19 Preschool Math Games and Activities To Start Them Off Right

1. Counting with Toys: Encourage your preschooler to count their toys and arrange them in a line or group.

2. Number Hunt: Hide number cards around the house or outdoor area and have your child find them. Then, ask them to identify the numbers.

3. Shape Sorting: Provide your child with different shapes and ask them to sort them into the correct category.

4. Number Puzzles: Introduce simple number puzzles to your preschooler, starting with 1-5 and gradually increasing the difficulty.

5. Pattern Play: Use colored blocks or objects to create simple patterns and ask your child to continue the pattern.

6. Roll and Count: Roll a dice and have your child count the dots. You can also ask them to find the corresponding number card.

7. Number Tracing: Provide your child with number tracing sheets and guide them to trace the numbers using their finger or a pencil.

8. Measurement Fun: Use different objects such as toys or blocks to introduce the concept of measurement. Ask your child to compare the sizes or lengths.

9. Shape Walk: Take a walk in the neighborhood and ask your child to identify different shapes they see in buildings, signs, or nature.

10. Sorting by Attributes: Give your child a bowl of mixed objects and ask them to sort them based on specific attributes like color, size, or shape.

11. Counting with Nature: Find objects in nature, like leaves or pebbles, and practice counting and arranging them.

12. Number Hopscotch: Create a hopscotch grid using numbers and have your child jump to the correct numbers while counting.

13. Shape Collage: Cut out shapes from construction paper and ask your child to create a collage by gluing them onto a larger piece of paper.

14. Number Memory Game: Create a memory game using number cards. Turn them face down and have your child match the pairs by identifying the numbers.

15. Counting Songs: Sing along to counting songs or rhymes to make learning numbers more engaging and fun.

16. Make a Number Line: Create a number line together and use it to practice counting, addition, and subtraction.

17. DIY Board Game: Make a simple board game with numbered spaces and let your child play while practicing counting and number recognition.

18. Fruit or Veggie Count: Use fruits or vegetables and ask your child to count them as you prepare a meal or snack together.

19. Number Bingo: Play a game of number bingo with your child, using number cards or a bingo board with numbers written on it.

These math games and activities will not only help your preschooler develop their math skills but also make learning fun and engaging. Use them as part of your daily routine to build a strong foundation for future math learning.

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