17 Out-Of-This World Space Activities For Kids + Teachers

Exploring the universe is a fantastic way for kids and teachers to engage in science and imagination. Here are 17 space-related activities that will transport you beyond our atmosphere:

1.DIY Rocket Building: Use recycled materials to build model rockets.

2.Star Mapping: Learn about constellations and create star maps of the night sky.

3.Planetary Art: Paint and create artistic interpretations of different planets.

4.Moon Phases Calendar: Track the moon phases with a homemade calendar.

5.Astronaut Role Play: Dress up and simulate a day in the life of an astronaut.

6.Telescope Making: Build simple telescopes to observe the stars or the moon.

7.Meteorite Science Experiment: Create impact craters using flour and marbles to simulate meteorites.

8.Space Mission Obstacle Course: Set up an agility course to mimic astronauts’ training.

9.Alien Clay Models: Sculpt aliens using playdough or clay, imagining life on other planets.

10.Solar System Mobiles: Craft a hanging mobile of the solar system with detailed planets.

11.Space-themed Story Writing: Write stories or plays about adventures in space.

12.Astro-poetry Sessions: Combine astronomy with poetry to describe celestial bodies artistically.

13.Virtual Planetarium Visits: Take advantage of online resources for a virtual tour of a planetarium.

14.Space Trivia Challenge: Test your knowledge with a fun trivia game about space facts.

15.Galaxy in a Jar Craft: Create a galaxy inside a jar using paint and cotton balls to represent stars and nebulae.

16.Intergalactic Cooking Class: Make snacks that are shaped like rockets, stars, and planets.

17.Visit from an Astronomer: Arrange for a local astronomer to speak about their work and experiences.

These activities can inspire curiosity and teach valuable scientific concepts, all while having tons of fun exploring the final frontier!

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