18 Intriguing ESL Grammar Activities

Teaching and learning English grammar can be tedious for both teachers and students, but that shouldn’t be the case. To help spruce up your ESL lessons and engage your students, here are 18 intriguing grammar activities to make the process enjoyable and effective.

1. Sentence Scramble: Cut up sentences into individual words, hand them out to the students, and have them work in groups to assemble complete, grammatically correct sentences.

2. Mad Libs: Create a story with words missing, let the students fill in the blanks based on the designated part of speech.

3. Pictionary: Have students draw images to represent various grammar concepts such as verb tenses, conjunctions or prepositions.

4. Board Race: Write a grammatical structure on the board, divide the class into teams, and have them race to write as many examples as possible within a given time frame.

5. Spot the Error: Present students with sentences containing grammatical errors and challenge them to identify and correct the mistakes.

6. Roleplay Conversations: Assign different conversational situations and grammar concepts for students to practice creating dialogue using correct sentence structures.

7. Guided Storytelling: Provide a narrative outline with specific grammar structures highlighted for students to complete while maintaining story coherence.

8. Jeopardy-Style Game: Create categories based on various grammar concepts and ask questions requiring students to apply their knowledge in response.

9. Mind Maps: Have students illustrate how different parts of speech connect through mind maps that visually represent their relationships.

10. Snowball Fight: Write grammatical challenges on small pieces of paper, crumple them up, and throw them across the classroom for students to pick up and solve.

11. Taboo!: Provide words or phrases related to a particular grammar concept then challenge teams to explain or describe using other terms without obvious giveaways.

12. Musical Chairs Grammar Quiz: Arrange chairs and place grammar questions beneath them. When music stops, students must sit down, pick up the question, and answer correctly.

13. Grammar Chain Game: Students take turns adding sentences to a story while maintaining a specific grammatical pattern.

14. Two Truths and a Lie: Have students craft three sentences using specific grammar structures and let the class guess which statement is false.

15. Whisper Chain: Students pass along a sentence orally from one person to another while maintaining the correct grammar structure to avoid any distortions.

16. Simon Says: Play the classic game, incorporating grammar-related directives such as “Simon says stand up if you can find a verb in this sentence.”

17. Bingo!: Create customized Bingo cards featuring various grammar concepts for students to mark off as they hear them used during class discussions or written texts.

18. Grammar Auction: Provide students with fake money and have them bid on the correctness of various sentences up for “auction.”

Incorporating these 18 intriguing ESL grammar activities into your lessons not only makes learning more engaging but also helps your students better understand English grammar. With creativity and enthusiasm, you can transform your classroom into an enjoyable learning environment filled with progress and growth.

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