and it reduces the chance of misplacing them.

3. Puzzle Pieces:

Create a classroom mural using puzzle pieces. Each student receives a puzzle piece as their hall pass, which they must return after leaving the room.

4. Magnetic Board:

Use a magnetic board in your classroom, with each student’s name listed on a magnet. When they need to leave, they simply move their magnet to the designated “out” area.

5. Laminated QR Code:

Create individual QR codes for each student that link to a spreadsheet or app for tracking who is out of the classroom. Students can scan their code when exiting and returning.

6. Old Book Covers:

Repurpose old book covers as unique and eco-friendly hall passes by attaching a handle or ribbon.

7. Oversized Objects:

Use oversized objects that match your teaching subject, such as a giant ruler for math or an inflatable globe for geography.

8. Chalkboard Blocks:

Paint wooden blocks with chalkboard paint for easy-to-update hall passes that also serve as an erasable writing surface.

9. Keychain Pouches:

Design keychain pouches with the classroom number or teacher’s name for a discreet and stylish hall pass option.

10. Dry Erase Boards:

Small whiteboards make excellent hall passes, allowing students to write their name and destination before leaving the room.

11. Custom Badge Reels:

Personalize badge reels with your school logo or classroom theme for a sleek and professional look.

12. Scrabble Tiles:

Use scrabble tiles to spell out words related to your subject or simply “Hall Pass”. Attach magnets or hooks to the back for easy storage.

13. Lego Creations:

Have students build their own hall pass from Lego bricks, promoting creativity and problem-solving.

14. Custom Clipboards:

Decorate plain clipboards with colorful designs or messages to make unique hall passes that double as a writing surface.

15. Fabric Wristbands:

Fashion sewn or no-sew fabric wristbands as washable and comfortable hall passes for students to wear.

16. Scented Hall Passes:

Add scented stickers or essential oil-infused materials to your hall passes for a sensory experience that elicits positive emotions.

17. Edible Hall Passes:

For a fun, temporary idea, use gummy candies, such as gummy bears or worms, as edible hall passes. Students can enjoy a treat once they’ve returned to class.


Step away from traditional and boring hall pass designs and embrace these fun, unique ideas that are sure to engage your students. From themed lanyards to scented wristbands, inject personality into your classroom by choosing any of these 17 exciting hall pass concepts.

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