19 Strategies to Help Students Who Do Not Participate in Learning Experiences

Are you looking for strategies to help students who to participate in learning activities? If so, keep reading.

1. Urge or reward others for participation in group or special learning activities.

2. Give the learner the responsibility of helping another learner in the group.

3. Give the learner duties in a group so others might view them positively.

4. Ask the learner questions that cannot be answered yes or no.

5. Ask the learner a question when they are most likely to be able to respond successfully (e.g., when discussing something in which the learner is interested, when the teacher is sure that the learner knows the answer, etc.).

6. Attempt several groupings to ascertain the situation in which the learner is most successful.

7. Get peers to invite the learner to take part in school or extracurricular learning activities.

8. Ask the learner to be the leader of a cooperative learning experience if they possess mastery or an interest in the learning experience.

9. Let the learner be present during group learning activities without requiring active participation.

10. Minimize the emphasis on competition. Frequent or continuous failure is likely to result in embarrassment that will cause reluctance to participate.

11. Show respect for the learner’s opinions, responses, suggestions, etc.

12. Give the learner many chances for social and academic success.

13. Give the learner positive feedback that indicates they are successful.

14. Show tasks in the most attractive and exciting manner possible.

15. Ascertain the learner’s interests so learning activities that require participation might be presented through their interests.

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