19 Colorful Corn Activities For Preschoolers


Corn is not just a delicious and nutritious vegetable; it can also be a fun and educational tool for preschoolers. In this article, we will explore 19 colorful corn activities that your preschooler will love. These activities will engage their senses, boost creativity, and help develop fine motor skills. So let’s dive in and discover the fun world of corn!

1. Corn Kernel Sensory Bin

Fill a large container with dried corn kernels and allow your preschooler to explore the texture with their hands. Add some toys or scoops for extra fun.

2. Corn Painting

Dip the end of an uncooked corn cob in paint and let your preschooler create beautiful patterns on paper.

3. Corn Mosaic Art

Have your child glue dried corn kernels onto paper in fun designs to make a mosaic masterpiece.

4. Corn Stamping

Use dried corn on the cob as stamps dipped in paint, creating interesting patterns on paper or fabric.

5. Popcorn Science Experiment

Teach your child about states of matter by heating popcorn kernels and watching them transform into fluffy popcorn.

6. Mini Corn Cob Counting

Provide mini corn cobs for your child to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence.

7. Corn Patterns

Teach basic pattern recognition using different colored corn kernels or differently shaped dried corn varieties.

8. Stringing Corn Necklaces

Assist your preschooler in threading dried corn kernels onto yarn or string to make colorful necklaces.

9. Colored Corn Sensory Bottles

Create sensory bottles filled with colored corn kernels for visual engagement and sound exploration.

10. Corn Play Dough

Make homemade play dough using cornstarch for a different texture that encourages tactile exploration.

11. Corn Silo Fine Motor Play

Create a mini corn silo using cardboard tubes or boxes, encourage filling and emptying with small scoops.

12. Corn Cob Races

Roll corn cobs across the floor and see who can make theirs go the furthest.

13. Corn Shakers

Fill small containers with corn kernels for your preschooler to shake, creating various rhythms and sounds.

14. Indian Corn Color Sorting

Ask your child to sort colorful Indian corn kernels by color into different cups or bowls.

15. Corn Fossil Imprints

Make imprints of corn cobs and kernels in clay or play dough for a fun lesson on fossil-making.

16. Popping Corn Dance Party

Pop some popcorn, then have a dance party with your preschooler while shaking popcorn-filled containers!

17. Corn Cob Bowling

Set up a mini-bowling alley with empty bottles and use corn cobs as bowling balls.

18. Growing Corn in a Cup

Plant corn seeds in clear cups and watch them grow, teaching your preschooler about the process of germination.

19. Harvest Corn Sensory Soup

Create a “corn soup” sensory bin by adding water, dried corn kernels, scoops, and other fall-themed items that encourage imaginative play.


Corn is not just a tasty snack; it’s also an amazing educational resource for your preschooler. These 19 colorful corn activities will help promote creativity, fine motor skills, and sensory engagement in your child’s playtime. So go ahead and explore the wonderful world of corn activities with your little one!

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