20 Activities To Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

1. Attend a local parade: Many towns and cities host vibrant parades featuring colorful floats, traditional clothing, and folk dancing.

2. Watch reenactments: Take part in or watch reenactments of key events like Miguel Hidalgo’s famous “Grito de Dolores,” the cry for independence.

3. Cook traditional Mexican dishes: Embrace the flavors of Mexico by preparing authentic dishes such as chiles en nogada or mole poblano.

4. Host a Mexican-themed party: Gather your friends and family to share food, music, and fun while celebrating Mexican culture.

5. Decorate with the colors of the Mexican flag: Show your pride by sporting green, white, and red attire or embellishing your home with these colors.

6. Attend a mariachi concert: Enjoy traditional Mexican music with skilled mariachi performers who may play classics such as “Cielito Lindo” or “El Son de la Negra.”

7. Participate in a live Lucha Libre match: Experience firsthand one of Mexico’s favorite pastimes – the famous wrestling matches filled with excitement and drama.

8. Visit an art exhibit celebrating Mexican art: Discover works by renowned artists like Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, or David Alfaro Siqueiros that embody the spirit of Mexico.

9. Learn about indigenous cultures: Educate yourself about Mexico’s rich indigenous heritage by visiting cultural centers or museums highlighting native art, language, and history.

10. Attend a fireworks show: Cap off your day by enjoying an impressive fireworks display that symbolizes Mexico’s victory over Spanish rule.

11. Dance to Mexican folk music: Grab your dancing shoes and learn traditional dances such as the jarabe tapatío, also known as the “Mexican Hat Dance.”

12. Participate in a Mexican cooking class: Hone your culinary skills by learning how to make tortillas, tamales, or even ceviche from an experienced chef.

13. Practice your Spanish skills: Engage in conversation with native speakers to improve your language abilities and deepen your understanding of Mexican culture.

14. Watch Mexican films: Immerse yourself in the world of Mexican cinema by watching classic movies like “El Ángel Exterminador,” “Amores perros,” or “Y tú mamá también.”

15. Create traditional crafts: Learn how to make papel picado, piñatas, or alebrijes to add a festive touch to your home.

16. Attend a lecture on Mexican history: Gain knowledge about Mexico’s rich past and understand the origins of its national identity.

17. Raise funds for charity: Organize a charity event benefiting causes relevant to Mexico, such as education, healthcare, or disaster relief efforts.

18. Visit historical sites: Embark on a journey to key landmarks like the National Palace in Mexico City or Hidalgo’s birthplace in Pénjamo, Guanajuato.

19. Support local businesses: Shop at markets selling traditional handicrafts and support artisans from different regions of Mexico.

20. Taste-test tequila and mezcal: Sip on agave-based spirits while indulging in a variety of Mexican tapas or antojitos mexicanos.

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