19 Wonderful Water Safety Activities For Little Learners

Water safety is one of the most important skills that anyone can learn, especially children who spend a lot of time around pools, lakes, or oceans. It is essential for parents and educators to teach children about water safety from an early age to ensure their safety and well-being.

Here are 19 wonderful water safety activities for little learners:

1. Discuss the importance of wearing life jackets or floatation devices.
2. Practice putting on and taking off a life jacket.
3. Roleplay safe behaviors around water.
4. Teach children never to leave a child alone near water.
5. Discuss the dangers of diving in shallow water.
6. Discuss the rules of water safety signs.
7. Teach children how to swim and float on their backs.
8. Roleplay calling for help in a water emergency.
9. Teach children how to use pool noodles for floating.
10. Provide swimming goggles to help see underwater.
11. Play games that promote water confidence, such as Find the Object or Marco Polo.
12. Teach children how to use water wings as floatation devices.
13. Practice getting in and out of the pool safely.
14. Discuss the importance of entering the water feet first.
15. Teach children how to hold their breath while underwater.
16. Practice reaching out to someone in need of help while in the water.
17. Go over the surviving procedure while in water.
18. Teach children how to do CPR while in water.
19. Discuss the importance of checking pool or beach water before swimming.

In conclusion, water safety is crucial for every child to learn, and these fun and educational activities can help them develop crucial skills for safe water play. By integrating these activities into their daily routine, parents and educators can ensure their children’s safety and well-being around water. 

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