18 Preschool Activities to Become an Expert on Letter “E”

Introducing your preschooler to the letter “E” can be a fun and rewarding experience. Encourage their early enthusiasm for learning with these 18 stimulating and engaging activities.

1. E is for Elephant: Teach your child about the letter “E” by exploring elephants. Read books, watch videos and complete elephant-themed crafts.

2. Egg Carton E: Repurpose an empty egg carton by cutting out an uppercase “E” shape and let your child color or paint it.

3. Edible E: Cut out letter “E” shapes from slices of bread or fruit slices, like apple or cheese, and enjoy a snack while practicing the letter.

4. Egg Painting: Hard boil eggs and allow your child to decorate them using various painting techniques, connecting the letter ‘E’ with eggs.

5. E is for Emotions: Discuss different emotions with your child and have them draw faces representing excitement, embarrassment, envy, etc.

6. Elastic-band E: Using a pegboard or thick cardstock, have your child use colorful elastic bands to outline the shape of the letter “E”.

7. Easter Egg Hunt: Organize an Easter egg hunt where each egg contains a piece of paper with the letter “E”. Encourage your child to find all the hidden “E’s”.

8. Envelope Exploration: Fill envelopes with pictures or items that start with “E” like an eraser, ear plugs or a photo of an eagle. Have your child open each envelope and identify its contents.

9. Environmental Scavenger Hunt: Take a walk outdoors and search for objects that begin with “E” like eggs lying around or trees with exposed roots resembling an “E”.

10. Eraser Art: Give your child letter-shaped erasers and play dough to stamp out uppercase and lowercase “E’s”.

11. Eye-spy “E”: Play the classic game of eye-spy, focusing on spotting objects that begin with the letter “E”.

12. Earring Creation: Let your child make colorful, paper earrings starting with an ‘E’ shaped base. Add beads, stickers, and other decorations.

13. Eggshell Mosaic: Save your eggshells and use them to create a beautiful mosaic design. Incorporate the letter “E” as part of the artwork.

14. E is for Earth: Teach your preschooler about Earth through stories and crafts like making their own globe or drawing a picture of the planet.

15. Exciting Letter Dance: Choreograph a letter dance with your child forming an uppercase and lowercase “E” using their body as they dance to fun music.

16. Experiment with E: Engage in age-appropriate science experiments to spark enthusiasm for learning about the letter, like exploding volcanoes made from household items (vinegar and baking soda).

17. Environmental Art: Incorporate nature into art projects using leaves, twigs or stones to form the letter “E”.

18. Etch-a-Sketch “E”: Allow your child to practice drawing uppercase and lowercase “E’s” on an Etch-a-Sketch or similar toy that promotes fine motor skills.

Make learning the alphabet fun and engaging for your preschooler with these exciting activities focused on the letter ‘E’. By incorporating hands-on experiences and creativity into your teaching process, your little one will become an expert on the letter ‘E’ in no time!

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