19 Ways to Teach Students to Respond Appropriately to Constructive Criticism

Are you looking for ways to teach students to respond appropriately to construction criticism?? If so, keep reading.

1. Make sure the learner receives sufficient, positive reinforcement whenever they are responding appropriately.

2. Assess criticism to make sure it is constructive and positive.

3. Get the learner to question anything they do not understand while performing tasks.

4. Urge the learner to check and correct their own work.

5. Show the learner that constructive criticism is meant to be helpful, not menacing.

6. Minimize the emphasis on competition and perfection. A highly competitive atmosphere or repeated failure may cause the learner to react in unacceptable ways to constructive criticism from others.

7. Make the appropriate adjustments in their surroundings to prevent the learner from experiencing stress, frustration, anger, etc.

8. Give the learner academic tasks that can be self-reviewed.

9. Observe the learner while they are performing tasks to monitor quality.

10. Give the learner clearly stated criteria for acceptable work.

11. Make sure that constructive criticism is tactfully conveyed.

12. Assist at the same time constructive criticism is delivered.

13. Require a demonstration of capacity and ability rather than having the learner perform the entire task or learning experience again (e.g., work a few problems correctly rather than repeating the entire task).

14. Select a peer to model appropriate responses to constructive criticism for the learner.

15. Get the learner to question any directions, explanations, and instructions not grasped.

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